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40+ Chess Pick Up Lines to Checkmate Your Love Life

Gwen Adams

Chess is a game of strategy and skill, and it’s also a great way to flirt. People of all ages and cultures enjoy playing chess. While the game can be serious and competitive, it can also be light-hearted and fun.
One way to add some fun to chess is to use chess pick up lines.

Whether you’re a master of the game or a complete novice, these lines are sure to get a rise out of your intended and will help you in your mission. If you’re a chess player looking for love or just looking for a clever way to start a conversation, here are some best pick up lines that are sure to get a rise out of your crush and will also impress them. So, next time you’re feeling bold, give one of these a try.

Best Chess Pick Up Lines

1. I prefer my women to be positional players rather than material focused

2. “Are you Sicilian? Because you have one flexible opening.”

3. Would you like to go back to your boardroom or mine?

4. Hey, are you thinking of mating? cuz you just gave me a rook.

5. “Hey, so you play chess?” yes please Mr pickup man” Cool, want to play a game?”

6. “Hey, girl are you a queen? cause I’ve been trying to skewer you all night”

7. So you wanna castle kingside or queenside? (Your place or mine?)

8. “If I left my rook hanging, would you promise to take it?”

9. “I lost my queen last game, but I think I just found her.”

10. “I would mate you any time of the day” or “I would love to mate you”!

11. “Hey, are you polished by chance? Because I think I’ve seen you b4”

12. Where does a chess player trade in his pieces? At the pawn shop.

13. Why is chess just like real life? The king can only take a step at a time and the queen can do as she pleases.

Trending Chess Lines

14. Are you the queen? Because for the whole night I have been trying to take you down.

15. Are you a rook? Because my king wants to castle next to you.

16. Babe, you play chess? Let’s have a fun knight together.

17. Are you Sicilian? Because you have a flexible opening.

18. Are you a grandmaster? Because you know all my moves.

19. Babe, although I can multi chess, I prefer you as my only one.

20. Are you a pawn on the 7th rank? Because you are about to come as a queen.

21. Babe, accept my gambit and we will have some fun variations tonight.

22. Do you want to make love on the queenside or kingside?

23. Do you want to move into my castle or my castle to take your queen?

24. Do you play blitz chess? I promise I’d last more than 5 minutes.

25. I would go with something old-fashioned and nice: “Do you play chess often?”

26. Why did the grandmaster date a Slovak girl? Because he wanted a Czech mate.

The Great Chess Lines

27. Are you a queen? Because honestly for the whole night I have been trying to skewer you.

28. If you be my queen you will mate with me with your knight moves.

29. The reason I want to date you is that chess players know how to mate perfectly.

chess pick up lines

30. Your bedroom or mine? I want to play chess with you all night.

31. It is a coincidence that we both play chess. How about we go to my place and see you win?

32. Will you be my queen? Because I want to be your white knight.

33. I’m told the merits of chess are in the fairer gender. So will you be mine and play chess with me, everybody? Because the benefits will be all yours.

34. Do you play chess? Because I want to build a relationship with someone nice, beautiful, and old-fashioned.

35. You just accelerated my dragon. I hope it doesn’t get hyper-accelerated because I hate seeing a doctor.

36. I will let you play with my little pawn all night until it becomes the knight you are looking for.

Last Chess Lines

37. I was worried when I lost my queen in the last game but I am glad I have just found her.

38. If you were my queen, I would mate you any time of the day.

39. So you play chess, Ms. Cool? How about we play a game together?

40. If I were the king I would put my rook in your open file.

41. Are you into chess? Want to study some classic mating positions with me?

42. You might be a pawn to someone else, but you will always be my queen.

43. I prefer a woman who is a chess player. Will you be mine?

44. Hey girl, will you hold it against me if I promote my little pawn on your back rack?

45. We don’t need a chess clock baby, I’ll give you all the time in the world to make your move.

46. Girl, you accelerated my dragon. If it’s hyper-accelerated, you should probably see a doctor.

47. I was going to make one with the bishop, but then realized I’d sound more like a pedophile than anything.

48. My life had been a missing chess set, you are the missing queen that I have been looking for all my life.

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