Lonnie G. Thompson: ¨The Pastoruri Glacier will probably disappear within ten years¨

The American paleoclimatologist and Distinguished University Professor in the School of Earth Sciences at the Ohio State University, Lonnie G. Thompson spoke with the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph about his perspective on glacier retreat, his global recognition for his drilling and analysis of ice cores from mountain glaciers and ice caps in the tropical […]

Tour agencies scrutinised: what is promised to tourists when agencies are contacted?

In Huaraz, the message for tourists shopping around for tour agencies for hikes, climbs and other activities is buyers beware. In the past, there have been some relaxed if not downright fraudulent practices. The outdoor activities in this extraordinarily beautiful area are world-renowned. Deciding what you want to do, and comparing the offers of tour […]

The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 15)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over a year. The Huaraz Telegraph is wondering whether these visitors came to see the wonders of Peru, or were they looking for the Peruvian dream? If the American dream is the idea that success is possible for […]

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Humble Emerson Trujillo Flores (34) just likes to run and keeps on winning

Two months ago we saw a smiling Peruvian lad standing alongside the hottest prospect of the Formula 1 circus, the 18-year-old Dutchman Max Verstappen. This Peruvian was Emerson Trujillo Flores, and he had just won the Wings for Life World Run in Breda in the Netherlands. A great and interesting achievement for a Peruvian in […]

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Famous longboarder James Kelly races down the Conchucos roads in KIA commercial

James Kelly, winner of the World Championship in downhill skateboarding 2012, organised by the International Gravity Sports Association shines in a spectacular commercial promoted by Kia Motors Worldwide. The commercial immediately tackles the terrible image of Peru’s roads.  The roads shown in the commercial are in no way in a bad condition, full of holes and […]

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Secrets of the sacred leaf revealed and defended by a Peruvian pilgrim

Earlier this year we got tipped off that José Manuel Seminario Bisso and his ´Coca Mobil´ were in town. Around the world, there are thousands of people defending the rights of those who cannot speak and José Manuel represents one of them. He is defending the rights of a product native to countries like Peru, […]

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Organizer of Festival del Andinismo left disappointed after successful event

This year´s Festival del Andinismo Cordillera Blanca 2016 had numerous participants and was spread out over different locations in the Callejón de Huaylas. Like last year, the festival was boycotted by members of the Provincial Municipality of Huaraz who instead launched their own festival. Last year, however, the festival was called Hirkafest, but this year […]

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The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 16)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over a year. The Huaraz Telegraph is wondering whether these visitors came to see the wonders of Peru, or were they looking for the Peruvian dream? If the American dream is the idea that success is possible for […]

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Office of I-Perú Huaraz being remodeled and soon to be reinaugurated

I-Perú, the information and tourist assistance centre, is a free service provided by the Peruvian State through the Commission for the Promotion of Peru, Export and Tourism and the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property, which offers tourist information on destinations, attractions, routes, travel times and registered companies that […]

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UPDATE: Mount Huascarán No-Go area, fourth body finally found

The Huaraz Telegraph just spoke 30 minutes ago with Rafeal Figueroa, president of the Asociación de Guías de Montaña del Perú (AGMP) who confirmed that the fourth missing body of professional mountain guide Gilberto Silverio Loli Sánchez has been found. Through an oficial comunication obtained by THT, the AGMP confirms that the remains of Julio Suárez […]

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Mexican who survived tragedy on Huascarán said to be dismayed and praises Peruvian guides

Local journalist Agnes Clemente Osorio spoke with Ruben Jaen Castaño from Mexico who survived the tragedy on Huascarán. The Mexican lost his two friends Carlos Guido Belkovsky Roscón and José Miguel Mendoza Paulin in an expedition on the highest mountain of Peru. Ruben Jaen Castaño said to be dismayed and to be worried for their […]

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BREAKING: Three bodies found on Huascarán by the rescue team, one still missing

