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70+ ‘The Office’ Pick Up Lines to Create Absolute Fun

Gwen Adams

“I might be a huge fan of ‘The Office’ but I like you more than that American sitcom.”  Some are huge fans of this series and you can impress them through “the office” pick-up lines. You just need to memorize them!

Nowadays pick-up lines are so in trend you can use them anytime on anyone you want to impress. This can be on anything like sports, any fictional character, any movies, series, drama, etc. These pick-up lines will surely impress your loved ones.

Best the Office Pick Up Lines

1.  If I were as funny as Michael Scott from ‘The Office’, would you go out on a date with me?

2.  Today is a casual day or so thought by Michael Scott, but I think this is an extraordinary day for both of us.

3. Let’s make passionate and intense love tonight and we just might also burn Utica to the ground.

4.  My ideal date is either a walk under the stars or just get lazy and crazy with the sitcom ‘The Office’.

5.  Let us have a love affair like how Michael Scott starts a sentence and just see where it goes.

6.  We should celebrate this beautiful moment and call it Pretzel Day for both of us.

7. Let Us Start Our Love Affair Like Michael Scott Started A Sentence And Let It Go Where It Wants.

8. I Love You As Much As Michael Hates Toby.

9. Your Real Name Is Probably Ryan Since You Started This Fire In My Heart Where Love Started.

10.  I Would Also Choose You Again To Be Mine Like Dwight Would Choose Brown And Gray Balloons.

11. “I hope you watch ‘The Office’ and love it as much as I love gazing at your magnificent beauty.”

12. “There are lots of beauty in usual stuff, but I think you are a beauty out of the extraordinary.”

13. “I think you’re attractive. And I wanna sleep with you.” – Ryan Howard

14.  “Tonight would be a convenient night for us to have some intercourse.”

15. “I love you like there ain’t no party like Scranton party because a Scranton party doesn’t stop!”

Funny the Office Pick Up Lines

16.  You must be good with Excel because I heard you’re a master with spreadsheets.

17.  My job might be stupid and boring but it’s still amazing and wonderful because it’s where I met you.

18. Hey beautiful, did you know that the eyes are the groin of the head? And I am looking at you hard right now.

19.  Let’s keep on watching ‘The Office’ until we can make our love much more funnier than ever.

20.  Would you rather be feared or loved? I want both. I want someone to be afraid of how much they love me.

21.  I just want us to be friends plus a little extra. Also, I love you.

22. Now we’re taking this to a whole new level of overtime!

23. 7. Are you for real or are you a Holly-Gram?

24.  You make me so happier than watching an episode of The Office.

25.  If I were to choose, I’d choose you over and over again like Dwight would choose brown and gray balloons.

26. I can affirm that this very moment is like a modern-day Enchanted and this is like a fairy tale.

27. Okay, we can somehow know that we are on the same page now and that is absolutely great.

28. Whenever I hear your name, I feel so happy like I have watched an episode of ‘The Office’.

29. If you ask what I would really want to do at this very moment, I just wanna marry you tonight.

30. I hope that I would dance with you tonight and whisper several times that we are soup snakes.

The Office Pick Up Lines Tinder

31. You remind me of ‘The Office’, ‘cause I think I could watch you over and over again.”

32. “Sometimes I’ll start the first message, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way. Like an improv conversation. An improvisation.”

33. “I would like to date you because you really got that teddy bear thing going on, and after our date, we could just watch bowling.”

34. “If you don’t respond to this message, it’ll be a bigger disappointment than Kevin spilling his famous chili.”

35. “They say that you know within the first 24 hours when you find true love. Well with you I knew within the first 24 minutes… of the second day we matched.”

36. “Are you looking for dinner and a movie? Because you’re not going to find it scrolling through your phone. Just so happens that I know where you can find it, but again, not scrolling through your phone.”

37. “I would like to wake up to the smell of bacon with you.”

38. “Are you sure your name’s not Ryan? Because you started the fire between us.”

39. “Meeting you is more exciting than Pretzel Day.”

40. “I have a dream. It’s to own a decommissioned lighthouse and go on a date with you.”

41. “You Going On A Date With Me | Everything Else”

42. “Mondays suck… but they’d be better with a date.”

43. “Was it just me, or did you think we would have sex at some point​?”

44. “Just so you know, me and you, I don’t think that’s ridiculous. Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot.”

45. “For you, I would plan a charity five-kilometer fun run to raise money for a disease that has an already known cure.”

Cheesy the Office Pick Up Lines

46. No question about it, for you, I am willing to get hurt again.

47. I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

48. You need to file a workplace safety incident report because I just fell for you.

49.  Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on asking you out later!

50. My plan A was to marry you a long time ago… pretty much on the day I met you

51. We’re working on a timeline so let’s get to know each other as much as we can.

52. Uhmmm… I…uhmm, I get very nervous talking to pretty girls.

53. Here’s a classic move for all you hopeless romantics out there.

54.  I think you’re great with the copy machine because I want to reproduce with you.

55.  I will wait for you even if I have to wait for another season of ‘The Office’.

56. Is your name Ryan? Because you started this fire in my heart with your love.

57. Workaholics can be real romantics, too!

58. My ideal date night is either jiving to the beat of the drums or losing my mind on ‘The Office’.

59. I will let you make me happy like every time I will watch an episode of the sitcom ‘The Office’.

60. Just know, what eats a large amount of my day are naps and imaginary moments about you.

61. Believe that we did not discover the perfect moment because today is about just having today.

62. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes since I know I am already waiting for my wife.

63. You are the beauty of the world and I know that I am always the face of silly jokes.

64. Let us laugh until we start rolling on the floor, like a good laugh from the show ‘The Office’.

65. We should create our own paradise out of this place and name it the wonderful Tube City.

Short the Office Pick Up Lines

the office pick up lines

66. I don’t believe in automation, I am all hands-on.

67. Are you interested in managing my account?

68. I’m writing you a ticket – you’ve got ”fine” written all over you.

69. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.

70. Are you good with Excel? Then you must be good at spreadsheets.

71. I’m not here to bust you… I’m here for your bust.

72. Hi, I’m Officer Watson, and you’re a Person of Interest…in my pants.

73. I’d like to make you my feature PowerPoint presentation.

74. I’ll show you my oval office if you show me yours.

75. I’d like to go to work in your oval office.

76. At the office copy machine “Reproducing eh?” “Can I help?”

77. What do you say we opt out of here and opt into my jacuzzi?

78. I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

79. What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

80. Can you assist me with this insertion order?

The office pick-up lines are for those who love this drama. These lines will impress the people who love this drama or its characters. It will flatter them when you will use them with a good sense of humor and also with confidence.

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