Sport Áncash F.C.´s reappearance in Peru´s Second Division of Professional Football

Founded on April the 22nd, 1967 under the name Club Deportivo Comunitario Laboral Sport Áncash, the team last played professional football in 2009 when they got relegated to the second division of Peruvian football after a five-year spell at the highest level. Sport Áncash, nicknamed Amenaza Verde (Green Threat) achieved the awaited promotion to the […]

Environmental Research Centre for Development worried about deglaciation of Palcacocha

The rise of temperature in the Huaraz area due to the weather phenomenon El Niño keeps causing concerns. According to latest calculations by meteorologist and engineer Rafael Figueroa Tauquino of the national University Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo (UNASAM) in Huaraz, the temperatures have generated the melting of the ice layers above the lake. Meteorologist Rafael […]

Lack of information agencies Huaraz could be putting lives at risk

Huaraz is surrounded by world-renowned opportunities for trekking, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. Deciding what you would like to do and comparing offers can be a challenge, with the abundance of zealous salesmen, guidebook advice and websites and so on. For tourists, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate an agency before making a commitment. Going […]

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Tour agencies scrutinised: what is promised to tourists when agencies are contacted?

In Huaraz, the message for tourists shopping around for tour agencies for hikes, climbs and other activities is buyers beware. In the past, there have been some relaxed if not downright fraudulent practices. The outdoor activities in this extraordinarily beautiful area are world-renowned. Deciding what you want to do, and comparing the offers of tour […]

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The Peruvian dream / Expat in Huaraz (part 15)

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (I.N.E.I) 12,187 foreigners entered Peru in 2012 and stayed for over a year. The Huaraz Telegraph is wondering whether these visitors came to see the wonders of Peru, or were they looking for the Peruvian dream? If the American dream is the idea that success is possible for […]

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The Callejón de Huaylas and its history of adventure sport festivals

The Festival del Andinismo dates back more than 30 years and although it was known under a different name in the beginning, it has always tried to promote the Ancash and Huaraz areas in particular. Last year’s festival was boycotted by members of the Provincial Municipally of Huaraz who instead launched their own festival called […]

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Creperie Patrick celebrates 30 years of service and is still going strong

In 1986,  Patrick Bertrand from Orleans in France opened the doors of the first creperie in Peru; Creperie Patrick located on the main street Luzuriaga in Huaraz. Although from origin a machinery technician, when he was young he used to like to cook. Opening the restaurant was an easy decision because after falling in love […]

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Lodge at Hatun Machay abandoned by its former owner, soon to be restored

At the moment there are many rumours going around that the lodge at Hatun Machay (regionally spelled as Hatun Mache) would have been burned down. The Huaraz Telegraph found out that this is not true as we spoke with Manuel Danzarin Mendoza, president of the rural community of Pampas Chico. Danzarin informed us that the […]

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Brazilian tourist gets drugged on bus to Huaraz and has belongings stolen

Ronie Framil Vieira from Brazil suffered a terrible experience when planning a second trip to Huaraz. The Brazilian boarded Z-Buss (name of the bus company), leaving from Lima to Huaraz. During the trip along the coast, another passenger was picked up from the street (which is forbidden however bus drivers sometimes do this to make […]

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El Tio Enrique: Biggest beer collection in Huaraz

Heinrich Bosshard is in his sixties and a heavy equipment mechanic, but in Huaraz he is known at El Tío Enrique. El Tio Enrique is a brand-new establishment selling all sorts of different chorizos (sausages), Swiss chocolates, authentic Swiss knives and Glühwein (mulled wine). His huge and fantastic fridge filled with imported European beers make […]

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Foreword editor THT June edition 2016

On page two of every printed edition of The Huaraz Telegraph, editor Rex Broekman shares his thoughts with the readers. The editorial of the June edition of 2016 is about an interesting experience while making the previous mentioned edition. The clash of interest when publishing The Huaraz Telegraph First of all, thanks for reading us! Maybe you […]

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The presses are rolling for our 21st edition, these are our topics…

