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Aspirant guides from Huaraz on their way to Bolivia for international expedition

During Friday´s press conference at the Casa de Guías the local press were given more details about the international mountaineering expedition that is set up for sixth grade students of the High Mountain Study Centre (IESTP – CEAM). The expedition will be led by Magno Camones and Héctor Vidal who are professional mountain guides and […]

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45% fewer mountain fatalities in 2016, causes unclear

Although sources at the Casa de Guías informed The Huaraz Telegraph that there might have been fewer climbers in general, the real causes for the fewer mountain fatalities in 2016 are unclear. Many times small incidents happened but those were not reported to anyone in the city, so we were told. Although the loss of […]

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German (59) dies on Nevado Mateo near Huaraz; appears to have slipped, fallen and got killed

On the 29th of November at around noon, tourist guide Fredy Gonzales Valverde descended Mount Mateo and found the body of a 59-year-old person in prone position. The guide immediately called to the police in Shilla, who informed the Department of High Mountain Rescue (DEPSAM) in Yungay. A total of nine policemen headed to Mount […]

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Victor Rimac Trejo has now summited three of fourteen eight-thousanders

Previously, Rimac had conquered Manaslu in 2015, just after a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. In May 2014 the mountaineer from Huaraz managed to summit Dhaulagiri at 8,167 metres above sea-leve which is ranked seventh in the ranking of the highest peaks in the world. Last weekend so reports, 20 climbers successfully have climbed […]

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Peruvian successes in the Himalayas; Flor Cuenca Blas conquers Cho Oyu (8,201masl)

Female Peruvian mountaineer Flor Cuenca Blas became the first ever Peruvian female to make it to the summit of Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world in the Himalayas, on the border of Tibet and Nepal. Flor, the third of 14 children of a marriage of peasants from the town of Chuquín in […]

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¨Global warming is affecting all Cordilleras and this is bad news for mountaineers¨

In 1992, Augusto Ortega Pacheco from Huaraz became the first ever Peruvian to reach the summit of  Mount Everest – a feat that was repeated by Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in 2016, making her the first ever Peruvian woman to reach the highest point on earth. However, Peru´s most famous mountaineer at the moment is Richard Hidalgo […]

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Víctor Rimac heading to Tibet in order to ascend Cho Oyu (8,201masl)

The hottest prospect of mountaineering in Peru is without doubt Víctor Rimac. After a couple of months of training in the Huaraz area and summiting the north face of Huandoy in less than 24 hours on his own, Victor is on his way to Tibet. The next mountain on his list will be the Cho […]

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Climbing accident on Vallunaraju; female Russian climber breaks ankle

A female Russian climber suffered a climbing accident while trying to conquer Mount Vallunaraju (5686 m). Together with a Russian partner and aspirant mountain guide David Sacarez they were close to the top when Russian Maria slipped and fell into a crevasse. The accident happened yesterday morning around 05:40am. Luckily for the Russian she was […]

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UPDATE: Mount Huascarán No-Go area, fourth body finally found

The Huaraz Telegraph just spoke 30 minutes ago with Rafeal Figueroa, president of the Asociación de Guías de Montaña del Perú (AGMP) who confirmed that the fourth missing body of professional mountain guide Gilberto Silverio Loli Sánchez has been found. Through an oficial comunication obtained by THT, the AGMP confirms that the remains of Julio Suárez […]

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Mexican who survived tragedy on Huascarán said to be dismayed and praises Peruvian guides

Local journalist Agnes Clemente Osorio spoke with Ruben Jaen Castaño from Mexico who survived the tragedy on Huascarán. The Mexican lost his two friends Carlos Guido Belkovsky Roscón and José Miguel Mendoza Paulin in an expedition on the highest mountain of Peru. Ruben Jaen Castaño said to be dismayed and to be worried for their […]

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28 people in Ancash killed by mudslides and effects of heavy rains

According to an official report delivered by the Regional Government of Ancash and the Center of Emergency Operations (COER) Ancash, […]

Limited bus transport between Lima and Huaraz possible from tomorrow

Great news for the many tourists and Peruvians that are stuck in Huaraz. A quick round along some of the […]

Update on situation in Huaraz; still inaccessible but 60 people got shipped out

The Huaraz Telegraph was informed that approximately 60 people boarded a Police-owned aircraft to be taken to the nation`s capital. […]

No transportation possible between Huaraz, Lima and Trujillo, tourists stuck

The heavy rainfall that is occurring in the Ancash area has significantly affected six main access roads to different villages, […]

Lima´s Jorge Chavez International Airport among worst in the world

Online travel agency eDreams, that offers deals in regular and charter flights, low-cost airlines, hotels, car rental etc. has evaluated […]

Tourist Police Huaraz finds back stolen suitcase of Brazilian tourist

On March 6th Brazilian Felipe da Silva thought to check-in at a local tourist hostel located on Jr. Ladislao Meza […]

Passengers on Julio César bus assaulted by hooded criminals en route to Lima

A bus of the company Julio César leaving Huaraz at 11:15pm was stopped on the way near Chasquitambo – Pativilca […]

Newton Fund interested in supporting valuable scientific research in Ancash

The Newton Fund, so states the website of the British Council, promotes the economic development and welfare in partnering countries, […]

Animal abuse in Peru: men force donkey to enter the cargo hold of a bus

Images of men forcing a defenseless donkey to enter the cargo hold of an interprovincial bus have caused furor among […]

15 giant carved marble sculptures exhibited during Easter

In the past, Easter (Semana Santa in Spanish) marked the start of the ´high season´ with many national tourists mainly […]

Aspirant guides from Huaraz on their way to Bolivia for international expedition

During Friday´s press conference at the Casa de Guías the local press were given more details about the international mountaineering […]

Spectacular downhill skateboard championship to be held this weekend

On the 4th and 5th of March, the province of Asuncion in the department of Ancash will be hosting one […]

Huaraz based Sport Rosario surprise package in National Summer Tournament

Sport Rosario is representing Huaraz at the highest tier of the Peruvian football pyramid and until so far they have […]

Argentine citizen hurt as interprovincial bus burns down completely in Tortugas

The accident was registered on Wednesday at 4 o’clock in the morning at the height of km 396 near the […]

South African finally a free man after completing 12-year-long prison sentence

While others might have celebrated Valentine´s Day, the 14th of February was celebrated by Charles Lewis Cornelius for other reasons. […]

Huaraz based teacher Juan Raúl Cadillo winner in Ibero-American contest

A new and great achievement for teacher Juan Raúl Cadillo León, who in December last year was selected  among the […]

South African prisoner hospitalised and badly ill 13 days from release

A couple of days ago we got a phone call that Lewis Charles Cornelius was taken to the hospital Victor […]

Cruz del Sur bus crashes partly into discotheque in Huaraz centre

On Sunday at around 10:30 pm, a bus of the company Cruz del Sur rushed out of its terminal colliding […]