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21 Best Alphabet Pick Up Line to Impress Q T Crush

Gwen Adams

The Alphabet Pick Up Lines will work great on an English teacher or someone who is interested in someone related to this field. There are many different ways to use the alphabet to pick up someone. You can rearrange the letters in their name, use them to spell out words, or come up with creative acronyms.

If you’re looking for something a little dirtier, you could try using the alphabet to spell out words that are dirty or suggestive. For example, you could say “You must be U because you’re so hot.”Whatever you do, make sure you’re having fun with pick-up lines!

Funny Letters Alphabet Lines

1. Wanna know my favorite letters of the alphabet

U R A Q T & D N U

2. Me: You remind me of the 25 letters in the alphabet

Her: what about the other one

Me: I’ll give you the D in the morning

3. Hey I heard you stole three letters from the alphabet…

Can’t you just give them back u q t

4. All the alphabets of ABCs suit you, girl. You are amazing from A, brilliant from B, and cute from C, and I will give you a D because you deserve it.

5. Babe, I cook the best alphabet soup. Because you gonna be choking on my D.

6. If I got a chance to rearrange the alphabet. 😉 I would put U and I together. (^_-)

7. Damn! I know every letter in the alphabet. :O How can I never see U before? B-)

Cheesy Alphabet Lines

8. Do you know your alphabet? Spell Me.

9. Do you know your ABCs? Cause I wanna give you the 4th letter of the alphabet.

cheesy alphabet lines

10. If I could rearrange the alphabet. I’d put U and I a few letters apart. We still need our personal space.

11. My favorite letters in the alphabet are F, C, and K. And guess what else I need.

12. Alphabet pick-up line come back. I like it the way it is, with N and O together.

12. Alphabet pick-up line comeback. I would put B Y E together.

13. I know every letter in the alphabet. And I just wish that I know u better.

14. Your name starts with A, but you are my Z. :-* Because there is nothing after you. B-)

Short Alphabet Lines

15. Are you the Alphabet. Because you are my A-Z.

16. Alphabet pick-up line come back. ABCDenied.

17. Want to do the alphabet? R U D T F?

18. My life is the alphabet. Without U, it’s incomplete.

19. Will you be mine? (^_-) U and I together equal to a bright future. B-) 😎

20. Hey! Do you want to get the D? ^_^

21. I feel weak. :-\ [Why?] I have a deficiency of vitamin U. B

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