How Technology will tackle Climate Emergency through AI & 5G to Big Data Connectivity

Artificial intelligence is a software made to mimic human activities and it is a very useful tool in assisting and guiding people the main aspect of AI. It is machine learning where the algorithms learns from its mistakes and try to avoid it the next time and after multiple efforts, the machine actually learns it and then there is no scope of error. This machine learning is combined with augmented reality which creates an enhanced experience. Artificial inelegance is available in so many apps like Google assistant and is being inculcated in robots so that they would assist humans in performing certain tasks.

5G Connectivity

Almost everyone has a Smartphone and everyone with a Smartphone has a cellular network and 5G is the 5th generation technology which offers so many advantages and unlocks possibilities that weren’t available before. This technology came up at the end of 2019 and there was an issue with the land covered with these 5G towers. 5G technology uses millimeter waves which are extremely fast and offer speeds up to 1–2 Gb/s down. The problem with these waves is that they are only effective in short-range and the signals become weak and cannot pass through walls and cannot even reach a radius of two blocks so companies are using fewer frequency waves which still facilitate 5G but the speeds are compromised a bit.