Karmic relationship

What Is A Karmic Relationship? How To get Out Of It

If you ever come across someone you feel a strong connection with, but this bond exists with some turbulent twists, you need to know that this might be a karmic relationship. They may not last for a more extended period but will leave you with lessons that will last lifelong.

How to write a love letter

How To Write A Love Letter – Tips & Tricks

Looking at blank paper knowing you need to fill it up with your emotions can often turn more stressful and overwhelming than the emotion itself. Maybe you haven’t written anything from your heart in your entire life, or perhaps you have, but you aren’t sure what to strive for when it comes to love letters.

How to fix a relationship?

How To Fix A Struggling Relationship – 9 Ways

Relationships are not always like walking in the park. It does not always have happy moments, ups and downs are an integral part of any relationship. If everything goes smoothly, there will not be any spark between you two.

Silent treatment in a relationship

Silent Treatment In A Relationship: How to Respond

Are you a victim of silent treatment in a relationship and you are clueless about how to deal with it? If so, don’t worry we have got you covered. For some people, silent treatment in a marriage or relationship is a communication tool, but it’s pretty ineffective in relationships.

Boundaries in relationships

Healthy Boundaries In Relationships & How To Set Them

People have a misconception that when they are in love, there should be no boundaries between them. The truth is, boundaries play a very crucial role in a relationship. When two partners are clear about their limits, it lays the stone to form a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.

Best Couple Games For A Fun, Romantic Date Night

Best Couple Games For A Fun, Romantic Date Night

Who says only children play games! Couples can play games too. Every couple loves to spend quality time with each other. When You have an entire day to spend with your partner, you will certainly plan different things.

Relationship Goals Couples Should Have

10+ Relationship Goals All Couples Should Have

A relationship is not confined to a one-time commitment. You make efforts to make it perfect in your own way. Though your relationship cannot be the same as others you desire a list of things in your romantic relationship. It is very important to have love in a relationship and to show that love through any actions.

Biggest Turn Offs in a Relationship For Men & Women

Relationships are not always fun. Sometimes relationships can be tough to deal with because of turn-offs in a relationship, you cannot always cop up relationship problems by showing love. Turn-offs can be anything like accepting your mistakes, playing the blame game, or lying about things. Turn-offs can ruin a relationship and things can go south pretty quickly if not being taken care of.

Signs You're In An Unhappy Marriage

Signs You’re In An Unhappy Marriage? What To Do

Every individual has their own definition of what happiness looks like to them. Whatever the relationship status of a person might be, the fact whether they’re happy or not depends on different factors for different people. However, if we talk about a married couple, there are certain factors that are indicative of a happy marriage and also of an unhappy one.