How To Initiate A Kiss With Someone?

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How to initiate a kiss?

Want to go for a kiss but don’t know how to initiate a kiss? It’s very important to know when you should go for the kiss. It can be a turnoff and you might also look desperate if you try to kiss in when your partner doesn’t want to, so before that make them comfortable.

How To Initiate A Kiss

The first kiss in a relationship is always special but if it goes wrong, then it would haunt you for life. Therefore, it’s really important to know how to kiss someone for the first time. You should first make them comfortable, or you can also ask them some first date questions. You need to look out for a few basic things and follow some important kissing tricks to make sure that it doesn’t spoil the mood.

How to initiate a kiss

Make Sure Your Breath Is Fresh

Fresh breath is the very first and the most basic thing you need before going for a kiss. You must maintain good oral hygiene, don’t laze out on brushing twice a day. It’s not just about one kiss, you need to have good oral hygiene throughout the year. Make brushing and flossing twice a day your habit. If you are going on a date, then avoid eating raw onions and smoking cigarettes, you can also explore unique dating ideas.

Set the Scene

Going for a kiss in a messy place isn’t very ideal and can be pretty clumsy. Not too dark and not much bright as well, it should give the right vibe. You need to see if there are people around you and what kind of place would your partner be comfortable in. Before going in for a kiss, introspect whether it would be the right time to kiss. The best setup would be a low-lit, cosy, and quiet place.

Build the Intimacy

Going for a kiss out of nowhere can come out as a shock and the partner might not be ready for it. Let your partner settle in and make them feel comfortable, build up the moment by having a romantic chat. You also go for some gentle physical contact. See your partner’s body language and the reaction to make sure he/she isn’t feeling uncomfortable. You can also get closer to your partner as you talk, to increase the level of intimacy.

Be Sure Your Date Wants to Kiss You

This is the most important thing to look for before taking any action. You must always be sure that your partner is interested in having a kiss. If both of you are sharing some gentle touches, getting along well, and sharing a romantic moment then you can slowly approach for a kiss. If you would observe the situation well, you will understand the right moment to go for a kiss. If nothing works for you, then simply ask whether you can kiss your partner.

Don’t Be Forceful

Never force your partner for a kiss if he/she doesn’t want to. Doing this would be a big turn-off for your partner and could also be your last date with them. No one wants to be pushed into things they don’t want to do, especially for sharing intimacy. It would ruin the moment and might ruin your relationship too. You can ask them relationship questions before moving ahead for a kiss.

Approach Smoothly

Approach Smoothly

Don’t go for a kiss in a hassle as this can increase mistakes that might kill the mood. It can also become uncomfortable for your partner if would go for a kiss desperately. Be patient and take your time in building the moment, increase the intimacy level before leaning in for a kiss. Make eye contact with your partner and share gentle touches.

Use Your Hands

Hands play an important part in setting the mood and building intimacy. It also increases the kissing experiences because physical touch increases the involvement. Your hands shouldn’t just be hanging there like a spectator. You can use your hands to play with your partner’s hair, touch thighs or waist, and also cup your partner’s face depending on the intimacy between you too. You should also avoid groping and give your partner enough space.

Time the Kiss Right

Timing of kiss matters as much as anything else. Your first kiss shouldn’t be so long that it makes your partner breathless. Go in for short sessions and keep it slow, let the feeling settle in. You can also have a make-out session of about 10 minutes but this depends on the level of intimacy you have with your partner.

Go Easy On the Tongue

It can be a turn-off for your partner if you would use too much tongue without knowing whether they like it to not. When you are going for a kiss, it should involve more lip to lip touch than the tongue. If you are using your tongue then move smoothly, don’t push it too much. Don’t let your saliva drool all over as it can ruin the experience.

Know When to Quit

Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to go for a kiss. You should have a good understanding of when it’s a no-no for your partner and stop pushing for a kiss. Do nothing more than a kiss if your partner hasn’t shown a clear interest in going further with the kiss. If at any moment you are not sure, ask your partner whether it’s ok to keep going for the kiss.


Knowing how to initiate a kiss is key to a good kiss and also to your relationship with your date. You need to be careful about a few basic things. Understand your partner’s mood, go slow and build intimacy. Remember that your partner’s consent is the most important thing, so always make sure that your partner is interested in the kiss. To end it well, know when to stop and time the kiss well.


What Should I Wear to Kiss My Date?

You can wear something simple and elegant. Don’t go for something too fancy if it makes you uncomfortable.

Should I just kiss him first or wait until he makes a move?

You can kiss him first if the moment is romantic and your partner is interested in a kiss.

What do you say after a kiss?

You can complement your partner and can also share how the kiss felt.

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