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60+ Snow and Cold Pick Up Lines to Cuddle This Winter Season

Gwen Adams

With the cold weather upon us, it’s time to break out the best cold weather pick up lines! Whether you’re looking for something cute and corny, or something funny and flirty, these cold weather pick up lines are sure to get you a date.

These sexy lines will surely heat up the cold weather and will make you feel warm even without strong sunlight. You can use these pick-up lines to snuggle with your partner in a cold igloo as well!

Top Cold Pick Up Lines

1. This cold ain’t as infectious as your smile.

2. Tell me, is your heart as cold and black as your eyes?

3. Are you cold? Cause I can be your sweater.

4. For a second there I thought I was fighting Steve Austin because I’m looking at a stone-cold stunner.

5. You know what people do to survive in the cold? Snuggle up and use each other as body warmth. Are you a survivor?

6. You’re looking a little cold over there. Why don’t you come close so I can warm you with my feverish body?

7. It’s a cold outside baby, let’s play Empire Strikes Back. You can be a Tauntaun and I’ll get inside you.

8. Normally my species is cold-blooded, but around you, I am hot-blooded.

9. Is it cold outside or are you just excited to see me?

10. I don’t know how you managed to be both hot and cold but you did it.

11. Are you on the cold side of the pillow? Because I wanna bury my face inside you.

12. It’s cold out. Why don’t you come back to my bed and we can warm up?

13. I saw you from across the room and winter fell in love with you.

14. How about you let me take you for a ride in my bobsled? And by bobsled, I mean bed.

15. Black ice isn’t the only thing I’m falling for.

16. Well, it looks like I’m going to have to jacket off this winter.

Pro Tip: For the best results, try using one of these lines on a girl when you’re both bundled up in cold weather gear. It’ll make her laugh, and you’ll both be able to enjoy the winter weather together.

Snow Lines for a Dreamy Snowfall Moment

cold pick up lines

17. My igloo is cold, can I sleep with you tonight?

18. Do you want to see my snowballs?

19. You must be a frozen pond because I can see myself skeeting all over you.

20. Are you a snowball? Because I bet you’ll melt in my hands… or my mouth.

21. Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like a pretty cool person.

22. Want to come over and make snow angels… in bed?

23. I didn’t think I was a snowman, but you just made my heart melt.

24. You’re just like a snowflake: Beautiful, unique, and with one touch you’ll be wet.

25. You make me feel like a snowflake when you’re around. One touch and I melt.

26. End your snow day the right way and give me a BJ.

27. Are you passed out on the sidewalk or are you, my snow angel?

28. You’re just like a snowflake: Beautiful, unique, and with one touch you’ll be wet.

29. Who needs a sled when you can just ride me?

30. Where are you going? I wanted to eggnog you!

31. What are the similarities between women and snow? You can plow both.

32. This snowfall makes me want to see your snowballs.

Winter Lines

33. Did you hear today’s weather report? Hopefully, we can expect a few more inches tonight.

34. I’m wearing so many layers it’s going to take me a while to get naked, but you can watch.

35. Black ice isn’t the only thing that brings me to my knees.

36. I like your earmuffs. Maybe my roommate can borrow them when we’re talking dirty at my house tonight.

37. Class/work might be canceled, but that body doesn’t quit.

38. Are you a busy two-way street with parking on both sides? Because I hope you get plowed in a timely manner tonight.

39. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside, whenever I think about you, I get hot.

40. Lose the sled and ride me instead.

41. Did an icicle just melt in my pants? Or am I just thinking about you again?

42. I’ll defrost your windshield while you get ready for work.

43. We can work on lowering your heat bill tonight because you won’t be getting cold.

44. And who wears turtlenecks anymore?

45. Do I have a fever? Because you are giving me chills.

46. I take romance to a new level—I don’t cuddle, I hibernate.

47. I’m going to go ahead and call you

48. Is your name winter? Because you will be coming soon.

Funny Lines for Winter

49. Gurl, let’s transform this cold snap into some polar vortex.

50. Are you Bifrost? Because I feel sad if u give me the cold shoulder…

51. Are you a blanket? Because It’s too cold now and I want you to be over me in my bed.

52. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Police. Police who? Police, it’s cold out here.

cheesy cold pick up lines

53. Brrr! My arms are cold. Can I warm them in your heaving mantle?

54. It’s so cold I can’t feel my thighs! Can you feel my thighs?

55. I’m getting cold just thinking about Canada. Let’s Cuddle!

56. Baby you could even make the Cold War hot!

57. When your hands are cold you sit on them. You know my face is pretty cold.

58. Baby you could even make the Cold War hot!

59. Also, I was so frostbitten that my hand had to be amputated. Thanks.

60. Can I have your phone number so I can protect your digits from the cold?

61. bucks if you can find which part of my body is the warmest.

62. Someone as hot as you must find it difficult to do cold readings.

63. I’m wearing a lot of layers, want to watch me undress for twelve minutes?

64. Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just struggling to contain your excitement?

65. This puddle isn’t the only thing that’s wet right now.

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