How To Be A Better Lover & Add Zing To Relationship

Being in an intimate relationship, physical affection and love are major presence. It is said that sexual interaction is also one of the reasons for relationships to break up. Although it’s not sex that causes breakups, it’s your sex experience that’s the root cause. It’s a common thought to many, to be a better lover is all about physical love.

That’s not true! The relationship is a combination of emotional and sexual interaction. It is important to express love to your partner, you can use pick up lines that are romantic and cheesy.

With a long-term relationship, couples stop feeling any attraction towards their partner. They judge each other according to their needs. Sexual love is a part of the relationship, but people ain’t completely educated about it. Couples often don’t understand how to love their partner. Due to which they end up soon. Thus, to become a better lover, you need to know what your partner likes.

Escalate Your Relationship

Listen to What They Have To Say

In a relationship, one may think he/she is doing what their partner likes but, in reality, they’re doing what they like. This makes their partner feel ignored and creates a barrier between both of them. All this tends to end as soon as they give up on you. To be a better lover you need to listen to your partner with your whole heart.

Do what they like and avoid what they don’t. If you feel they’re not in the mood to talk, if their day was bad, give them some space. Instead, make them feel good by doing something they like the most. To be a good lover you need to listen to what they have to say and understand it.

To be a better lover to your wife, respond to every word she says. This will make her feel that you are listening and that you understand her. It creates a strong trust bond in your relationship. Don’t interact with sex every time because you like it. Get a count on if they want it or not. Love is not about good sexual satisfaction, it’s about how happy your souls are with each other.

Don’t Interact With Your Partner With Sex in your Mind

Most of the guys approach girls feeling attracted to them. The only thing they have on their mind is sex. For them, she is a sex dispenser. This is the reason why girls feel scared of any such approaches. Most of the guys interact with girls with only the thought of having sex later.

Having a female friend can help you know how to treat a girl better when you’re in a relationship. You can learn to be a better lover for her. She can help you understand what a girl wants better in a guy. Being a girl, she can tell you what girls like. Even if you’re not dating her, she can give you an idea of what you should do.

If you’re in a relationship, you should not interact with your partner always having sex on your mind. You might think that they’d like it but that’s not true! They’ll get into thoughts like-you don’t love them or you only need sexual pleasure. Such things end a relationship sooner or later. So, it’s better to show your love with different actions. Choosing sex every time would make things worse.

Have a Life Outside of Your Relationship

The most obnoxious thing in a relationship is not having space and individual life. Most of the time couples get into their relationship to the point where they don’t have any life outside of love. This makes relationships ugly.

Relationships need a balance to make your partner feel the same love from you every time they see you. Creeping around each other will suffocate things sooner or later. This is the reason why most of the relationships end after years of togetherness.

It’s important to have your personal life, ambitions, goals, and friends apart from love. Sticking to each other 24/7 is not love. You need to fight for your dreams and be yourself before you think of your relationship. This makes you a better lover than the one holding on to you every time.

Life Outside of Your Relationship

Don’t be Selfish in Love

To be a good lover, you need to know what you have to focus on. Being an amazing lover to boost among the group that you did so great is no sign of being good. If you want to be a good partner, then you need to think about your partner.

First, it should be about your partner, then you. You need to know what your partner is enjoying. Doing what you like is being selfish. If they like what you’re doing, you can continue with it. If they’re not comfortable with your actions, stop at once and comfort them.

Take some time to know what they like while you love them. Make some time with them over a dinner night or day together and talk about it. To be a better lover, one needs to know what their partner is comfortable with and what makes them uneasy.

Communicate Well and Consider Each Other

The main fault in every relationship, couples don’t communicate well with each other. Approaching them for sexual interaction when they want cuddles and care or cuddling when your partner urges them to have sex. It’s all because of miscommunication or no communication.

To know what your partner wants, you need to ask for their guidance. Communicate about what makes them go crazy and what makes them feel off. To be a better lover to your husband or wife, ask them what physical action while sex makes them feel the best.

Everyone’s response is different when it comes to physical intimacy. So, it’s better to know what your partner enjoys the most and follow that.

Keep Yourself Neat and Clean

Love doesn’t mean it’s actually blind. You get attracted to someone when they’re well maintained. Would you like your partner to smell stinky as if they haven’t bathed for seven days? No, right! Being clean makes you attractive. It’s not about getting heavy make-up and a seductive dress. It’s about your body being clean when you feel good looking at yourself.

Grooming yourself is the first step one should take for themselves. If you can’t like a person who is smelling hell, untidy and unshaved, then you can’t expect it in return. Moreover, considering hygiene while physical interaction is more important as it’ll make your body feel good.

Go Slow With Your Pace

While getting in a physical relationship, guys often go fast with their pace. It’s not like being fast-forwarded is a pride. It’s more like being a jerk. Don’t classify your love in the name of desires. If you wish to be a passionate lover, then go slow. Be a gentleman instead of being a jerk.

Most of the girls don’t like being fast forward. If your woman doesn’t like rushing, whether it’s sex or commitment, respect her decision. Know her first, learn more about what she likes, what makes her body feel good. Let her feel the love through your actions.

Compliment Your Partner

It’s not about man or woman, it’s about the relationship. If you’re in a relationship, let your partner feel that you notice them. So, a compliment is a good thing. To be the best lover for him or her, make them realize that they’re the best.

Compliment Your Partner

Complimenting shows that you’re noticing them. They’d dress to get your compliment. They feel valued and loved. Getting your partners’ attention gives you more confidence. Thus, a compliment is nothing to be afraid of.

Face Awkward Moments With A Chill-Head

The most important thing- don’t be too serious while dating or in physical interaction. Relationships often face awkward moments. If you’re too serious with them, things won’t work out well. It’s better to deal clear-headed with such moments clearly. No one can teach you to be a perfect partner.

The best lover would rather laugh out at such moments instead of feeling sheepish. Even if you’re facing rejection, go easy with it, you never know what good is up next. Such moments often come in a relationship where people feel uneasy. So, the best way to react is to chill out and laugh.

Final Thoughts

Being a better lover means being the best for your partner. It means to be able to resolve things that are creating conflict in a relationship. A relationship isn’t about how great you’re in bed, but how great you’re outside of it.

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