Peruvian bullfighter Pablo Juarez Oliveros: ¨I would never kill a harmless animal¨

The world was shocked in July when Víctor Barrio Hernanz was pinned down on the ground and gored to death by a bull called Lorenzo in Teruel, eastern Spain. The matador´s death promptly raised new calls for a Spanish bullfighting ban. The animal´s horn pierced the 29-year-old´s aorta and lung and although he was rushed […]

¨Global warming is affecting all Cordilleras and this is bad news for mountaineers¨

In 1992, Augusto Ortega Pacheco from Huaraz became the first ever Peruvian to reach the summit of  Mount Everest – a feat that was repeated by Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in 2016, making her the first ever Peruvian woman to reach the highest point on earth. However, Peru´s most famous mountaineer at the moment is Richard Hidalgo […]

¨The Pastoruri Glacier will probably disappear within ten years¨

The American paleoclimatologist and distinguished university professor at the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, Lonnie G. Thompson spoke with the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph about his perspective on glacier retreat, his global recognition for his drilling and analysis of ice cores from mountain glaciers and ice caps in the tropical and subtropical […]

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Archaeological site of Piquijirca being invaded and destroyed

According to information obtained by The Huaraz Telegraph, the archaeological site of Piquijirca is being invaded by local people for political reasons. Although not very well known, the site of Piquijirca is located to the west of the town of Yungar and southeast of the cemetery of the same town. Its access road goes towards […]

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Moderate rains cause much higher Rio Santa river flow

Moderate rains that have fallen in different provinces of the sierra of Ancash, have increased the flow of the Santa River up to 163 cubic meters per second. Until the end of December the flow of the Rio Santa was only 69 cubic meters per second, and then it rose to 119 cubic meters per […]

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¨I would like to apologise to my family members for the damage I have caused¨

It was a strange visit and probably the last one too. For the 20th time exactly, the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph went to the Víctor Perez Liendo prison in Huaraz to pay a visit to one of the very few foreign inmates. Lewis Charles Cornelius from South Africa is now 56 years old and […]

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Again high levels of noise pollution detected in city centre of Huaraz

The Regional Health Department of Ancash through the Environmental Health Department confirmed the presence of very disturbing noises in the centre of Huaraz. According to Ysabel Jaramillo Visitation, a member of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Department of the Environmental Health Department, the monitoring was carried out in commercial areas that are characterized by very […]

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Fire Department in Huaraz receives over 400 fake emergency calls per day

Fidel de la Cruz head of the Fire Department Santiago Antúnez De Mayolo number 84 in Huaraz showed his anger to a local newspaper about the fact that the Fire Department receives over 400 fake emergency calls per day. Peru’s firefighters are nothing short of heroes as Peru’s bomberos are all unpaid volunteers who are […]

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Illegal miners enter protected areas in the Cordillera Blanca again

The head of the Huascarán National Park Mr. Jesús Gómez stated that illegal miners are operating in the Quebrada Onda zone again. This is the same area of which they were removed from a mere seven months ago. The Quebrada Onda is located in the jurisdiction of the province of Carhuaz in the district of […]

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Recent inventory shows 30 more lakes due to glacial retreat

The Glaciology and Water Resources Unit of the National Water Authority (ANA) has shared their latest information on the inventory of glaciers and lagoons in the Cordillera Blanca. In 2003, 830 lakes were enumerated by the organisation but a recent count registered 30 lakes more. The purpose of the Glaciology and Water Resources Unit of […]

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Trujillo, Huaraz and Iquitos not of interest to South American tourists

According to Diego Castro, Country Manager of the booking website, Peru received most South American tourists from neighbor country Chile. The website has created a top 8 of most visited cities in Peru by South American Tourists and Nazca, Trujillo, Huaraz and Iquitos are not on it. Lima, also known as The City of […]

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Two French tourists assaulted at the Rataquenua cross in Huaraz

