¨The Pastoruri Glacier will probably disappear within ten years¨

The American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, Lonnie G. Thompson spoke with the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph about his perspective on glacier retreat, his global recognition for his drilling and analysis of ice cores from mountain glaciers and ice caps in the tropical and subtropical […]

The newspaper history in Huaraz according to journalist José Manuel Sotelo Mejía (83)

The Huaraz Telegraph spoke with journalist, historian, writer and poet José Manuel Sotelo Mejía who informed us about the interesting history of the newspapers in Huaraz. Mr. Sotelo Mejía was born on the 11th of August in 1933 and organised the very first rescue teams and aid to victims of the earthquake of 1970. He´s […]

Tour agencies scrutinised: what is promised to tourists when agencies are contacted?

In Huaraz, the message for tourists shopping around for tour agencies for hikes, climbs and other activities is buyers beware. In the past, there have been some relaxed if not downright fraudulent practices. The outdoor activities in this extraordinarily beautiful area are world-renowned. Deciding what you want to do, and comparing the offers of tour […]

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Emerson Trujillo representing Peru in Spain´s Ultra Pirineu 2016 Ultra 110 km mountain run

After 24 hours of traveling, leaving from Jorge Chavez International Airport, five Peruvians will participate in Saturday´s Salomon Ultra Pirineu 2016. The Ultra Pirineu (Catalan language for Pyrenees) is one of the five ultra-endurance events of the Skyrunner World Series. The 110 Km mountain run with 6,800m positive gain is held on the wonderful Cadí […]

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Peruvian bullfighter Pablo Juarez Oliveros: ¨I would never kill a harmless animal¨

The world was shocked in July when Víctor Barrio Hernanz was pinned down on the ground and gored to death by a bull called Lorenzo in Teruel, eastern Spain. The matador´s death promptly raised new calls for a Spanish bullfighting ban. The animal´s horn pierced the 29-year-old´s aorta and lung and although he was rushed […]

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The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 18)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over a year. The Huaraz Telegraph is wondering whether these visitors came to see the wonders of Peru, or were they looking for the Peruvian dream? If the American dream is the idea that success is […]

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¨Global warming is affecting all Cordilleras and this is bad news for mountaineers¨

In 1992, Augusto Ortega Pacheco from Huaraz became the first ever Peruvian to reach the summit of  Mount Everest – a feat that was repeated by Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in 2016, making her the first ever Peruvian woman to reach the highest point on earth. However, Peru´s most famous mountaineer at the moment is Richard Hidalgo […]

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26.1% of the foreigners that visited Peru in July were US citizens

Peru appeared to be an interesting country to visit for many US citizens during the month of July so confirms the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). Jorge Chavez International Airport saw exactly 26.1% of its foreigner visitors coming from the States. Another 8.4% from Chile, followed by Spain with 6.7%, Argentina with 6.4%, […]

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September edition 2016 dropped off at the printing company; these are our topics:

In the final issue of The Huaraz Telegraph this season (our 24th edition since our launch back in 2012), we have the following articles on offer: An exclusive interview with Peru´s most famous mountaineer In 1992, Augusto Ortega Pacheco from Huaraz became the first ever Peruvian to reach the summit of  Mount Everest – a […]

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Weather station installed on Artesonraju glacier at 4,900 masl

Thanks to a joint effort, the unit Glaciology and Water Resources of the National Water Authority, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI) and the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET) have installed a weather station on the Artesonraju glacier, at 4,900 metres above sea-level.  The weather station will record and store […]

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Foreword editor THT September edition 2016

At every printed edition, our editor shares his thoughts on the newspaper or society in Huaraz. In this last edition of the year, he will share some of the feedback he got during the year. This is what he would like to share with followers and readers: Comme d’habitude; what we do and why we […]

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Warari Hotel and Backpackers; new lodging option near Huaraz

Warari Hotel and Backpackers is a brand-new option that has opened its door and can be found on the way to the ancient ruins of Wilcahuaín. The place offers perfect harmony between the quiet countryside and the movement of life in the city of Huaraz and is located in a strategic location, which is the […]

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Preview Richard Hidalgo interview: ¨Parque del Periodista really looks pathetic.¨

For the September edition of The Huaraz Telegraph, we have conducted two interesting interviews. One of these interviews we did was with Richard Hidalgo, Peru´s most famous mountaineer. We found out about his career, his future, what he thought of Huaraz and what he thought of his chances of summiting Everest without supplemental oxygen in […]

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Chavín de Huantar might lose World Heritage title given by UNESCO

Edwin Valverde Valverde, president of the regional association of official tourism guides in Ancash (ARGOT) informed that the United Nations […]

Campfire found in Huascarán National Park at Laguna 69 but who´s responsible?

There is no question whether Laguna 69 is one of the most stunning lakes in the Cordillera Blanca. The day […]

Víctor Rimac heading to Tibet in order to ascend Cho Oyu (8,201masl)

The hottest prospect of mountaineering in Peru is without doubt Víctor Rimac. After a couple of months of training in […]

Around 20 Puya Raimondi plants were set afire during festival in Cajamarquilla

Local Peruvian press called it an attack on nature. While the authorities and guests celebrated the start of activities of […]

¨The warden doesn’t like me talking to your newspaper¨

Charles Lewis Cornelius from South Africa, one of the five foreign prisoners at the Victor Perez Liendo prison in Huaraz […]

Conclusions after the three day forum on glaciers and ecosystems

From the 10th to the 13th the National Institute for Research in Glacier and Mountain Ecosystems held one of the […]

Volunteers need to look beneath the surface to find a good fit

You’ve rocked up in Huaraz, and you’ve been wowed by the postcard scenery of the Callejon de Huaylas and the […]

The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 17)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over […]

Huaraz guide booklets analysed by a former publisher

Since a month ago, Huaraz has two printed tourist guide booklets. The first one is the 15th anniversary edition published […]

Foreword editor THT August edition 2016

Consumer rights for tourists in Peru and the value of life My part-time job at local TV station Cable Andino […]

August edition 2016 almost finished; these are our topics

We would like to inform our faithful followers and readers that the production of the August edition is going smoothly […]

Preview: some very worrying quotes made by paleoclimatologist Lonnie G. Thompson

The American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, Lonnie G. Thompson spoke […]

Second edition of the AndeTrail announced

On the 27th of August in Shilla (province of Carhuaz) the second edition of the AndeTrail will be organised. The […]

27.82% more people visited the Huascarán National Park during Fiestas Patrias

During a press conference, Jesús Gómez López head of the Huascarán National Park announced the visiting numbers during the long […]

Climbing accident on Vallunaraju; female Russian climber breaks ankle

A female Russian climber suffered a climbing accident while trying to conquer Mount Vallunaraju (5686 m). Together with a Russian […]

Five meteorological stations installed to evaluate the behaviour of rainfall in the Andes

A special delegation of the University of Hamburg in Germany and the Unit of Glaciology and Water Resources installed five […]

¨South-America and Peru too are suffering from international terrorism¨

Jean-Paul Glassey, originally from the Canton of Valais in Switzerland and former president of the chamber of tourism in Áncash […]

Humble Emerson Trujillo Flores (34) just likes to run and keeps on winning

Two months ago we saw a smiling Peruvian lad standing alongside the hottest prospect of the Formula 1 circus, the […]