How Technology will tackle Climate Emergency through AI & 5G to Big Data Connectivity

Artificial intelligence is a software made to mimic human activities and it is a very useful tool in assisting and guiding people the main aspect of AI. It is machine learning where the algorithms learns from its mistakes and try to avoid it the next time and after multiple efforts, the machine actually learns it and then there is no scope of error. This machine learning is combined with augmented reality which creates an enhanced experience. Artificial inelegance is available in so many apps like Google assistant and is being inculcated in robots so that they would assist humans in performing certain tasks.

5G Connectivity

Almost everyone has a Smartphone and everyone with a Smartphone has a cellular network and 5G is the 5th generation technology which offers so many advantages and unlocks possibilities that weren’t available before. This technology came up at the end of 2019 and there was an issue with the land covered with these 5G towers. 5G technology uses millimeter waves which are extremely fast and offer speeds up to 1–2 Gb/s down. The problem with these waves is that they are only effective in short-range and the signals become weak and cannot pass through walls and cannot even reach a radius of two blocks so companies are using fewer frequency waves which still facilitate 5G but the speeds are compromised a bit.

Big Data

With the growing traffic online there are a lot of digital footprints left and there is also a lot of information searched and downloaded. This information can be extremely helpful to analyze trends and patterns in the society and help predict the market changes so companies buy or monitor these huge chunks of data left behind by the people for their own benefits and try to use it against the same people.

Can these technologies help tackle climate emergency?

The rising climate emergencies have everything to with what we are doing. Increase in industrialization and harming the environment is causing climate change which is leading to disastrous irreversible occurrences but these technologies can help solve the problem because when we use all these technologies together there is a whole new portal of opportunities that open and helps to save the environment, for example, a farmer using too much fertilizer on his crop affects his crop and in turn, pollutes the soil and the water flowing beneath and the same water will pour down as acid rain but with the implementation of technology, the farmers can use drones which work with the help of precision AI and help drop the required amount of fertilizer in the soil saving a lot of resources and time.

AI is powered by machine learning and this machine learning can be used to predict the atmospherical changes by monitoring the pressure build-ups and radio waves to get a piece of precise information about a disaster and in such cases, a warning can be sent across those areas which would save some precious lives. AI can not only be used to predict the changes but can be also used to analyze different solutions and select the best among them. 

With the current 5G network the information we share will not only be safe but also be less harmful to the environment because they use different types of waves which do not harm the birds and other animals and this technology uses less energy to send more data so the resources are saves and sustainable use of resources can be a good thing for the environment. The combined use of all these technologies would surely bring about a positive change in the environment.

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