Despite the fact that the Tourist Police in Huaraz is doing permanent surveillance patrolling the access road towards the cross of Rataquenua, assaults still happen. In April 2013, The Huaraz Telegraph suggested its readers not going to the cross because of the ongoing assaults on tourists but going to El Pinar instead, a mining village […]

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45% fewer mountain fatalities in 2016, causes unclear

Although sources at the Casa de Guías informed The Huaraz Telegraph that there might have been fewer climbers in general, the real causes for the fewer mountain fatalities in 2016 are unclear. Many times small incidents happened but those were not reported to anyone in the city, so we were told. Although the loss of […]

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Huascaran National Park received 20% more visitors in 2016 compared to 2015

The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP) has reported that more than 259.000 tourists visited the […]

Foreigners can learn Spanish with Langcom Language Centre

Langcom´s classes will start on the 4th of January and it´s their mission to promote and disseminate the knowledge and […]

Huaraz? Globally seen, Peru is Machu Picchu and nothing else

When I look at tourism in our city of Huaraz, I think there is still much to explore. Huaraz however, […]

Limited access to the Pastroruri Glacier until the end of March 2017

Due to adverse climatic conditions in the Huaraz region, the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP), […]

Christmas tree of plastic bottles created to raise awareness on conservation

Tourists and citizens walking past the Plaza de Armas in Huaraz cannot miss a huge Christmas tree made of plastic […]

Sport Ancash loses final but seeks a 3-0 win after presenting claim at the Justice Commission

Academia Deportiva Cantolao beat Sport Ancash F.C. by two goals to nil in Sunday´s final in the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva […]

Sport Rosario Huaraz wins Copa Perú and will play in the Premier Division

Thanks to a 2-1 win over Racing de Huamachuco, Sport Rosario from Huaraz have won the Copa Peru 2016 title. […]

South African still has to pay S/ 28,161.17 after his release from Huaraz prison

Last Sunday, the editor of The Huaraz Telegraph paid a visit to the Víctor Perez Liendo prison in Huaraz to […]

Transversal projects of economic activation in the department of Ancash

Save the Rajus, a company dedicated to the promotion of tourism through sports and environmental events, proposes the creation of […]

Emerson Trujillo to participate in Endurance Challenge San Francisco 2016

Trailrunner Emerson Trujillo will aim for a podium spot at the Endurance Challenge in California, United States. The Peruvian athlete […]

German (59) dies on Nevado Mateo near Huaraz; appears to have slipped, fallen and got killed

On the 29th of November at around noon, tourist guide Fredy Gonzales Valverde descended Mount Mateo and found the body […]

Villagers destroy Early Warning System installed at Lake 513, Carhuaz at serious risk

On July the 15th 2015, the population of Carhuaz celebrated the installation and transfer of the Early Warning System (EWS) […]

Two Huaraz football teams still in promotion bid to the Peruvian Primera División

Sport Ancash F.C. and Sport Rosario are both still in the running to make it to the Peruvian Primera División. […]

Flags at Plaza de Armas Huaraz at half-mast to commemorate Fidel Castro

Tourists that have paid a visit to the Plaza de Armas might have noticed that the Huaraz flag, as the […]

An open letter addressed to tourism entrepreneurs working in our region

In recent years, the hike to Lake 69 has become more well-known. Visitors fluctuate between 100 to 150 per day […]

Drought in Huaraz region causing forest fires, farmers very worried, tourists happy

Meteorologist Rafael Figueroa Tauquino of the National University Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo (UNASAM) in Huaraz explained that cold and dry […]

Laguna 69 most popular destination on Instagram in Ancash

Peru is a diverse country that offers different alternatives to local and foreign tourists who sometimes, through social networks, want […]

Mexico has the most interesting historical sites, Peru best gastronomy

Colombia´s people are the friendliest, Mexico has the most interesting historical sites and Chile is the safest country for its […]