Digital Technology helps to Improve Access Mental Health Care

With the development of technology, there has been a shift of attention towards mental health but in the olden day’s mental health was not even a thing and was confused with just bad mood and in present-day everyone in two people over goes through mental trauma and has no one to approach this mental health. It can be thoughts or attempts of self-harm or going into depression and without proper care these thoughts might take over the person causing a void that no one could fill and can impact their overall health and relationships for a long period.

Role of technology

We of us reading the article may have healthcare facilities available at their doorstep but what about those people who haven’t even heard of mental health in their life how will they get any access to these facilities that we are enjoying today we even have a therapist in the city or a locality and students also have a therapy class in their school or college but to help those people who can’t afford or avail these services technology is bringing them closer to the modern medicine of mental health which helps them tackle the issues of depression and anxiety.

Impact on people

With the increasing awareness of mental health, it was found that the burden of mental illness affects the economy as well and with the growing population and one-third of the population being affected by mental health, there might be a loss of 1 trillion dollars because of depression and anxiety in people. Almost 800,000 lives are a lot due to suicide and one in every five people live with mental health issues and they never receive any help. In middle and lower sections of the society, the stigma is that mental health is a myth and is cured automatically but after some time it causes serious trauma to the patients so there should be immediate help provided to such people.

Development of technology

“It can be really hard for a patient to get access to a psychologist or mainstream treatments, and this is something that must change, so what we did was a digital psychology service, so you have video calls with psychologists, and it’s easier for patients to seek care,” says Nordics who developed an app which allows the people to download the app for free and interact with the psychologists for free and he saw this as a necessity because of the poor access to healthcare services in Sweden and no importance to mental health.

Not only Nordics but various other companies are also trying to develop apps and means through which the people facing mental issues can stay in touch with the doctors continue with their therapy and transform into a better form of themselves.


With mental health becoming a global concern efforts are being made by the non-profit organizations and other companies by setting up therapy centers and by developing apps through which the people can access mental healthcare features there are also doctors on YouTube giving out suggestions and telling them ways to calm themselves down in case of anxiety and feat but you can also see how Technology trends to Shape the Coming Years of Airport. With cases on suicide and depression increasing rapidly the United Nations has added mental health as a goal under their United Nations Sustainable Goals through with funding is done to companies that are trying to help people. The availability of these services is also helping people recover soon and prevent any self-harm. With this technology developing there will be a day when everyone will be aware of mental health and will have the mental health services available for them.

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