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50 Best Superman Pick Up Lines to Fly High in Love

Gwen Adams

superman with his girl

Superman is one of the most popular and well-known superheroes of all time. He is also one of the most powerful and respected heroes in the DC Universe.

Superman is a great way to show your interest in someone you are attracted to. These characteristics make him the perfect symbol of what many people look for in a partner. You may use them in form of flirty pick up lines. If you want to use a Superman pick up line, consider the following:

Best Superman Lines

1. Hey baby! Wanna play superheroes? I’ll be Superman and do you faster than a speeding bullet

2. You’ll be surprised to find that I really have no weaknesses

3.  Every Superman needs his Wonder Woman

4. I’m from another planet, but baby, you are out of this world.

5.  I can see miles of here, but there is nothing that I would look rather than you

6.  I can fly anywhere in the solar system, but only you can take me to heaven

7. Do you could be anywhere on the planet 30 seconds from now… want to come for a walk?

8. As the last survivor of Krypton, I have the duty to make sure that my career doesn’t end with me

9.  Hey, baby, wanna come back to my fortress of solitude to see my suits?

10.  I’m the protector of this city, and baby, you’re going to have to come with me. It’s a crime to look that good.

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Funny Superman Lines

11. You may have found Clark Kent, but I’ll always be your Superman

12. I’m called the Man of Steel for a reason

13.  I may be solar powered, but I can go all night with someone as hot as you.

14. Wanna go join the mile high club? This cape is big enough for two…

15. You know, if I have someone very close, become invulnerable. Would you like to help me find out if I can transfer other powers?

16. I’m a man of steel, too. Well…part of me is.

17.  Hey baby, this ‘s’ doesn’t just stand for hope on my planet.

18. Girl, your name must be kryptonite because you’re my greatest weakness

19. I’m not Superman, I’m not Batman, I’m not Spiderman but I’m your Man

20.   Use only working piropos and frases de cantadas for girls and hombres.

Note: Dirty phrases are funny, but don’t use them in real life. In practice, saying smooth Superman phrases to someone you haven’t Picked Up yet is usually just creepy

21.  You know, it takes a real man to wear bright red briefs on the outside…

22.  For our first date I can fly you to Paris…without an airplane

23.  My aura can do something invulnerable while I keep very close.

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Magnificent Superman Lines

24. Boy you look hot in that Superman suit I bet you’ll look hotter without it.

25. Baby you’ve got to stop looking that good because I am tempted to do bad with you right here.

26.  I don’t mind being caught committing a crime if you’ll be the one acting like Superman

27.  I thought you are Superman but how come you are definitely stealing my heart right now.


28. You look way better than the original Superman in that suit.

29.  Darling, tonight I am Superman. Want to have an adventure with me forever?

30.  Do you need a partner? I know that Superman doesn’t have a partner but I want to be yours.

31.  Forgive me but I am thinking about taking off your Superman suit right here, right now.

32.   You look great in that Superman suit but you will look even greater when you are with me.

33.  I do not think your Superman suit would work against my charm. I’m powerful like that.

34.  Girl I am no Superman but I can make you feel like you are flying. Tonight? At my place?

35.  I promise I am a good Superman but if you want me to be a bad one I can be a bad one.

36.  I am your Superman for tonight. Want me to fly you to cloud nine tonight?

37.  Is attracting people your new superpower? Because I am definitely attracted to you, Superman.

38.  You have that body and that Superman suit is always hot, hot, hot!

39.  I think I need a backup because I cannot handle all of you beautiful girls in one place.

40.  Even without you telling me I will surrender to you because you’re powerful like that

41. Oh boy you made me fall in love faster than the ability of your favorite hero to fly.

42. Oh boy you kidnapped my heart completely by just doing your smile like that.

43. Dear, you are on my list of most wanted and with that you have to go home with me

44. Congratulations! You made it to my most wanted list just by looking cute in that suit

45.  I finally found my Kryptonite in you but I still want to keep you forever. Do you mind?

46.  Other heroes may have the ability to fly me anywhere but you are the only one I want.

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47. I have got an amazing vision but I only want to use them to look at your beautiful face.

48. I can do just about anything including making you fall in love with me. Want me to try?

49.  Do you want to experience wearing my cape? Because I’d be willing to have you experience it.

50. Hey, baby, wanna come back to my fortress of solitude?

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