What is Narcissism? Signs & Traits of a Narcissist

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You see many people passing by every day. It is a natural fact that each person has each character. Some are good and normal, probably they don’t create any problem when they are between many people. At the same time, many psychopaths’ kinds of people seem to be expected, but their inner character is very abnormal and unpredictable.

In some cases, the person seems scary but good at heart and in other cases, the person looks very ordinary and calm, but many evil thoughts are running in their mind.

Narcissist Meaning

A narcissist is a kind of person who is always in the mood of self-obsession and desires to seek attention and appreciation from the surrounding people most of the time and not show interest in feeling empathy towards the other person. It is said that sometimes they behave like a narcissist without having Narcissist Personality Disorder, sometimes having this mental disorder. There are more staggering facts to know about Narcissism.

Narcissist Meaning

What Causes Narcissistic Behavior?

As said earlier, people have narcissistic behaviour that causes by some disorder known as “Narcissist Personality Disorder.” If a person has this mental disorder, they pretend to be expected, but they tend to be abnormal. This frequently happens when they undergo some situations and feel tough dealing with.

In some cases, other reasons make them behave like a narcissist. The reason might be –
Sometimes, when their parents are over caring and overprotective towards them.
Sometimes, in other cases, when the parents are rigorous and force them only to study or do some other things their parents like. In simple terms, they don’t provide enough space for their children.

Some kinds of situations like bullying and abuse frequently, not in a healthy and happy relationship, sexual abuse, make people behave like narcissists. If they happen rarely, they don’t affect a human being but when they go through these situations regularly, they start growing narcissists. There are also some other chances for a person to be a narcissist due to the influence of society.

Traits of a narcissist

What Are The Traits of a Narcissist

There are some specific traits you can notice in the narcissist person when suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder. When you go through the below-mentioned characteristics, you will understand how to identify them yourself.

For some time, let’s consider. “Ben” as a narcissist, “Jerry” as an average person (can be friends, family member, colleagues, public)

Superiority and entitlement

The narcissists mostly prefer to be superior in a team/group of work. If they have or don’t have leadership qualities or not, but they would definitely like to give it a try. They feel that they are being ignored by others. This is the primary characteristic.


Narcissists always think that they are perfect in every think. Being perfect in every aspect is considered the most critical etiquette by Ben. If he does some work, he wants to finish it with perfection. So, he can receive applause from the people.

Great need for control

Most of the time, Ben is in the trials on someone or something to make them be in his control. He wants someone to be dependent on him, listen to him, and follow him. So, the opposite person has no chance to dominate them.

Lack of empathy

They do not feel empathy for others. If they undergo any problem due to others’ mistakes, they never compromise and forgive. They continue blaming every time they meet. Sometimes, they try to cover up their own mistakes and push the other person into trouble. That’s very harsh tho!

Fear of rejection and ridicule

They precisely worry about being rejected. The overthinking process in a narcissist’s mind makes them feel highly insecure. They are worried whether they will win or lose even before facing the challenge and becomes demotivated.


Anxiety is the most common characteristic you can notice in a narcissist. The anxiety levels are always high in their body. In addition, tension, fear, lacking self-confidence, and frequent mood swings are the other signs you can observe in them. Nevertheless, these elements also run in a normal human brain.

Unable to handle criticism

When Ben faces some kind of bullies, abuse, or anyone criticizes him for his behaviour or work, he cannot bear the criticism for an extended period. Anger levels, irritation, envy, and hate raise in his mind in no time.

Tendency to lash out if they feel slighted

At times, Ben lashes out at Jerry for no specific reason. Or, if Ben personally feels a grudge on Jerry or it doesn’t like the character or behaviour of Jerry, Ben never waits to lash out. The anger levels rapidly increase in no time if he has this personality disorder.

Abusive Behavior and Neglect

If Ben faces abuse due to their mistake, he becomes depressed. This is in one kind of situation. If Ben has issues with Jerry due to personal reasons or tolerance of negligence, Ben makes Jerry feel abused and depressed. This is another situation. Like this, even if Jerry makes a mistake, Ben is always a joint poll either being bullied; or making others feel bullied.


Ben constantly manipulates Jerry if he is not okay with Jerry. Whether in friendship or a relationship, Ben loves to be cunning.

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These are the main signs and traits to notice in a narcissist. Suppose you feel doubtful towards the person you know who is behaving abnormal and may relate to the abovementioned traits. In that case, you have to conclude that they are dealing with Narcissist Personality Disorder. If it is in a normal stage, there are chances to make that person normal again by changing their environment and motivation.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I avoid becoming a narcissist?

Speak out what’s thoughts are running in your mind. Along with that, you have to practice some tips like meditation, boosting self-confidence, etc.

How to Break Up with a Narcissist?

If you no longer want a relationship with a narcissist, think deep before you take a step. Plan well to break up.

Can a narcissist love you?

They genuinely love you, but the love is not sincere and whole-hearted. You will identify whether their love for you is genuine or fake.

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