Soon to be distributed; a very interesting and varied August edition

W e would like to inform our faithful followers and readers that the August edition is expected to be in Huaraz in the beginning of next week. Our August edition counts with 24 pages of information on treks, climbs and updated tourist information but it will also offer a couple of interesting interviews that we have conducted the past months.

In the August edition of 2017, we have the following articles on offer:

Girl power in the mountains

The Huaraz Telegraph spoke with Yvonne Antonieta Mejía Romero, locally and in the Peruvian mountaineering world better known as ´Tana´ Mejía. Tana stands for girl power in the mountains and in 1979 she became the first ever Peruvian woman to set foot on the Huascarán and conquered numerous mountains in the Himalayas, Alps, Andes and the United States. Tana caused a shock in Huaraz´s mountaineering world between 1988 and 1989 when she became the first president of the Technical High Mountain Commission. In the 80s, she founded the Regional Association of Practical Tourism Guides and was also president of the Club Andinismo Cordillera Blanca in Huaraz.  Additionally, she has led and participated in multiple international conferences and seminars all around the world. We interviewed Tana Mejía and got to know a lot more on female mountaineering in the 80s, her point of view on the city and the real reason of returning to Huaraz.

¨The lack of fresh water will also affect tourism in Huaraz in the future¨

Our editor had an attention-grabbing conversation with César Portocarrero Rodríguez who shared his point of view on the importance of water in the 21st century, the possible threat of Laguna Palcacocha and his great friendship with the American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, Dr Lonnie G. Thompson.

The interesting history of Hotel Colomba

Huaraz has hundreds of hotels, but not many of them have been part of Huaraz´ history for over a century.  First built in 1903 by Mr Carlos Maguiña Herrera (1882 – 1962), owner of copper and silver mines Huancaramá, the building that is now the Hotel Colomba once housed the soft drinks and syrups company El Fénix (1909 – 1990), a factory for sweets, chocolates and biscuits (1928 – 1959), as well as the El Huascarán Brewery (1932 – 1961). The hotel, built on a solid stone structure, has resisted the onslaught of nature: the flood of 1941 and the devastating earthquake of 1970 and The Huaraz Telegraph dug into the history of Hotel Colomba.

Huascarán of 1974; by William ´Bill´ Katra

A fantastic and really fascinating reader´s contribution from a 71-year-old climber from the U.S. that ends with the intriguing question: how has the alarming aspect of global climate change affected the climbing routes on Huasarán and the other Cordillera Blanca peaks?

The Peruvian Dream

In our twentieth version of The Peruvian Dream we have interviewed a very enthusiastic and energetic person from the United States. Although she admitted to be retired, she might be even busier than ever before. If you would like to meet her, your best chance is at Casa de Guías where she can be found from Monday to Friday. Who she is? This and much more in the August edition of The Huaraz Telegraph

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