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80+ Best History Pick Up Lines to Recreate the Aura of Love

Gwen Adams

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History has shown us that some of the greatest pick up lines of all time have been used by some of the most famous people in the world. From presidents to movie stars, these suave men have used their wit and charm to win over the hearts of many women.

If you’re a historian looking for love, you might want to try one of these historical pick-up lines!

1. “You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages, and you light up my world, girl.”

2. “I’m sorry I wasn’t part of your past, want me to make it up by being in your future?”

3. “Wow, how astonishing! You must be the eighth wonder of the world!”

4. “I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?”

5. “How about you Putin your dick in me?”

6. “Ruin me like Stalin ruined everyone’s lives.”

7. “Hey baby, care to allow me an expedition to prove that you aren’t flat?”

8. “Madam, it is imperative that you recognize my natural right to pursue your happiness.”

9. “Unlike the stock market, I never crash at my peak.”

10. “I want to launch my Sputnik all over your face.”

11. “You hit me harder than the stock market crash of October 1929.”

12. Hey, you must be german…coz you started the battle of my bulge.

13. “Not tonight honey, my white army has suddenly become red.”

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Basic History Lines

14. “No need to wait for the succession, you’re first in line for me.”

15. “Unlike the stock market, I never crash at my peak.”

16. “The Great Depression is anytime when you’re not around.”

17. Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you.

18. Baby I’ll make you see stars and stripes.

19. “Quit Stalin’ and take your clothes off?”

20. You’d make a great vice. Get under me.

21. “How about we equalize the pleasure tonight?”

22. “Do you like history? Because we´re gonna make history tonight.”

23. “Care to come over for some Hysteria Relief?”

Ancient History Lines

24. “Baby you’re hotter than Rome under Nero.”

25. “Baby you just turned my bronze into iron!”

26. “I’ll be the pyramid and you be the archeologist who discovers my secrets.”

couple at greece

27. “Your palace looks like it could use a sturdy column.”

28. “Nice pyramids…”

29. “My love for you is like a Trojan Horse, it’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it.”

30. “Are you an early hominid? Because I’ve got a Homo Erectus right now.”

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European History Lines

31. “Are you a historical landmark? Because Eiffel for you.”

32. “You are as hot as the Great Fire of London.”

33. “Like the people to their ruler, let’s sign a social contract.”

34. “You remind me of Russia in 1917, I’m starting to feel a huge uprising in my lower class.”

35. “I’m falling for you like the nobles fell in the Defenestration of Prague”

36. “Our love isn’t a jealous love – I won’t go all Napoleon and blockade you from your friends.”

37. “Like Martin Luther, I’m gonna post 95 reasons that will make you reconsider me.”

38. “Hey baby, I got the sword you got the sheath, how about a truce?”

39. “It must be the Reign of Terror because I am losing my head over you.”

40. “Pope Urban II sent me on a crusade to conquer your heart.”

41. “My love for you is as contagious as the Black Plague.”

42. “Our love and the ineffective rule of the Romanovs will change the world.”

43. “Ours is the Leviathan of love – all-powerful.”

44. “Like the French at the Bastille, I’d storm the gates for you.”

45. “No one can debunk the fact that you are the center of my universe…”

46. “You remind me of the guillotine; I always lose my head around you, dear.”

47. “You must be John Locke because you are the key to my conscious.”

48. “Ours is the Leviathan of love – all-powerful.”

49. “Are you from Medieval Times? Cause you Sir Gagsalot!”

50. “Are you the bourgeoisie? ‘Cause I can feel a rising in my lower class!”

Colonial Lines

51. “I wish to colonize your heart, my dear.”

52. “Babe, your eyes are bluer than the ocean Columbus sailed… and I’m lost at sea.”

53. “Just call me Hernán Cortés because I’ll be the conquistador of your heart.”

54. “Your beauty could launch a thousand ships.”

55. “I’d circumnavigate the globe for you girl, but I wouldn’t die part-way through Magellan-style.”

56. “If I were Columbus, I would sail day and night to reach the depths of your heart.”

57. “Is your name Maya? Because I’d like to sacrifice you to the gods.”

58. “Hey girl, with that huge round ass, I could cruise into your sea and ride you all the way to China.”

59. “My love for you is like the Spanish Armada – unsinkable!”

60. “Good thing I’m not a colonist, because I’d let you do intolerable acts to me.”

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American History Lines

51. “Damn, girl, you’re hotter than Chicago in 1871.”

52. “I’m George Washington. Can I cross your Delaware?”

53. “It may not be the Louisiana Purchase, but it WILL double in size.” [Thomas Jefferson]

54. “I must be identified with Ben Franklin. I’ve recently found some power between us.”

55. “My heart burns like a witch for you.”

56. “Let’s role play… I’ll be Osama you be the cave… Now let me hide in you.”

57. “Are you from Central America? Because I want to split you like the Panama Canal.”

58. “If you were president, you’d be George Washington. I’ll always come second.”

59. “I’m so glad prohibition was repealed because I’m drunk on you.”

60. “Let’s be like the original 13 colonies and multiply.”

61. “I’m like the Vietnam War – way longer than you thought I’d be.”

62. “I’m like George Washington — I cannot tell a lie. So believe me when I say you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

63. “I’m no James Monroe, but I can give you an Era of Good Feelings.”

64. “The Gettysburg Address was short, but I know something that isn’t.”

World War Lines

65. “Baby, you’re like the Treaty of Versailles and I’m like Nazi Germany: I’m gonna violate you repeatedly.”

66. “Like World War I, this will be the love to end all loves.”

67. “You and I are like the Balkans…. one spark and we’ll cause a world war.”

68. “I have sex like I fight wars; I have no exit strategy.”

69. “Like the German currency post-World War I, you make my heart inflate.”

70. “I’m gonna fuck you like Nagasaki!”

71. “I’m gonna hit you like a Russian winter… once I come in I never go come out.”

72. “Baby, I’d annex your territory any day!”

couple dancing in front of taj mahal

73. “I’m gonna get stuck in you like Germany in Stalingrad!”

74. “You make me feel like the French at blitzkrieg. I just want to surrender to you.”

75. “We might die today, honey. Let´s fuck!”

Short History Lines

76. “Don’t embargo my love!”

77. “My missile never had a crisis.”

78. “Cross my Volga river tonight.”

79. “I want your bolsheDICK.”

80. “USSR? How about P.U.S.S.Y?”

81. “Duma? More like do me.”

82. “Ravishing famine? well if you´re hungry you can always eat my dick.”

83. “Remember this name because you´ll be YELL-tsin it later.”

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