The president of the Asociación de Guías de Montaña del Perú (AGMP) has announced that the rescue team on Huascarán was able to dug out three of the four mountaineers that lost their lives on the 19th of this month. The two very unfortunate maintainers were from Mexico (Carlos Guido Belkovsky Roscón and José Miguel […]

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Five tourists and their guide get mugged when held at gun point near Willcahuaín Ruins

Five foreign tourists and their guide were assaulted and held at gun point on the 17th of July, at seven kilometres from the Huaraz city centre. The crime took place approximately one kilometre from the archeologically monument of Willcahuaín and was executed by four suspects that were aboard a black Yaris car. The group of […]

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BREAKING: Two Mexicans and two Peruvian mountaineers still missing on Huascarán

The Huaraz Telegraph has been informed on the status of the tragic disaster that happened yesterday due to an avalanche in La […]

Update on Hatun Machay: 28 unequipped routes, toilets in optimal conditions

Two weeks ago we reported that the legal owner of the refuge at Hatun Machay (locally also spelled as Jatun […]

BREAKING: Accident on Huascarán involving at least two mountaineers

Sad but true, The Huaraz Telegraph was informed that two mountaineers are involved in an accident on the Huascarán Mountain. […]

July edition 2016 a bit delayed but these are our topics

We would like to inform our faithful followers and readers that the production of the July edition is a bit […]

Hotel El Tumi celebrates its 38th anniversary

Hotel El Tumi opened its doors on July the 18th in 1978 with the clear idea of offering the best […]

Identity of rescued American who suffered accident on Huandoy Mountain revealed

According to Ancash Noticias, the four Americans from Colorado that were involved in an incident on the Huandoy Mountain are […]

Chacraraju Expeditions has spanking new climbing wall installed

After months of hard work, Chacraraju Expeditions finally completed the installation of a brand-new climbing wall. As one of the biggest […]

BREAKING: American mountaineer suffers accident on Huandoy

The Huaraz Telegraph spoke with the president of the Casa de Guias Rafeal Figueroa, who confirmed that a rescue team […]

Foreword editor THT July edition 2016

On page two of every printed edition of The Huaraz Telegraph, editor Rex Broekman shares his thoughts with the readers. The editorial […]

Gilmer Ernesto Sanchez presents magazine with stories and legends on touristic sites

Many members of AGOEMA (Asociación de Guías Oficiales Especializados en Montaña – Huaraz Ancash), AGOMP (Asociación de Guías Oficiales de […]

Owner of refuge at Hatun Machay denounces local community for usurpation

The soap in the community of Pampas Chico where the forest of rocks Hatun Machay (regionally spelled as Jatun Mache) […]

Campaign to present Peru on National Geographic and Fox

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Magali Silva) and the president of the board of PROMPERÚ, presented a new international […]

Finally, development is on the way as Huaraz seems to get a mall

Trujillo, Chiclayo, Huancayo, Chincha, Cusco, Callao, Moyobamba, Tumbes, Pucallpa, Juliaca and even Puno all have malls or their shopping centers. […]

Climb&Wine; a female orientated climbing club in Huaraz

A new female orientated climbing club has been formed in Huaraz for the 2016 season.  Climb&Wine as the name suggests […]

Karl Egloff races to new world record in speed climbing on Huascarán North

Karl Egloff, a professional mountain guide from Quito, spent some quality time in Huaraz and its surroundings. Not only did […]

The Callejón de Huaylas and its history of adventure sport festivals

The Festival del Andinismo dates back more than 30 years and although it was known under a different name in […]

Creperie Patrick celebrates 30 years of service and is still going strong

In 1986,  Patrick Bertrand from Orleans in France opened the doors of the first creperie in Peru; Creperie Patrick located […]

Lodge at Hatun Machay abandoned by its former owner, soon to be restored

At the moment there are many rumours going around that the lodge at Hatun Machay (regionally spelled as Hatun Mache) […]