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36 Amazon Pick Up Lines to Deliver Your Feelings

Gwen Adams

Shopping is the first thing which one can’t refuse. Be it online or offline, whenever we hear the word “online shopping” the first thing that comes to our mind is Amazon. How about using this application to impress someone?

Let’s enjoy some of the good and fabulous pick-up lines and we hope you will enjoy it with your shopping partner.

Funny Amazon Lines

1. Are you, Alexa? Because I want you in my life.

2. Are you listed on Amazon? Coz you’re on every guy’s wishlist.

3. Are you my Amazon package? Because I had been waiting for you.

4. Are you my Amazon Shopping Cart, I am never abandoning you.

5. Are you my Amazon order? Because you’re a totally complete package.

6. Are you a package handler because I need mine boxed.

7. Are you Amazon Fire? Because you are burning hot.

8. Are you my package from Amazon? I want you at my house in the next 24 hours.

9. Are you my Amazon Shopping Cart, I am never abandoning you.

10. AWS servers don’t go down, but I do.

11. Call me Amazon Prime Cuz if you give me orders I’ll come fast.

12. You must be an Amazon, ’cause you’re a Wonder, Woman.

13. Do you work for Amazon? Because that kiss is prime.

14. Just wrote a complaint to Amazon. Cos they don’t ship you. 🙁

15. Are you an amazon prime customer? Because you’re going to receive my package by tomorrow.

16. I was going through my amazon wishlist and
Thought I could add you to it?

17. Baby u can violate my prime directive any day.

amazon shopping pick up lines

18. Hey girl, are you an orangutan? Cause you look like a prime mate 😉

19. Are you a Prime Time Player baby? Because you’re worth millions of dollars.

20. Your presence at the bar is violating the Prime Directive.

21. You may not be Miss Jean Brodie, but I can tell you’re in your prime.

22. I am always prime time.

23. Girl, you do need no Amazon Smile, I will give you whatever money you want.

24. If Twitter is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.

25. Don’t prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

26. Girl, are you from the Amazon? Cause there’s no instant gratification than you.

27. Babe I work on a database in Amazon, let me turn your Ohs into Aws.

28. Baby, If I was a transformer I’d be called Orgasmic Prime.

29. Hey girl are you an overpriced Amazon product? Cuz you are on my wishlist.

30. Do you work at Amazon, ’cause you’re the total package” would be a good one.

31. AWS servers don’t go down, but I do. 😉

32. Because I can see you handling my package.

33. Hey are you Amazon? Because you have everything I want.

34. Babe are you Amazon FBA fulfillment center? Because I would like to load you up with my goods.

35. Is this your Amazon order? Considering that you are a full bundle.

36. `I’m not saying I’m the best catch, but I’m an Amazon Prime member so I’m pretty much guaranteed to be.

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