Good Girlfriend

How To Be A Good Girlfriend Tips & Tricks

Do you feel this constant pressure not to be one of those with annoying girlfriend habits There is no universal guide to becoming an amazing girlfriend. It is not about cooking the favourite meal, hitting romantic pick up lines, spending time, it’s more than that.

Why do I get attached so easily?

Why Do You Get Attached So Easily & How to Stop it?

If you’re someone who lets their guard down after their first or second date, then you need to pause. There is an attachment theory that explains why individuals behave a certain way in a relationship or when dating someone.


Friend-Zoned: Signs & How to Get Out of it

It’s terrible to receive a hunch of rejection from someone more than just a friend to you. And when the knock-back comes as “we’re good as buddies,” then it’s viler than a head-on rejection. The term for such refusal is “Friendzone“. It’s expressed in a visionary situation among two friends where one wishes to have a romantic relationship but the other doesn’t.

How To Slide Into Dms

Tips To Slide Into DMs Without Being A Creep

Sliding into someone’s Dm is no joke and can be unnerving. It requires a lot of boldness and confidence to direct a message to someone. But don’t fear their judgments if you are genuinely willing to know them. Just keep in mind to strike the right balance of confidence while approaching them. You can hit a funny pick up line if you find them adorable and want to be friends.

Move in Together

How Soon is too Soon to Move in Together – 10+ Signs

The thought of moving in together is natural for couples in a committed relationship. While spending more time together, it’s usual to be confident about each other. You might have to adapt to new alterations that you’re not ready for. So, before rushing into this matter, couples should give a thought on- how soon is too soon to move in?

How to be a Better Lover and Add Zing to Your Relationship

How To Be A Better Lover & Add Zing To Relationship

After a few years pass, it becomes difficult to maintain the spark in a relationship. We forget that a genuine romantic relationship is a combination of emotional and physical intimacy. It is essential to take time out and express love to your partner through small gestures like hit romantic pick up lines, eye contact, touch, and others.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You- 10+ Signs

You all might have been through it once! Such tacky situations where you like someone but couldn’t figure out what they feel about you. Or a situation where you have been a secret admiration of someone, but you’re clueless about it. It’s reasonable. Even the clearest signs of attraction are difficult to read. Besides, you can’t peep into others’ hearts and look into their true feelings for you.