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50+ Business Pick Up Lines to Establish Their Interest in You

Gwen Adams

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Choose a line that is appropriate for the occasion. If you are at a business networking event, you will want to choose a line that is professional and not too forward. However, if you are trying to impress a potential client, you may want to be a little more creative.

Most people think that business pick up lines are flirty and funny. However, if you use them properly, they can actually be quite smooth and clever. Here are some tips on how to use business pick up lines to impress someone:

Top Business Pick Up lines

1. Are you interested in managing my account?

2. Can you assist me with this insertion order?

3. I don’t believe in automation, I am all hands on.

4. Where else can you employ that analytical ability?

5. I can totally see you scheduled into my pipeline.

6. Performance evaluations are my favorite day of the year.

7. Any chance you’d be interested in drilling down with me?

8. I am feeling this burn rate in many places.

9. Girl you got my heart going from slump to boom in no time.

10. I was thinking about you during that entire conference call.

11. I would like to put your consulting expertise to good use.

12. Want to play a little document distribution strip poker?

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Cheesy Business Lines Tagalog

13. You’re like the ultimate software, there’s no room for upgrades.

14. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.

15. I wanna flesh out some symbiotic synergies with you.

16. You don’t need a high level of core competency to know that you’re a catch.

17. You must be a one-sided balance sheet, all assets and no liabilities.

18. All this corporate giving is getting me hot under the collar-you?

19. Forecasting is for people who can’t live in the moment.

20. Girl are you a new business cuz im definitely gonna penetrate you.

21. Excuse me girl, are you in Business class? Because you fly.

22. Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

23. Now, when you say “team building retreats,” what does that mean to you?

24. The first time I saw you, there was only word that came to mind-benchmark.

25. I’m not actually looking for a date, I just wanted to talk to you because you’re so beautiful.

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Trending Business Lines

26. You must work for Gartner because you really set the benchmark.

27. After reviewing your resume I have decided to invite you on a date with me.

28. Can you file a workplace safety incident report? I just fell for you.

29. Let’s get out from under this fluorescent lighting and find somewhere more comfortable.

30. Are you a functional design? Because you definitely meet my requirements.

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31. Who needs a financial analysis when I know exactly where to put my money?

32. If I told you, you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?

33. Hey Baby, do you have enough capital? Cause I wanna start a partnership with you.

34. Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.

35. Are you involved in Business? Because you really know how to position yourself for me.

36. How about we slip out of these suits and into something a little more casual Friday?

37. If we went on a date, what do you think our profit and loss would be?

38. Can you be my accountant, because it’s too taxing for me not to love you.

39. Boy are you the corporate ladder? Because I’m climbing on top of you in my dreams.

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Funny business lines

40. I’m not into cold-call sales, but I’d love to have your number.

41. You know the business, and I know the chemistry. Let’s partner up.

42. Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

43. Are you a master of Powerpoint? Because I’d sure like to slide all over your deck.

44. Instead of all these policies and procedures, let’s visit the idea of free will.

45. Boy are you the corporate ladder? Because I’m climbing on top of you in my dreams.

46. Can you be my accountant, because it’s too taxing for me not to love you.

47. “You know the business, and I know the chemistry… I’m thinking, maybe you and I could partner up.”

48. Working Business tinder opener I’m gonna take this up with you offline.

49. I’m working on a fun project and I was hoping I could rope you in.

50. Girl your are so sweet you put Hershey’s out of business.

51.  I’m not usually one for pick-up lines, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I’d love to pick your brain about your business.

52. ‘ll be honest with you, I don’t really know much about your business. But I’m a fast learner, and I’m sure I could pick it up in no time.

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