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15+ Wedding Games That Makes The D-day Memorable

Gwen Adams

Wedding Games

Wedding Day is a day of dream which you see every night. You plan every detail with all your heart. You want everything to be just perfect without any fuss. From the dresses, entries to the last ritual you plan everything. You want the wedding guest to remember your wedding day forever with a wow gesture.

You will think of every possible way which will make your special day more special. Wedding games are best and full of fun that involves every guest in your wedding, this is an amazing idea.

Wedding reception games are one of the unique things to do at a wedding reception. In this article, you will find a list of some amazing Wedding Games to play at a wedding and this will really add fun to your D-day.

Wedding games

Wedding games to make your reception awesome

Here are some wedding games ideas which will add fun to your wedding.

Lego Creations

This is a famous classic game among the kids but just think of wedding activities. You can set up different tables at the wedding venue and make teams of 2 or people in each team.

Now give the legos to each team and ask them to create something unique with them. You can appoint a judge or the bride and groom can play the role of judge.

At the end announce the winning team and gift them something special. This way they will always remember your wedding day.

Marriage Mad Libs

Mad libs are a famous game amongst the kids but you can add some twists and make it a part of fun wedding reception ideas. All you have to do is write your story on a sheet of paper and leave the place for adjectives and nouns in between.

The story can be about your dating days or the first proposal story of anything you want to add. Now keep 1 sheet at each table. The guests will read the story and add funny adjectives and nouns from their side, and once who finish will have to recite it publicly.

The funniest answers will win the game and the judges will be the bride and the groom.

Ring Toss

This can really be one of the fun wedding reception ideas. You can divide the wedding guests into two groups. You will need six wine bottles or soda bottles, a carat to lace the bottles, and 2 sets of rings for each team. Decorate them if you want to.

Now place the bottles in the cart. Paint each set of rings with one colour and another with a different colour. Ask one person from each team to toss the ring in the bottle and make the pairs. It will really be fun.

Giant Dominoes

Paint large size dominoes using wooden pieces and paint to play the game. Enjoy the fun of watching your guest walking on one toe to play the game.

Spin the wheel

This game will be the perfect ice breaker of the eve! You can involve every guest at your wedding in this game. You can customize a wedding wheel and Put some interesting tasks like propose the bride, Peck on the cheek of the groom, dance performance with XYZ, etc. This game will literally fill your guest with tones of enthusiasm and energy.

The shoe game

The shoe game is a perfect outdoor game and the guests will giggle with their bellies out! You will need 2 chairs for this game. You have to place the chairs make to ack and make a couple sit on them. Make sure they cannot see each other’s faces.

Now tie the shoe of one partner with the shoe of the other one and appoint one person amongst the guest who can host the game. The host questions the couple like “who flirts better? ” “who kisses better?”, or “who cancels the plans at the last moment?”, etc.

Wedding I spy

This can be the perfect game for guests at your wedding party. To play this game, you have to prepare a list of certain activities and keep it on the table. The guests have to take snaps of those activities.

The activities should be very funny and wild. For example, grandmother having a sip of wine, an intimate moment between bride and groom, an old man dancing crazily at the party, etc. Such snaps will add fun to the wedding party.

Also, you can keep the best pictures for your wedding album because these are the memorable moments of your precious day. The winner of the game will be the one with the funniest snaps.

Freeze dance

This can be the wedding lawn games for an outdoor DJ PARTY. To play this game, gather the guests on the dance floor. Now ask the DJ to play a particular song and stop in between. The guests have to freeze themselves as soon as the DJ stops the music.

It will really be great fun to watch the guest in the weird steps while they will be frozen. It can be a great time for the photographer to take some great snaps! The bride and groom can be the judge for this, the ones who will not freeze as the music stops will be out from the game.

Guest Guess who

This game can be one of the unique marriage games, guest who is close to the bride and groom will be involved in this game. All you have to do is place portrait-size photographs of the guest on a wall or some pinboard.

Every player will choose one photograph in their mind and two pairs will pair up against each other. Each layer asks questions regarding the physical appearance and personality of their chosen guest and they will have to guess them.

Couple’s Crossword

A couple’s crossword will turn out to be the most interesting party game. You can customize a crossword puzzle according to your wish. You can add questions like “Where the groom proposed the bride?”, “where the couple meet first? ” etc.

To add some twist to the game, you can make teams. The members will interact about the answers and there will be no room for boredom.

Dance Challenge

This is going to turn out to be the most hilarious fun activity of your D-day. You just have to arrange some tables and make 5-6 guests sit at one table. Now, name each table with a song name.

Ask the DJ to play any one song out of the table names and when the song plays, all members have to run on the dance floor and show some moves.

No wonder all the guests will laugh their bellies out till the end of the party. The winner will be the table who will show the silliest move during the game.

Wedding Hopscotch

It will be the most entertaining game of your wedding reception. You can ask the guest to play the game one by one and the rest will enjoy the treading on the lines of the player. You can customize the patterns that relate to the wedding.

Giant Connect Four

This game is similar to the kids giant connect four, creat the same setup as the kids’ game with bigger holes and let the adults play the game.

Best Photo Booth Contest

Guest can give the weirdest poses in front of the booth and the funniest post will be the winner of the eve.

Wedding Pinata

Pinata is a vessel decorated with toys and candies done by the kids. You can play wedding pinata by using the things like flowers, balloons, stars, or anything you feel like. You can create a heart or write I Love You in the air using these things, the best creative guest will be the winner.

Lawn Yahtzee

You need 5 oversized dice to play this game and the ultimate objective is to score the highest with 5 dice. A person can roll the dice 3 times in one chance. See who is beauty with brains at your wedding!

Couple Trivia

You need to prepare some trivia cards and place one on every table. You can ask the guests to sit in couples at each table. The cards will have a question about the spotlight of the wedding party i.e the bride and the groom.

You can serve some delicious snacks and good cocktails during this game. The couple who will complete the questionnaire first will be the winner.

Find the Guest

Every guest will be given a card with statements like, find someone who is newly married, someone wearing pink with silver jewellery, or a man who has a black car.

Guest have to find the guest matching the statement and the one who finds first will be the winner.

Wedding Bingo

Bingo is a traditional classic game you can plan a wedding bingo by preparing some printed cards with statements like, find a couple in matching attire, the best dancer of the eve, or a lady with wine lipstick.

The one who will find all the answers first will say Bingo! and will be the winner.


You need unique things to do at a wedding reception when you reminisce about the best day of your life. You can plan some outdoor wedding games and a few indoor wedding games like Scavenger Hunt, Bocce Balls, Table Games, or golf balls.

These wedding games will add fun to your wedding reception and every guest will take active participation in such fun activities. You can also collect photographs of some moments of the game session and it will add beauty to your wedding album.


How can I make my wedding fun?

You can do something unique, add fun games, awesome food, good music, and some good wine.

What do you do at a wedding instead of dancing?

Wedding lawn games are best for playing at the wedding, also meeting with other people is also a good thing to do.

How can I encourage my wedding mingling?

Include fun activities in your wedding plan like games that need a team. For this, they need to talk to each other and they will mingle.

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