Peruvian bullfighter Pablo Juarez Oliveros: ¨I would never kill a harmless animal¨

The world was shocked in July when Víctor Barrio Hernanz was pinned down on the ground and gored to death by a bull called Lorenzo in Teruel, eastern Spain. The matador´s death promptly raised new calls for a Spanish bullfighting ban. The animal´s horn pierced the 29-year-old´s aorta and lung and although he was rushed […]

¨Global warming is affecting all Cordilleras and this is bad news for mountaineers¨

In 1992, Augusto Ortega Pacheco from Huaraz became the first ever Peruvian to reach the summit of  Mount Everest – a feat that was repeated by Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in 2016, making her the first ever Peruvian woman to reach the highest point on earth. However, Peru´s most famous mountaineer at the moment is Richard Hidalgo […]

¨The Pastoruri Glacier will probably disappear within ten years¨

The American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, Lonnie G. Thompson spoke with the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph about his perspective on glacier retreat, his global recognition for his drilling and analysis of ice cores from mountain glaciers and ice caps in the tropical and subtropical […]

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Emerson Trujillo to participate in Endurance Challenge San Francisco 2016

Trailrunner Emerson Trujillo will aim for a podium spot at the Endurance Challenge in California, United States. The Peruvian athlete who is sponsored by The North Face has been preparing hard to represent Peru in the competition that will be held this December the 3rd where he will participate in the category of 80K. To […]

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German (59) dies on Nevado Mateo near Huaraz; appears to have slipped, fallen and got killed

On the 29th of November at around noon, tourist guide Fredy Gonzales Valverde descended Mount Mateo and found the body of a 59-year-old person in prone position. The guide immediately called to the police in Shilla, who informed the Department of High Mountain Rescue (DEPSAM) in Yungay. A total of nine policemen headed to Mount […]

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Villagers destroy Early Warning System installed at Lake 513, Carhuaz at serious risk

On July the 15th 2015, the population of Carhuaz celebrated the installation and transfer of the Early Warning System (EWS) that should protect them from a possible glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF). The EWS was made possible thanks to the Glaciers Programme and a massive contribution of the Swiss Government, a country that faces similar […]

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Two Huaraz football teams still in promotion bid to the Peruvian Primera División

Sport Ancash F.C. and Sport Rosario are both still in the running to make it to the Peruvian Primera División. The league, organised by the Sports Association of Professional Football counts with an odd system of promotion and relegation. The two lowest placed teams in Primera División are relegated to the Segunda División (Second Division), […]

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Flags at Plaza de Armas Huaraz at half-mast to commemorate Fidel Castro

Tourists that have paid a visit to the Plaza de Armas might have noticed that the Huaraz flag, as the Peruvian national flag were at half-mast today. The Huaraz Telegraph learned after a quick survey that this is most likely to commemorate ¨el Comandante¨ Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, who passed away three days ago in […]

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An open letter addressed to tourism entrepreneurs working in our region

In recent years, the hike to Lake 69 has become more well-known. Visitors fluctuate between 100 to 150 per day and this hiking destination generates jobs and employers at the expense of nothing. Unfortunately, many people do not understand their commitment. The following is a question addressed to the direct actors in tourism, travel agencies, […]

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Drought in Huaraz region causing forest fires, farmers very worried, tourists happy

Meteorologist Rafael Figueroa Tauquino of the National University Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo (UNASAM) in Huaraz explained that cold and dry winds from the Arctic region have resulted in the fact that the humidity has dropped to less than 5%. Normally the Huaraz region registers a humidity between 30 and 50% during this time of the […]

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Laguna 69 most popular destination on Instagram in Ancash

Peru is a diverse country that offers different alternatives to local and foreign tourists who sometimes, through social networks, want to remember the beauty of Peruvian landscapes. For this reason, Busbud, a platform for online reservations and sale of passenger tickets, has produced a list of the most popular Peruvian destinations on Instagram. Daniel Pombo, […]

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Mexico has the most interesting historical sites, Peru best gastronomy

Colombia´s people are the friendliest, Mexico has the most interesting historical sites and Chile is the safest country for its residents. These are some of the outcomes of an investigation by Ipsos Peru, which is part of the global market research and a consulting firm Ipsos Group S.A with their headquarters in Paris, France. In […]

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Incredible but true: Fountain at Parque del Periodista over 10 years without water

The Huaraz Telegraph was tipped by the Patriotic Society Faustino Sanchez Carrión-Luzuriaga Mejía that almost all fountains in our city are without water. This was hard to believe at first being so close to the mountains and our city´s focus on tourism. However, a small investigation and walk past only some of the main fountains […]

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Scandinavian tourist denounces being raped by brichero in Huaraz; case under investigation

The following information is highly delicate, however it requires the full attention of travelers and females in particular who plan […]

Disagreement on expansion of local Anta Airport near Huaraz, plea to a Museum of Glaciers and Mountains

The head of the Ministry of Culture, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, and the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Rogers […]

Guest authors will entertain THT followers during the low season of 2016

With the international mining companies abandoning Huaraz in the near future, Huaraz will depend much more than ever on tourism. […]

Have you ever seen the rain in Huaraz?

Some faithful followers of our newspaper might wonder why its editor has written an editorial for this month since there […]

The Mountain Guides Association of Peru to celebrate its 36th anniversary

The Casa de Guías and the Mountain Guides Association of Peru (AGMP) have announced their programme for the celebration of […]

Ten thousand animals vaccinated in Ancash to prevent villagers from Brucellosis

Veterinarians of the National Service of Agrarian Health (SENASA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation vaccinated more than 10,000 […]

Spring festival in Parque de Ginebra with craft beers, DJs and flea market

This Saturday on the 8th from 10:00 o´clock in the morning, various local businesses are organising the first Festival de […]

New studies by INAIGEM show accelerated glacier retreat at Pastoruri

In August The Huaraz Telegraph informed the world that American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth […]

Condoms, marijuana and empty beer bottles rife at archaeological site of Waullac

The archaeological site of Waullac, located in the village of Antaoko along the Paria River at two km east of […]

Victor Rimac Trejo has now summited three of fourteen eight-thousanders

Previously, Rimac had conquered Manaslu in 2015, just after a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. In May 2014 the mountaineer […]

Peruvian successes in the Himalayas; Flor Cuenca Blas conquers Cho Oyu (8,201masl)

Female Peruvian mountaineer Flor Cuenca Blas became the first ever Peruvian female to make it to the summit of Cho […]

Huaraz penitentiary has more holes than a sieve, regional governor latest jailbird

The local penitentiary Víctor Perez Liendo in Huaraz is a sieve because not for the first time this year during […]

Cleanup work executed at laguna Willcacocha by Huaraz Municipality

In just a couple of years, the lagoon Willcacocha has become one of the region´s most popular day hikes. The […]

Emerson Trujillo representing Peru in Spain´s Ultra Pirineu 2016 Ultra 110 km mountain run

After 24 hours of traveling, leaving from Jorge Chavez International Airport, five Peruvians will participate in Saturday´s Salomon Ultra Pirineu […]

The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 18)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over […]

26.1% of the foreigners that visited Peru in July were US citizens

Peru appeared to be an interesting country to visit for many US citizens during the month of July so confirms […]

September edition 2016 dropped off at the printing company; these are our topics:

In the final issue of The Huaraz Telegraph this season (our 24th edition since our launch back in 2012), we […]

Weather station installed on Artesonraju glacier at 4,900 masl

Thanks to a joint effort, the unit Glaciology and Water Resources of the National Water Authority, the National Service of […]