How To Flirt With Girls – Tips to Flirt Properly

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How To Flirt With Girls

Many people wish they had more confidence in flirting with girls, but even the most confident of individuals still have to wait for that perfect moment to make their move. Learning how to flirt with girls can’t hurt and sometimes, it can only help your chances.

Whether it’s a coworker or your crush, flirting can be easy when you know the right steps. These simple flirting tricks can just be the key to getting a date even from your crush. So here are some tips that you can take for a test drive to improve your flirting game.

What, Exactly, is Flirting?

Flirting is the way of showing your attraction to someone by being playful, not necessarily with serious intentions. Flirting can be an interesting way to show your attraction to someone without taking much risk. It’s simple and lighthearted, involves chatting which includes teasing, gentle touching. It also has elements of cracking jokes and giving compliments.

What, Exactly, is Flirting?

You can flirt when you find someone attractive but don’t go over the board and don’t be too straightforward. Because this might make the other person uncomfortable. Take it easy, go slow and be confident. You will get better at flirting only with some experience over time. All you need is a good understanding of how flirting works.

Why is Flirting So Important?

Just walking up to a girl and telling her she is attractive is pretty boring to start a conversation. Just simple conversation and random questions would not lead to much dialogue exchange. Flirting provides a good start to the conversation, almost like giving an invitation to the girl for an interesting conversation. You can even use flirty texts to show off your sense of humor and start a good chat with a girl.

Why is Flirting So Important?

How to flirt with girls

To know how to flirt with a girl, you need to learn a few fundamentals of flirting. This will help you become confident and you can have some interesting conversations with the girl you like. So without further ado here are some flirting tips for you.


Having a smile on your face makes you look like a confident person. If you feel nervous, just smile confidently and make eye contact whenever she looks at you. This way she will know that you are interested in her. However, don’t keep on smiling like a creep all the time. Just keep it natural and approach her when she smiles back.

Use your body language

Body language can sometimes be the key to knowing if someone is interested. Avoid looking at your feet, crossing your arms, and such other gestures that make you look uninterested. Try to make eye contact and use hand gestures that show your interest in the girl.

Make her laugh

If you are still wondering how to flirt, then humor is the answer. Humor is one of the best to impress someone and get their attention. Laughing would make her more relaxed and she would enjoy the conversation more. You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make her laugh. You can ask funny questions and crack some observational jokes that sound original.

Compliment her

Compliments can be the key to starting the flirting game. Let her know what you find attractive in her and the reason behind it. You can use some simple compliments for girls if you don’t want to be too straightforward. Don’t go over the top because it can make her feel uncomfortable. Compliment her on things that look genuine and cute.

Text her

A flirty text message can just be the perfect way to flirt with a girl. This works pretty well for the shy guys who find it tough to flirt face to face with a girl. You don’t have to worry about your body language and how you are looking. How to flirt over text? Just text her something flirty and funny, if you get the reply just go ahead and lead the conversation. You can also emoji’s and memes to make it interesting.

Don’t use pick up lines

Pick-up lines can come across as cheesy and may not look natural. Instead of saying pick-up lines without context, use it as a joke. Using it as a joke might make her laugh, which helps you both connect. After this, you can further use some pick line between the conversation to make her chuckle.

Find out if she is available

Don’t get your hopes up without knowing if she is available or not. Try to look out for clues whether she is single in between the conversations. Keep the flirt just subtle, say something that can help you get the answer. You can say something like, I hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he is.

Initiate a Light Touch

It’s pretty normal to touch gently if you find someone attractive. Sharing touches can make it exciting and the girl would notice that you are interested in her. Touching while flirting is also a great way to know whether the girl is into you. If the girl is not interested, she would instantly avoid the touches.

Ask her out

While flirting is good, depending on just that and expecting the girl to ask you out is not an excellent idea. Keep the flirting game going but also look for the right moment to ask the girl out. The world will not turn upside down if she says no. So if you feel the time is right then ask her out.

How to flirt with girls


Don’t stare

Don’t keep staring at her, it might make her uncomfortable and would creep her out. It’s better to share some gentle eye contact and smiles.

Don’t rush the hook-up

Never try to rush on things and put pressure on the girl. Go for it, only if it’s obvious, and don’t push her for it. Rushing can make you look desperate and can easily turn her off.

Don’t try too hard to be funny

Keep things natural and use some real-life observational humor. She can spot if you would try the crack jokes unnecessarily. Also, avoid cracking jokes on some sensitive topics like religion and gender.

No means no

Never to go beyond if she says no to anything. Accept her choice like a gentleman and take no for an answer. That’s not only good morally but would also leave a better impression on the girl.

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Couples need to flirt, too.

We often associate flirting with single people. Most people have the perception that only single people can flirt. Flirting in a relationship not only keeps the fun going but also improves the bond between the partner. This improves the understanding and intimacy between partners which is vital for a healthy relationship.

Wrap It Up

Now you know how to flirt with girls and follow the same to improve your flirting game. Just keep it simple, gentle smiles and eye contact would always be better. Keep a look for some big no’s while flirting. Even if you’re a couple, don’t shy away to be flirty with your partner.


What should I look for when talking to her?

You can just look for things that you genuinely find attractive about her. This would make it easy for you to compliment her.

What are your cues?

If she’s smiling back at you and making eye contact continuously, then it can be a cue that she is interested in you.

How Do I Approach a Girl?

If you see her sharing eye contact and smiles with you, then just go up to her. Try to start with a compliment to let her know you are interested.

How do you compliment a girl?

Just give her simple compliments on anything that you genuinely find attractive about her.

What are the best ways to tease her?

You can tease her with some flirty lines, Give her some silly nickname and mimic her.

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