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60+ Best Marijuana and Weed Pick Up Lines for Sexy Stoners

Gwen Adams

Smoking Couple

Weed with your partner is a treat for any person. Then why don’t we denote some lines on it? It can be one of the best ways to grab the attention of your stoner crush.

With weed pick up lines, you can stand out and make a quick impression in front of your crush. Weed gives some extra fun as it is a perfect dose of relaxation and helps in removing anxiety. Here are some perfect pick up lines on weed to enhance your mood.

Funny Lines

1. Does it smell like weed…Or is it just you?

2. hey girl would you ever consider a 3-way? You, me and Mary Jane.

3. I can give you a drink and a hashish right now, but I’ll just become thirstier than you are.

4. Did it hurt? When you fell out of the ethereal plane and landed on the material plane? I guess that wouldn’t hurt, really, but that must have been weird, right?

5. Ayyyyyy gurl…y’know what goes great with weed? ….food…so make me a lunch after we fu©k.

6. Damn babe, your bodys dense just like my weed

7. Well, I texted you and I have weed. What’s your final wish? *genie emoji*

8. Hey baby, what kinda grinder you usin? Cause you’re lookin extra fine.

9. Your hair and skin smell like marijuana and it’s too addicting not to notice.

Clever Lines

10. Will you be my crazy, ridiculous dance partner weed me tonight?

11. We can smoke up our minds, make defenses, and protect ourselves from the harsh reality.

12. I’m a certified drug dealer.

13. Hey ya wanna get high?

14. You’re on fire! Oh, no, that’s just my blunt

15. You want to hit “this” offering the joint but pointing at myself with the other hand.

weed couple goals

Tinder Lines

16. Hey girl, are you weed? Cuz I’d roll you in a blunt and smoke you

17. Do You Do Drugs?

18. This is a hella smoky good and stoned night!

19. My weed’s quality sooo bad

20. You must be as dope as weed, cause right now, you’re all I need.

21. I have a huge kush on you.

22. You have me at cannabis.

23. Any man who knows a thing, knows he knows not a damn damn thing at all

24. Dear Weed, I’m huge fan of your work. Thank you.

25. Can I save you in my phone as “smoking buddy”?

26. I may not be a cannabis photographer, but I can picture us growing together.

27. I will let u hit this if I can tap that

Cute Lines

28. Just bought some weed
Cuz, given that you’re an angel from heaven, I need to get high

29. I don’t really smoke pot but
I think weed be cute together 😉

30. U know what the best kind of weed is?
When I’m weed u

31. You must be as dope as weed, cause right now, you’re all I need.

32. Your eyes are as green as the weed I’m smoking.

33. Do you smoke marijuana?
Cus weed be cute together

34. Strippers get naked, weed gets me faded
Get in that kitchen and cook me some bacon

35. Hey girl, are you a stoner?
Cause weed be great together 😉

36. Baby you are sweeter than the brownies.

37. Aside from being a sexy stoner, what do you do?

38. I think I can hear your heart beating. (Pause) Okay, that’s definitely my heart, but still.

Cheesy Lines

39. Wanna help me smoke this joint?

40. Sometimes I feel like your weedy smiles are in every corner of my mind.

41. Wait until it’s totally silent) Man, this song just makes me want to move.

42. Are you a chonger? You took my breath away.

43. I’m pretty sure you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Have you ever thought about the word ‘gorgeous?’ Does it mean ‘like a gorge?’ Well, that’s not what i mean, but you’re REALLY pretty.

44. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But I got this joint, let’s smoke this baby.

45. You must be as dope as weed, cause right now, you’re all I need.

46. hey darling you wanna smoke my pipe -uses arms to point at crotch like The Todd

47. Why dont me and you go to your place and get stoned, maybe cuddle and make a little whoopie…………..point blank right there.

48. Do you believe in love at first puff or should I pass you the blunt again?

Smoking Weed

Dirty Lines

49. You wanna come over to my place and suck my bong?

50. If you were a joint, I’d roll you over and lick you up and down.

51. Let’s bhang bhang weed each other all through the night.

52. Your wheezing laughter after the smoke got me higher in my seat.

53. That even if I’m high, I just wanna go down on you

54. Are you weed? Because I want you to f me up.

55. I like my p**sy like I like my weed

56. How about I teach you how to double blow a pipe?

57. Need some lube for your cotton-mouth?

58. Hey baby, your smokin. Or will be *uses one figure to call over in a seductive way* * maybe adds a lil joint motion*

Flirty Lines

59. Are you a joint? Because you’re smokin.

60. Smoking and drinking while we dance through the night, that’s how I imagine getting by.

61. Are you a 420 guy? Wanna come pick me up so we smoke and celebrate the day together?

62. Are you a drug? Because I marijuana take you home tonight.

63. I don’t even need a lighter… you are already on fire!

64. I’m feeling a little off today. Will you turn me on?

65. Hey baby, like weed and dcik.

66. I’ll smoke you out and eat you out

67. hey lets make like a blunt and rolll

68. Your eyes sparkle like the trichomes on this bud.

69. I can’t tell if you’re Medusa, Hot, Or Gas Weed Because I’m stoned in ALL the right places.

70. Are you pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
Because not only are you smoking hot, you take my breath away.

Pick Up Lines are the most catchy way to express your feeling to your weed partner. This pun intended one-liners work magically even when you are high on cannabis.

Apart from the jokes, taking weed can be injuries to the health. So we advise you all to not get addicted to these kinds of substances.

Need Help?

If anyone need help to stop using these harmful substances whether drugs, alcohol, weed, or even smoking then you can call American Addiction Centers for help today (877) 762-9518.

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