We have just dropped off the final version of our first edition out of four of this year´s The Huaraz Telegraph. The June edition will be the 21st since our launch back in April 2012. We´re on the brink of publishing our newest edition of The Huaraz Telegraph. We would like to thank all local […]

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Join our Huaraz Telegraph team and start writing your story

During the high season (June-Sept.) Huaraz is visited by many foreign tourists who intensively read our monthly newspaper that is available at more than 40 hostels, hotels and lodges in the city and Callejón de Huaylas. We would like to get in touch with people that have some spare time while enjoying the outskirts of […]

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National Police Forces dismantle illegal mining camps in Huascarán National Park

Every citizen in Huaraz and the Callejón the Huaylas, including local and region government’s authorities knew for years about the […]

Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal 2017 awarded to Huaraz engineer Portocarrero

To commemorate the first ascent of Mt Everest on 29 May 1953, the annual Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal […]

Great comeback against C.A. Mannucci deliver Sport Ancash FC a narrow home win

The fourth round of the Peruvian Second Division of professional football, also known as the Copa Best Cable 2016 for […]

Approximately 200 metres from the top 75-year-old mountain guide suffered deadly fall

Peruvian citizen and professional mountain guide Victorino Bacilio Huaranga from Llamac of the district Pacllón in province of Bolognesi got […]

Deadly climbing accident in Huayhuash, rescue team heading to place of disaster

This morning The Huaraz Telegraph was informed that less than a week after the incident on the Nevado Mateo, a […]

Dutch tourist doing fine, but warns others not to take Nevado Mateo too lightly

We called Erik Elsinga this afternoon while still in the Victor Ramos Guardia hospital in Huaraz, after suffering an accident at […]

Emerson Trujillo Flores wins charity run event in the Netherlands

The Wings for Life World Run got a final everyone hoped for with Emerson Trujillo Flores winning the event in the […]

Dutch and Spanish climber suffer accident in the Cordillera Blanca but luckily survive

Two foreign climbers who suffered a spectacular fall in the Cordillera Blanca were rescued alive by members of the Department […]

Three matches played; four points so far for Sport Ancash F.C.

Despite having a tough draw for its first matches in the Peruvian Second Division, the start of Sport Ancash F.C. […]

Featured skater inaugurated Skate Park on new boulevard along Quilcay River

With the presence of prominent skaters from Lima and members of the Club BMX Huaraz, the Provincial Mayor of Huaraz, […]

South African prisoner heavily disappointed with his embassy that has abandoned him

Huaraz prison entrance

Only nine months, that is what Lewis Charles Cornelius from South Africa has left of his twelve year long prison […]

Former mayor of Huaraz Lombardo Mautino (61) killed in tragic car accident

The former mayor of Huaraz and recently still a candidate to the Peruvian Congress for Ancash engineer Lombardo Mautino Angeles, […]

First tourists spotted with brand-new ninth edition of Lonely Planet

In August 2015 we were happy that Alex Egerton took some time off his busy schedule while he answered some […]

Draft Law approved for construction of a railway linking Chimbote, Huaraz and Pucallpa

The Congress unanimously approved Draft Law No. 2651/2013-CR presented by Ancash Congressman Victor Crisologo Espejo, which proclaims the public need […]

Huaraz population alerted due to 4.6 earthquake on Ancash coast near Huarmey

An earthquake of 4.6 on the Richter scale was recorded Monday night in the Ancash region, according to the Geophysical Institute […]

Sport Ancash F.C. loses opening match with smallest difference in Huánuco

Despite decent practice results including a small victory over Sport Boys from Callao, Sport Ancash F.C. couldn’t hit the ground […]

Exposition on how a female Peruvian climber from Huaraz reached the top of Chimborazo (6,268m) in Ecuador

Tonight at the Cultural Centre of Huaraz, Rosario del Pilar Obregon Dominguez will share her experiences on when she went […]

Sport Ancash F.C. seems ready for Second Division start this Sunday

Last night, the local heroes of Sport Ancash F.C. played their last friendly match before the kickoff of the Peruviuan […]