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Spring festival in Parque de Ginebra with craft beers, DJs and flea market

This Saturday on the 8th from 10:00 o´clock in the morning, various local businesses are organising the first Festival de Primavera del Parque del Periodista. Although springtime in Huaraz normally indicates the start of the rainy season, this doesn’t mean that tourist stop visiting the city or the surrounding areas. The spring festival or fair […]

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Organizer of Festival del Andinismo left disappointed after successful event

This year´s Festival del Andinismo Cordillera Blanca 2016 had numerous participants and was spread out over different locations in the Callejón de Huaylas. Like last year, the festival was boycotted by members of the Provincial Municipality of Huaraz who instead launched their own festival. Last year, however, the festival was called Hirkafest, but this year […]

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The Callejón de Huaylas and its history of adventure sport festivals

The Festival del Andinismo dates back more than 30 years and although it was known under a different name in the beginning, it has always tried to promote the Ancash and Huaraz areas in particular. Last year’s festival was boycotted by members of the Provincial Municipally of Huaraz who instead launched their own festival called […]

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Camping and road trip to the beach of Tuquillo during Valentine´s Day

Although still pretty early at first glance, Cristhian Huallpa Bueno believes that love soon is in the air in Huaraz. This is why he in partnership with 360 Piap (an independent audiovisual studio run by Giancarlos Perez Collazos) is organizing a camping and road trip to the beach of Tuquillo during the weekend around Valentine´s […]

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Preparations of the Festival del Andinismo Cordillera Blanca 2016 have started

Main organizer Benjamin Morales of Civil Association Save the Rajus confirmed that the most important festival in and around the city of Huaraz will be held this year on June the 25th and 26th. The Festival del Andinismo Cordillera Blanca 2016 has been evolving since 2011 in a successful manner. During its latest version in June […]

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Festiverano 2015 offers a diverse programme with many beach activities

On the 7th and 8th of March on the beach Tuquillo – Huarmey (Áncash – Peru), the most important event in tourism and adventure sports on the Peruvian coast will be held. The Festiverano 2015 is organised by the Provincial Municipality of Huarmey and Save the Rajus, together with the co-organization of Club Off Road […]

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157th Anniversary of Huaraz celebrated with concerts and many cultural activities

The Provincial Municipality of Huaraz prepared a full programme of events and entertainment to celebrate the 157th anniversary of the political creation of the province of Huaraz. From the 11th to 30th of July citizens and tourists could enjoy the many activities organised by different institutions, universities and the municipality, including the annual Huaraz Danza, […]

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This year’s Festival del Andinismo 2014 could be the last

Organizer of the Festival del Andinismo Benjamin Morales confirmed on local television that this year’s festival might be the last for a while. As with the Inkafest Film Festival, the lack of interest from the local authorities in the development of these types of events is disappointing. This year’s Festival del Andinismo took place at […]

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Lack of local support results in a trimmed down Inkafest movie festival

Iván Canturin, director of the Inkafest Film Festival confirmed by email that Huaraz will not be one of the hosting cities of the Mountain Film Festival. According Mr Canturin the main reason is the lack of support from leading authorities in Huaraz (municipality, regional government and others). “The festival is celebrating its tenth consecutive edition […]

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Richard Colonia celebrates his 25-year anniversary in music and show business

Richard Colonia is a musician, music producer, composer and a songwriter and was born in Huaraz. Most of his songs are about the life around us, and among the themes that inform his lyrics are love, heartbreak, social issues and the clash of identities. His many talents include playing the guitar, piano, harmonica, bass and […]

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Archeological monuments suffering water filtrations due to rain

According to declarations made by staff of the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Ancash (DDC), most archeological monuments in the […]

Noise pollution in Huaraz for 99% caused by claxons

A group of teachers and students of the Chao Virú University in Trujillo were to be seen on the main […]

After estimating 8,000 dogs, Huaraz Municipality agrees to tackle stray dog problem

Some tourists ironically call Huaraz the city of dogs and you can´t blame them for that. It´s actually very sad […]

Laguna Palcacocha still without its early warning system

A visit to Lake Palcacocha learned that the lake which caused the 1941 flood in Huaraz and killed approximately 2,000 […]

Heavy rain causes many roads to collapse in Huaraz and Ancash area

The torrential rains that affected the Callejon de Huaylas for the past month have left houses, schools and roads in […]

Certified osteopathy course offered in Huaraz by an Amercian psychotherapist

The Huaraz Telegraph was informed by Danaan Lahey that the International Society of Orthobionomy Peru will be organising a 22-month […]

Meteorologist predicts waterlogging and heavy rainfall in Huaraz

Rafael Figueroa Tauquino predicts more heavy rain for the urban area of Huaraz. Not the news many tourists would like […]

Psychologist: Anxiety is a problem for people in Huaraz’

Psychologist Yalu Palomino Zárate shared her professional point of view on a part of Huaraz society. Having analysed and studied […]

Locals question Huanchaco’s 25th spot in South American beach ranking

In a beach ranking which was created by the FlightNetwork team who talked to over 1,200 travel journalists, editors, bloggers […]

BREAKING: Three Spanish mountaineers and Peruvian guide die on Mateo

An expedition counting four Spanish climbers and their mountain guide from Huaraz (Rubén Dario Alva) was hit by surprise and […]

Early seismic movement awakens citizens Ancash coast

A perceptible tremor of 4.6 on the Richter scale awoke many people on the Ancash shore living in Huarmey, Casma, […]

Baby with 12 fingers and 12 toes born in Chimbote hospital

A beautiful baby was born in the Hospital La Caleta in Chimbote on the eve of New Year. However, when […]

Huanchaco Beach in top 50 best beaches of South America

Earlier this week, the Chamber of Tourism of Huanchaco announced to be proud that Huanchaco Beach was chosen among South […]

Visitors are prohibited to take plastic into Huascaran National Park

William Martínez Shiñquin, head of the Huascarán National Park, announced that they have issued a provision that prohibits the entry […]

Local guide shares search details and reveals that Jesse Galganov was last seen in Taullipampa

Earlier this week, the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph spoke with Beto Pinto Toledo, manager and founder of local tourism […]

Meet cebiche de chocho, Huaraz’s hearty food icon

Perhaps one of the most popular local dishes of Huaraz, yet one which is often overlooked by travellers, is cebiche […]

Local newspaper spreads painful fake news on Jesse Galganov

What was announced as a huge scoop on the front page of the Friday morning edition of local newspaper Prensa […]

No visits to Pastoruri Glacier; access road closed until the 29th of December

Jesús López Gómez, head of the Huascarán National Park (SERNANP – Huaraz) informed the press and agencies in Huaraz and […]