70+ Teacher Pick Up Lines That Can Squeeze Your Brain Juice!

Want to crack a conversation with a teacher? Try out the teacher pick-up lines to have chances of starting a 10 on 10 conversations. Dating a teacher can mean being in discipline, even with your words which may not be the case when you are dating someone else.

70+ Gym Pick Up Lines for Fitness Freaks

“Do you believe in love at first set or should I curl this 15 more times?” You just said this to someone at your gym and that person blushed. People are becoming so aware of their fitness nowadays that a maximum number of people go to the gym.

60+ Pick Up Lines For Eyes That Works Like Magic

When you compliment her eyes, it feels more genuine. The other one feels you are not just attracted to their body but also to their soul. They are so deep and when you appreciate the eye, you are on a way of creating a deep bond with that person. And that appreciation makes a person happier. 

50+ Best Chemistry Pickup to Get Your Crush Reaction!

Thinking of impressing someone special with your sharp chemistry knowledge? Well, why not. It’s time that those nerdy facts come to some use other than just chemistry labs so that you can have some good chemistry pick-up lines.

52+ Music Pick Up Lines That Can Add Rhythm to Your Life

Musicians already have a god gifted powers of impressing and pick-up lines act as choco-chip to their pastries. It is a beautiful way to express your love to your partner. “All of me loves all of you” is the deepest and most powerful song that can be used to describe the intensity of your love towards someone. In the same way, they are the best combination of pick-up lines to impress your crush in the most soulful manner.

50+ Cheesy Pick Up Lines to Level Up Flirting Game

Thinking of how your crush will blush? Use a cheesy pickup line and feel the magic in front of your eyes. When you start liking someone or are about to date someone then these cheesy lines are surely going to help you. Think of a relationship, cheesy or flirty lines are a must as they make conversation between two people more interesting.

60+ Best Country Pick Up Lines for People Around the World

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” Now with the power of technology we can find interesting people from all around the world but building connections is still a challenge. To tackle this challenge you would need to come up with some great country pick-up lines that depict the attitude and essence of the different countries.

50+ Best Lesbian Pick Up Lines – Level Up Your Girl Game!

Love has turned its way from King-Queen to Queen-Queen. It is already a bold move to accept the same gender love and then it needs a lot of braveness to impress the one you love. So to impress them these cheesy lesbian pick-up lines are surely gonna help you out.