Why Trust Is Important In A Relationship

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Why is trust important in a relationship

Trust is the first step to love. If you fail at trusting them, you failed at loving them. Trust is the fundamental block of the relationship without which, it can never survive. It is effortlessly putting someone before you along with tones of confidence in them.

Trust is involved in all basic elements of a healthy relationship, likewise love, commitment, communication, and honesty. You can never build a strong and successful relationship with trust, along with this it is also good to hit a pick up line to show love.

What is Trust?

Trust in relationships is having faith in someone that they will never hurt you and will always remain loyal to you. It is basically relying on someone and having a feeling of security with them. When you trust someone you have full confidence in them that they will never violate you.

What is Trust?

Importance of trust in relationships

Trust is the building block of a relationship. If a relationship is a plant, trust is its roots. Remember that if you will not trust your partner, you cannot make them trust you. Trust is the first step you take to start a relationship.

No one can trust their partner fully just in one day, it is a slow process and becomes strong with time. When you trust your partner, you feel more secure with them. The fear that they will leave you, does not dive into your mind.

You do not hesitate or feel scared to share things with your partner when you trust them. You know that they will trust you back and understand you. This leads you towards honesty and keeps the misunderstandings away, and makes your relationship much stronger.

Lack of trust can really be a spoiler in a relationship. It will one day make you part your ways out majorly due to the misunderstandings.


How to build trust in a relationship

There are various ways that can really help to built trust in your relationship. Here are a few things that you can practise to build trust in your relationship.

Express your feelings

When you openly express your feelings to your partner about anything like if you feel upset someday and you openly ask them for some personal space, they will probably respect your emotions and start trusting you because you are being honest to them and expressing the real feelings.

Don’t always self-promote

When you acknowledge others’ efforts and hard work towards anything, it helps to build their trust in you. The same concept runs for the relationships too. When you will appreciate them, they will show trust in you. If you will always appreciate yourself then they will think you are selfish.

Admit your mistakes

Anyone can make mistake, but learn to admit your mistake in a relationship. When you accept your mistake, you are one step closer to winning their trust. When you admit your mistakes and you apologize to them, you show them that you own your actions.

Help them whenever you can

When you help your partner in anything, it starts building a sense of trust in their heart for you. They find you really involved in them and they become confident that you will be there for them whenever they will need you. This security is a strong element in building mutual trust.

Always be honest

Honesty is the key to everything. Always make sure that you be true to your partner because once you are caught lying, it will be the breach of trust to a deeper level and they will not be able to trust you again easily.

Remember it is said that Do not comfort them with a lie instead hurt them with the truth.

Team skill and active participation

Making a relationship successful and lasting is like running a team. You and your partner are the team members. Try to maximize your participation in your team and the other one will start respecting and trusting you.

Give active participation in your team. Try to give suggestions, listen actively, and provide feedback. It will make your relationship stronger.

Don’t take anything for granted

Taking anything for granted in your relationship will make your partner feel as if they do not matter to you. Always remember that even your small gesture matters a lot to them. Likewise, if you made your partner wait for you, just say “thanks for waiting” and it will make them happy. Showing appreciation will help in building trust between you.

Always think before acting too quickly

Imagine your partner lied to you about something, and you know that. So do not react too quickly. Just wait for them to tell you the actual reason. Talk to them about it and then decide anything.  If you will react impulsively, your partner may think you do not trust them.

The initial stage of trust-building requires lots and lots of patience. And no judging show be done on any grounds.

Remind build yourself that it takes time to build trust and earn the trust

Building trust is not a one-day work especially if you desire a lasting relationship. You should never expect too much at the start, you should go very slow because once your expectations will break down, it will be very difficult for you to trust your partner on any basis.

This way you will damage the foundation of trust-building. You must take small steps and start by making small commitments that are easy to fulfil, this will slowly start building the trust and will gradually increase over time.

Learn how to communicate effectively

Communication is the basis of a successful relationship. If the commutation is not effective and crystal clear, it will never build trust between you and instead create misunderstandings.

You should share every little thing with your partner and be very clear about your commitments. This will not leave any scope for misunderstanding and will help in building a strong foundation of trust.

Be true to your words and follow through with your actions

It happens that sometimes when you are too merry or too downcast, you tend to say I will do this, I will do that but later on, you aren’t able to maintain the consistency. If your actions will not match your words and if you will not be consistent then your partner will not be able to trust you.

Always try to be true to your words and follow through with your actions. And never make the promises that you cannot keep!

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Final Thoughts

Trust is the root of a relationship that makes it fruitful and successful. If you do not trust your partner, you can never love them. Trusting someone is not an easy thing. You cannot do it just in a day.

You and your partner should try to develop mutual trust and for this, you must get involved in the trust exercises. Once the trust is developed you both will start respecting each others’ personal boundaries and you will become more committed towards each other.

Lack of trust can spoil your romantic relationship. It will create unnecessary misunderstandings, clashes, fights, and will lead you to fall apart. Lying, dishonesty, disrespect and taking your partner for granted will lead to breaches of trust.

Building trust is a slow process do not try to rush with it. Take slow steps and watch the results, it will be reflected in your relationship.


What if I have “trust issues “?

Be honest with your partner, Communicate, take emotional risks, learn how trust works, and face your fears and other negative feelings but around trust.

Why is trust important in a relationship?

It gives a sense of security, attracts positivity, allows open communication, builds understanding, and assures commitment.

How to rebuild after trust has been broken?

Apologize wholeheartedly, understand their present needs, give their personal time,  transparent communication, and give assurance of not repeating the same mistake again.

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