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A mother of four from Basque Country verifying improved security at Jorge Chavez International Airport

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and kept in check in a report by the Ombudsman of Spain María Soledad Becerril Bustamante, at the end of 2014 exactly 1,735 Spaniards were incarcerated abroad. Surprisingly Peru is top of the list with 327 Spanish convicts, followed by France (155), Colombia (139), Morocco (119) […]

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The official I love HZ brand offers souvenirs and t-shirts to tourists

I Love Huaraz is a brand that belongs to two brothers from Huacho (north of Lima) and in 2012 they decided to come to the city of Huaraz in search of new opportunities. Surrounded by mountains and various activities like hiking and climbing they came up with the idea of helping the Huaraz tourism sector […]

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Latest news about our Christmas special

In a little while our special (bilingual) and Christmas edition will be available to the Huaraz market. New in this Christmas edition of the Huaraz Telegraph is our (Spanish) crucigrama puzzle. The puzzle (or crossword) will be called The Huaraz  Telegrama and will contain a one-winner-takes-it-all prize. On January the 1st, 2015 and through a […]

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International Conference for NGOs in Trujillo with only two NGOs from Huaraz attending

The International Conference for NGOs took place in Trujillo from the 5th until the 8th of August, organised by the Trujillo based organisation SKIP and Omprakash. About 60 people from 15 different organisations participated in the conference, two of whom were from Huaraz – To be a Child (Stichting Wees Kind) and Seeds of Hope. It […]

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Child sex tourism becomes a growing concern in Peru and Latin America

ECPAT International has revealed that child sex tourism is growing in Peru and Latin America. According to the international organisation, more and more foreigners from the United States, Canada and Europe come to Central and South American countries, especially Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia seeking to satisfy their sexual needs. The report details the […]

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Topics in The Huaraz Telegraph September edition 2014

Our last edition of this year´s The Huaraz Telegraph has been delivered to our printing company and will be available in Huaraz within less than a couple of days. The Huaraz Telegraph will offer a variety of topics with the latest updates on tourism and hiking and trekking within the Huaraz area. Here are some the topics in our September edition: […]

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Vive Conchucos announces the reception of more than 7,000 tourists

In a special press release on the 12th of August, Swiss Contact and Antamina published that the number of visitors to the archaeological monument of Chavin reached 6,949 over the four days during Fiestas Patrias; an improvement on the 4,638 visitors who visited during Independence Day in 2013. In general, and thanks to the hard […]

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Beto Pinto Toledo tells The Huaraz Telegraph where his nickname comes from

We were contacted by Beto who, together with Belgian Guy Fonck, conquered the south peak of the Tunsho in the Central Cordillera. We met with Beto and asked him about his childhood, and how he became a professional climber. He also revealed why people call him the last Inca (el último Inca), and affirmed that, […]

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Did Sharon Stone visit the Callejon de Huaylas last month?

Two independent sources confirmed to The Huaraz Telegraph that Sharon Stone, the American actress, film producer, and former fashion model, recently paid a quick visit to the Ancash region. Although pictures could not be provided by either source, there is reason enough to believe that she actually has visited Peru and Huaraz, although one of […]

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Large numbers of national tourists visited Huaraz during Fiesta Patrias

According to a report released by the directors of the National Park Huascaran, the eight checkpoints of the park registered large numbers of national tourists during the extra-long holiday weekend around Independence Day. Earlier national newspaper La Republica reported that hotels and hostels in the city of Huaraz were completely full during the weekend, despite […]

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Archeological monuments suffering water filtrations due to rain

According to declarations made by staff of the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Ancash (DDC), most archeological monuments in the […]

Noise pollution in Huaraz for 99% caused by claxons

A group of teachers and students of the Chao Virú University in Trujillo were to be seen on the main […]

After estimating 8,000 dogs, Huaraz Municipality agrees to tackle stray dog problem

Some tourists ironically call Huaraz the city of dogs and you can´t blame them for that. It´s actually very sad […]

Laguna Palcacocha still without its early warning system

A visit to Lake Palcacocha learned that the lake which caused the 1941 flood in Huaraz and killed approximately 2,000 […]

Heavy rain causes many roads to collapse in Huaraz and Ancash area

The torrential rains that affected the Callejon de Huaylas for the past month have left houses, schools and roads in […]

Certified osteopathy course offered in Huaraz by an Amercian psychotherapist

The Huaraz Telegraph was informed by Danaan Lahey that the International Society of Orthobionomy Peru will be organising a 22-month […]

Meteorologist predicts waterlogging and heavy rainfall in Huaraz

Rafael Figueroa Tauquino predicts more heavy rain for the urban area of Huaraz. Not the news many tourists would like […]

Psychologist: Anxiety is a problem for people in Huaraz’

Psychologist Yalu Palomino Zárate shared her professional point of view on a part of Huaraz society. Having analysed and studied […]

Locals question Huanchaco’s 25th spot in South American beach ranking

In a beach ranking which was created by the FlightNetwork team who talked to over 1,200 travel journalists, editors, bloggers […]

BREAKING: Three Spanish mountaineers and Peruvian guide die on Mateo

An expedition counting four Spanish climbers and their mountain guide from Huaraz (Rubén Dario Alva) was hit by surprise and […]

Early seismic movement awakens citizens Ancash coast

A perceptible tremor of 4.6 on the Richter scale awoke many people on the Ancash shore living in Huarmey, Casma, […]

Baby with 12 fingers and 12 toes born in Chimbote hospital

A beautiful baby was born in the Hospital La Caleta in Chimbote on the eve of New Year. However, when […]

Huanchaco Beach in top 50 best beaches of South America

Earlier this week, the Chamber of Tourism of Huanchaco announced to be proud that Huanchaco Beach was chosen among South […]

Visitors are prohibited to take plastic into Huascaran National Park

William Martínez Shiñquin, head of the Huascarán National Park, announced that they have issued a provision that prohibits the entry […]

Local guide shares search details and reveals that Jesse Galganov was last seen in Taullipampa

Earlier this week, the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph spoke with Beto Pinto Toledo, manager and founder of local tourism […]

Meet cebiche de chocho, Huaraz’s hearty food icon

Perhaps one of the most popular local dishes of Huaraz, yet one which is often overlooked by travellers, is cebiche […]

Local newspaper spreads painful fake news on Jesse Galganov

What was announced as a huge scoop on the front page of the Friday morning edition of local newspaper Prensa […]

No visits to Pastoruri Glacier; access road closed until the 29th of December

Jesús López Gómez, head of the Huascarán National Park (SERNANP – Huaraz) informed the press and agencies in Huaraz and […]