Wayra Andinismo Club to organise climbing competition and climbing congress

I n the framework of the celebrations of the 160th anniversary of the creation of the Province of Huaraz, the Wayra Andinismo Club (Caway) is organizing a couple of interesting events for locals and tourists. In recent years in Peru, climbing has become more competitive and Caway now counts with the second largest climbing wall for boulder activities nationwide. During the past years Caway has been promoting climbing and bouldering in Huaraz and after having obtained the support of the Peruvian Sports Federation of Climbing (FEDPE), it will now organise the first national climbing congress.

The Huaraz Telegraph was informed by president Jhon Cuenca that organising the four day event was far from easy as a couple of obstacles had to overcome. One of them was the displacement of the climbing wall which was inicially to be installed within the gym hall of the Huaraz Municipally; however they said not to have the required space during the requested dates. Therefore, the wall is now being installed in front of the Independencia Municipally on Jr. Guzman Barrón. The activities start on July the 27th for juveniles while adults will compete on the 28th and 29th. On those same dates Caway will also feature the first ever national congress on climbing with interesting talks on climbing and bouldering.

The main objective of the four day event is to promote climbing disciplines at all levels of society and to develop and improve the sporting competition between the different mountaineering and climbing clubs in Peru. According to the organizers, Huaraz should become the Mecca of climbing in the forthcoming years, especially now sport climbing was one of the eight sports shortlisted for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games additional events. Additionally Caway hopes to host a national climbing ranking competition in 2018.

People interested in participating in the climbing competition should go to Agency Climberland in Parque Ginebra or Quechuandes on the main street of Huaraz (Luzuriaga N° 522, second floor).

Photo: Club de Andinismo “Wayra” – CAWAY, installation of the climbing wall

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