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What To Say To A Friend Going Through A Breakup?

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What to say to a friend going through a breakup?

Watching a dear friend go through a breakup is almost as depressing as going through one yourself. Even if you have never had a firsthand experience in a separation, you can see the pain your friend is going through.

In delicate times of a breakup, you must comfort your friend by being there for them and showing them your support, you can make them laugh by hitting a funny pick up line.

Nothing can take their hurt away instantly- only time heals all wounds- but you can easily add more to their injury by saying the wrong things. So, what to say, let’s find out in this article.

What to say to a friend going through a breakup?

What to say to a friend going through a breakup?

It’s will be OK

It’s pretty easy for people going through a breakup to believe that one breakup is going to ruin everything and nothing will ever be the same again, but you need to tell your friend that it’s not the end, it’s going to be ok, and they will stop hurting soon.

You need to get it all out of you

Sometimes, keeping your emotions to yourself will hurt more. They keep bottling up in your head, waiting for an exit to get out but sadness decreases when shared, and thus, you need to tell your friend that it is ok to feel that way, and soon everything will be alright.

Your feelings are completely rational

Your friend might cry for hours straight and then get embarrassed and apologize for being too dramatic over one breakup, but you have to make them feel that it’s a safe space with you, and it’s ok to be affected and be themself.

You can talk to me

Your friend will feel lonely after a breakup and might want someone to listen to them, as there might be various reasons such as cheating in a relationship, and others. It would be best to reassure them that you are there and you will listen to everything they have to say. They will feel lighter in their heart.

Let’s go out

Going out is the best therapy for post-breakup sadness. Going out for shopping, makeovers, restaurants, etc, might help lift your friend’s gloomy mood. Keep in mind not to become a helicopter friend and ask them if they need some personal space.

You need anything, you tell me

It’s challenging to keep a straight mind after a breakup. Your friend is probably thinking about their ex and their relationship all day, and they’ll likely forget basic things like buying groceries, doing laundry, cleaning their place, eating regularly, etc. In that case, be a good friend and help your friend out with whatever they need help with.

There’s nothing wrong with you

If your friend’s partner initiated the breakup, your friend is in the bind of self-blame. It would be best if you made your friend see that there’s nothing wrong with them and that they’re nice, beautiful, intelligent and anyone would be lucky to have them. It sounds cliche but does the job pretty well.

You are stronger than this

Last but not least, you help your friend see that they are stronger than this breakup and deserve peace. One terrible division does not define who they are and that they will get past this stage soon, and everything will be fine.

What not to say to a friend going through a breakup?

What not to say to a friend going through a breakup?

I didn’t like your partner anyway

Don’t say that you don’t like their partner. It may be possible that your friend is possibly thinking about getting their ex back. Some people get back in their relationship after a short break-up, and they may fix their struggling relationship.

There are so many other people

Your friend does not want to hear this. First, they need time to process their breakup, get used to the absence of their partner, and then only if they want to find someone else. Breaking up is a lot like the death of a loved one. You can’t replace them the next day!

I know exactly what you’re going through

No two relationships are alike, so you’ve got no clue what’s going on in your friend’s head. And even if you’ve many heartbreaks, don’t rub it in your friend’s face.

You were fine yesterday

Grief is not a tiresome process. Sometimes, it hurts harder than it did yesterday and it might break more tomorrow because there’s no telling what will trigger your friend and remind them of their ex.

How did you not see the signs?

This sounds like accusing your friend of being dumb and ‘too in love’ not to have seen the clear signs. You don’t want to kick them when they’re already down so avoid saying such things.

Stop moping around

You could do good by being kind to your friend when they are going through a hard time instead of insulting them. What they need is your comfort and support, not your insensitive statements.


Helping a friend get past a breakup is tough. It would help if you said the right things, do the right things, and even then, it doesn’t work because your friend is still crying- after three weeks of the breakup- in their kitchen over a fridge magnet their partner gave them.

There’s no fast way to get over people. As mentioned above, a breakup is a lot like the death of a loved one because what your friend had with that person is gone forever. You’ve to give your friends space to come to terms with being single while still checking up on them often to see if they’re doing well physically and mentally.


What advice would you give to someone trying to get their ex back?

The best advice would be that there’s a reason you guys broke up, and if there is no change in both of your attitudes, you are better off without them.

What if a friend is sad?

Comfort them and engage them in festive activities, so they don’t think about their ex. If your friend forgot about them for just five minutes, you did your job well.

What to do if they start talking about dating again?

You should make them see reason; they should let time heal everything instead of jumping on things they are not yet ready for.

What Are the Emotional Weights of a Breakup?

Breakups can be emotionally traumatic, causing lasting bouts of sadness, tears, loss of appetite, and loneliness.

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