Technology trends to Shape the Coming Years of Airport

Technology attracts the eye of everyone and airports being one of the most crowded places the technological aspects there are expected to be changing from time to time to provide better services and make the passengers feel the luxury. With the population increasing in a large scale the passengers who travel through air is expected to double in the next twenty years and the International Air Transport Association says that the airports at present-day with the current technology cannot keep up with the increasing passengers as handling them would become a very difficult task and there are a lot of procedures that they have to go through before boarding the flight like security, baggage check, weight check, passport check, etc.

Transformations Expected

  • Security Will be Integrated Into a Frictionless Journey

Security is one of the most important concerns as with increasing people the time taken to check the passengers also becomes difficult and in future, the technology might bring us ways to check the passengers without having to stop them explaining in detail the passenger can just walk through the checkpoints and without having to remove his shoes or coat scanners will scan the complete body and if there are any unauthorized items the scanners are bound to pick them up

  • The Airport Will Think for Itself

With the Artificial Intelligence being developed it is being integrated into the airports where the software scans the airport and has the real-time data of every moment and with the information from real-time, it can analyze the crowd and make the airport uniformly spaced it may issue commands in certain areas asking them to move to a different place. This is also helpful because the software can take care of the announcements regarding the arrival and departure of flights by collecting data from the planes.

  • Mobility Will Be a Service on Demand

With the number of passengers increasing the demands of the passengers will also increase and the planes will adjust to the needs of the passengers they will be even more luxurious and will offer efficient ways of transportation the area of runways and airports will also be increased on a huge scale to supplement the increase in passengers and no ensure everyone feels comfortable in the airport.

  • Interactive objects

Passengers normally arrive an hour or two hours before their boarding time and after depositing their baggage and security checks most passengers are free and to engage them there will be interactive robots and machines on which they can play games or order food and do a lot of things which will enhance their waiting experience.

  • Travel procedure will be decentralized

The most complex thing when traveling through air is baggage drop and pickup and it can be a mess sometimes but in the future, all of that will be automated and everybody will have tags with GPS and will be tracked wherever they are moving and the passenger can know where their baggage is. You can know How Technology will tackle Climate Emergency through AI & 5G to Big Data Connectivity. This makes it convenient for the passenger to pick up the luggage when they are comfortable.


With the huge number of passengers and with the task of managing everything at the airport becomes tougher and tougher but with the integration of technology the management process becomes easy and it is also easy to control and have a check on the crowd. Though the number of passengers will be increasing the airports are moving towards expansion and adaptation of better and efficient technology which will help them handle the passengers and make the journey a comfortable hassle-free one.

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