What Is A Karmic Relationship? How To get Out Of It

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Karmic relationship

If you ever come across someone you feel a strong connection with, but this bond exists with some turbulent twists, you need to know that this might be a karmic relationship. They may not last for a more extended period but will leave you with lessons that will last lifelong.

The next question that will haunt your mind once you listen to the term karmic relationship is “How to know if you are in a karmic relationship with someone?” This article is about the concept of the karmic relationship and how to get out of it.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is one where you and your karmic partner may be well aware of the emotional and mental damage you may be causing to one another, but moving on will seem like an arduous task for you. You will keep returning to each other despite the enormous fights, breakups, arguments, and heavy mental and emotional damage.

Something unexplainable about these karmic relationships is that even if the entire world asks you to end the relationship, your desire to stick together and make things work out overpowers everything else. You try to stay together, despite all odds. It is all based on the karmic cycles that make you feel attached to the person and their presence.

Signs you are in a Karmic relationship.

Signs you are in a Karmic relationship.

Below, we will list some of the signs that will make it easier for you to answer questions like ‘what does karmic mean?’ ‘What does be in a karmic relationship feel like?’ ‘What is a Karmic partner?’

Lots of drama

Even though you try to avoid drama and conflict, you will always end up in a never-ending loop of drama and tension. Arguments and disagreements will be triggered by the smallest of events, and you will realize that no matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to avoid drama, conflict, and fights. You need to understand the Karmic meaning behind all these unresolvable conflicts and act accordingly.

You feel addicted

You may fight with your partner all through the day, but when you realize they aren’t around anymore, you will experience a sudden urge to return to them and start conversing. No matter how hard you try, the idea of living without them will always scare you, and you will be addicted to their presence. This signifies your solid karmic connection with your counterpart.


Completion of daily tasks without your counterpart would seem impossible. You will always need their presence around you and when they won’t be around. Nothing will feel right, and no tasks will be accomplished on time. You will start depending so much on each other that a minute without them would feel like a burden.

It brings out the worst in you.

The primary purpose of being in a relationship with anybody is to bring out the best in you. But you will eventually realize that your counterpart triggers your weaknesses, makes you emotionally vulnerable, and reveals your weak side to the world.

This major factor differentiates an average love bond from a karmic bond. Instead of becoming your best friend and pushing you towards better things, your karmic soulmate will constantly hamper your growth and turn you into a person you never wished to become.

Never feel settled

There will never be a feeling of settlement, stability, and assurance. You will be constantly worried about the future and will seldom be satisfied with anything. Your mind will overthink the slightest behaviour change and will pick up a point and think about the worst-case scenarios, even if the matter is really small. Your insecurities will increase, and you will always be in doubt concerning your abilities and strengths.

Fearful of how it ends

You will become so addicted to their presence that you will spend hours thinking about if this ends, how terrible your life will turn out to be! Their arrogance, ignorance, and the slightest change of tone will trigger your mind and force it into thinking about the worse things that may happen if this relationship ends.

Repetitive behaviour

You will be caught in a never-ending loop of habits and excuses. One day you will argue over something, and the other day, it will still be the same, leaving you in doubt. You may try to communicate things that bother you, but later, you will realize that no matter how much you complain or try to fix things, your behaviour and attitude will still be the same.

You feel exhausted

Being in a relationship and having a counterpart means that they charge you up with energy and positivity. Their presence instils hope and pushes you to better things in life, but your Karmic relationship will drain out your energy over useless fights, pointless arguments, disagreements, overthinking, and whatnot. You will feel exhausted and will always question the worthiness of your relationship.

It does not last

Even though you have invested all your energy, time, and patience into your relationship, you will be surprised at how the relationship won’t last even if you put in all your heart and soul to make things work. You may try communicating, you may try to mend things, but you will always end up ruining things, and no matter how hard you try to stick together, there will be a point when things end, and everything will be shattered.


When in a relationship, you need to pay close attention to your counterpart’s behaviour and how it is affecting your mental health and stability. There are times when we tend to avoid the toxic behaviours of our partners simply because we fear that things might end on a sour note. But what if the relationship hampers your overall growth and mental health, and you begin to lose your identity as an individual.

Look closely for signs when communication becomes the current problem, and all your efforts to put things back to normal seem to be in vain. A relationship is meant to uplift you and provide meaning to your life and career, and if the opposite is happening, you need to rethink your decision and decide to part ways.


When do Karmic relationships turn toxic?

When you realize that your partner is affecting your mental peace and, rather than making you happy, your relationship is squeezing out all your positivity.

How to end a Karmic relationship?

When you realize that ending the relationship will bring more peace to your mind and heart rather than staying in the relationship.

How does a karmic relationship differ from any other intense kind of relationship?

The primary way of identifying a Karmic relationship is that it will bring out the worst in you, bring mental disturbance.

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