Update: Still no traces of Jesse Galganov, local authorities all informed

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Sadly, there are still no traces of Jesse Galganov, the Canadian citizen who went missing at the end of September. The Huaraz Telegraph was informed that Jesse stayed at the Hotel Kame House in Huaraz who confirmed his check-in at 11pm on the 28th of September. The lad from Montreal appears to have travelled using Cruz del Sur and this bus left Peru´s capital Lima at 21:30pm the previous day, which means that he should have arrived around 6am in Huaraz which makes a check-in 17 hours after arrival very odd. Additionally, Jesse bought a return ticket for October the 2nd which he did not use.

The Huaraz Telegraph was further informed that a family member of Jesse is on the way to Peru.  Local authorities such as the Tourist Police, I-Perú and the National Park Huascarán were all informed this morning about the missing of the Canadian.

People who have been in contact with Jesse in the past few weeks, please write to his mother Alisa, who logically is very worried. Her email address is: [email protected] or contact your local police.