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64 Dirtiest Plumber Pick Up Lines to Tighten Their Nuts

Gwen Adams

There’s something about a man in uniform that just makes our hearts go pitter-patter.😛  And when that uniform happens to be a pair of tight-fitting overalls, well,  we can’t help but swoon.

If you’re looking to sweep a lady off her feet, why not try one of these plumber’s pick-up lines? We guarantee she’ll be impressed with your smooth talk, and maybe even let you take a look at her pipes. 😉 So get ready to play with these interesting and fabulous pick-up lines.

Best Plumber Pick Up Lines

1. Are you crying? Babe, I am a plumber, and I will fix your tears from your beautiful eye fixtures.

2. I am a plumber, and I know how to deal with all kinds of liquids.

3. Are you a plumber? Because I need you to come to fix this leak.

4. Babe, I see our point of connection.

5. Can I screw and tighten you? You seem to be at a high potential.

6. I am a plumber, and I want to tap into your existing water line.

7. You have just the joint I need.

8. Girl, I would tap your water line any day.

9. I may not look it, but I got the pipe to connect the water main to your life.

10. Babe, by the time I am done with you. You will have a jump in your water meter.

11. I don’t normally plunge into a relationship, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

12. Is that your boyfriend? Because that’d throw a real wrench in my plans

13. I’ll only use rigid pipe in your rim holes.

14. If there’s anything I know how to do the right way… it’s a lay pipe. I’m happy to prove it!

15. I’ll handiest use inflexible pipe to your rim holes.

16. I am a plumber because babe you are gonna get piped.

Dirty Plumber Lines

17. Are you happy to see me or are those pipes in your pants.

18. Wanna see my plunger?

19. I’m a sucker for a man who knows how to use his equipment.

20. Tonight was almost down the drain… until you walked in.

21. Repiping is easy, I will have to run through my pipes inside your walls.

plumber pick up lines

22. I suck at plumbing, I always make a woman’s small leak into a big squirt.

23. Call me a plumber. Because I never fail at laying some pipe.

24. Girl, feel free to get down to access my pipes.

25. I have a dirty job. I’m a plumber.

26. You are the perfect handle. Babe, I will turn your squirt on tonight.

27. Your nipples are the perfect fit for my nuts and pipes.

28. Girl, this pipe doesn’t fix itself. It’s time for you to give it a hand job.

29. Girl you wet? I will fix your drips tonight.

30. Girl, your fixtures need my caulking.

31. I know plumbing babe, want to see how my water can move inside you.

32. Hey girl, are you a plumber?

Plumbers Flirty Lines

33. I hope you’re a plumber. Because you’ve got my pipe leaking.

34. Forget about your ex, it’s time for some serious repiping.

35. Toi-let me be your valentine?

36. You’re flooding my heart with emotions.

37. Do you know why women call me the plumber. Because of how well I lay the pipe down.

38. Girl, you got a clogged line? I know the perfect way to snake your drain.

39. You make me flushed.

40. I see our futures in some quick connect fittings.

41. Nice fixtures.

42. Girl, you turn me into a spray hose.

43. Forget about your ex, it’s time for some serious repiping.

44. I wanna flush your pipes, baby.

45. I want my pipes through your O-ring.

46. Girl, I would tap your water line any day.

47. I don’t commonly like being shocked, however, once I noticed you I changed into knocked off my feet!

48. How about we do my pipe cleaning & your drain cleaning at the same time.

Cool Plumber Lines

49. That is quite an elbow joint.

50. Plumber? I hardly even know her.

51. Your crap is my family’s bread & butter.

cool plumber lines

52. I’m now no longer a professional in plumbing, however, I recognize that you’d be capable of tightening my nuts.

53. That plunger brings out the color in your eyes!

54. Babe, don’t leave me out by the curb stop, I want to connect my supply line to you.

55. The union plumber checked out the lady in disbelief. “What? On my personal time?

56. My love for you is like diarrhea, I simply can’t keep it in.

57. Let’s become a potty of two tonight.

58. If you have been a Transformer… you’d be Optimus Fine.

59. I was given a hummer and a vibrator. Which one do you need to check pressure first?

60. If my pipes don’t fit, we ought to constantly upload greater lubricant.

61. Can I tinker with your pipes?

62. Are you a plumber? Because I need you to pump and clean my pipes.

63. How about I fully extended my snakes and see how far we could go down tonight.

64. I lay pipes the right way.

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