50+ Wild Cowboy Pick Up Lines to Ride a Horse With

Cowboy pickup lines are not generic and are not as common as some others and that’s why they can be perfect for getting the other person’s attention. From dates to parties or just for online chat you can use these pickup lines to add a bit of flavor to the conversation. So, don’t hold your horses and use these cowboy pickup lines and impress someone!

70+ Teacher Pick Up Lines That Can Squeeze Your Brain Juice!

Want to crack a conversation with a teacher? Try out the teacher pick-up lines to have chances of starting a 10 on 10 conversations. Dating a teacher can mean being in discipline, even with your words which may not be the case when you are dating someone else.

52+ Music Pick Up Lines That Can Add Rhythm to Your Life

Musicians already have a god gifted powers of impressing and pick-up lines act as choco-chip to their pastries. It is a beautiful way to express your love to your partner. “All of me loves all of you” is the deepest and most powerful song that can be used to describe the intensity of your love towards someone. In the same way, they are the best combination of pick-up lines to impress your crush in the most soulful manner.