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30+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to Be a Champion in Flirting

Gwen Adams

Hockey is a sport that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It is a fast-paced and exciting game that can be enjoyed by both men and women.

With the NHL season just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of hockey pick up lines. Whether you’re trying to impress a fellow hockey fan or just want to make someone laugh, these fabulous pick up lines are sure to get the job done.

Trending Hockey Pick Up Lines

1. Are you into ice hockey? Let me teach you a few tricks that will help you keep warm, baby.

2. If you were a puck, I would never shoot you since I will always miss you.

3. Do you have fewer teeth as a result of hockey? It’s okay; it offers room for some tongue action.

4. Can we drop our gloves right away and observe what we will do together?

5. I promise that I’m built for the game, and I’m capable of going several times as you prefer. I’m more than ready to hit you tonight from behind; therefore, I’m okay with misconduct.

6. You may be a goalkeeper, but I’m tonight I will be scoring you, irrespective of what will be blocking me.

7. If you love hockey, will you consider it a deal done whenever you place the puck in my goal?

Funny Ice Hockey Lines for Her/Him

8. Hey girl, in case you have not noticed, I’m so hooked on you, I wanted to let you know about that.

9. Hey girl, Would you love to be a manager of all my equipment, including the ones in my pants?

10. Hey girl, you have a great pair of skates; I would love to take them off you right away.

11. Hey, you have to be hockey fun since I can visualize your stick out of your pants standing.

12. I’m way better than a one-timer; I can go as many rounds as you want me to, let’s see?

13. This puck will look good on your as well as my stick, would you love to see it?

Hockey Lines to Help You Play the Field

14. I will ensure you hold on to this stick and then push very hard despite how hard you try to block me off.

15. I hope you own a jersey since I will need your name and your number as well.

hockey pick up lines

16. You can manage all my equipment if you know where to put them.

17. If you stick with me, life will become much better; you and I will be sticking it together.

18. Can you slip one past my goalie?

19. If I fail to score tonight, would you mind giving me an assist?

Awesome Hockey Lines with Images

20. I would like to learn the game; would you teach me how to hold the stick properly?

21. Would you love to try ice hockey? If not, we might try playing a few games, before I warm up your body.

22. If you slide into me, I’m going to let you score all night, give it a try.

23. Players who have pucks tend to own big sticks; would you be interested to see mine?

24. I might not play the game, but I can offer you a body check whenever you want.

25. You might not be good at playing, but I promise I will allow you to score on me.

26. I have a stick that curves when sucked on it; let me know if you want to try it.

27. I would like to have some slapshots on your fine ass, would you allow me to do so?

Cute Hockey Lines

28. I can warm you up pretty well what you would like me to, just come to bed and join me.

29. Yes, the rumors are correct; I only take off this mask for one reason, cute girls.

30. I’ve you ever thought about crossing the blue line together? I bet we can do it right now.

31. If you decide to spend a night with me, you will understand why hockey is fun.

32. I’m used to scoring; however, I can hold back a bit for you if you would like me to, just let me know.

Dirty Hockey Lines

33. Have you seen how good I’m on ice? Then you haven’t seen how great I’m in bed.

34. Rumors have it that Zdeno Chara has a long stick, but mine is much longer. Would you love to see it?

35. Would you love to test this equipment real fast and then assess if it reaches your standards?

36. Hey, when we first met, I knew I will be winning tonight, the Stanley cup, deep throat.

37. Have you tried kissing an individual without teeth? You will get plenty of tongue going around, trust me.

38. Do you want to hold my shaft? Then we might give it a try if your game is worth it in bed.

39. When you check my equipment, you will check it good or run, trust me on that.

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