How To Flirt With A Guy – Flirting Tips For Girls

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How To Flirt With A Guy

Flirting with the guys sounds really interesting for girls. Flirting is our cup of tea. You just have to pass a sweet smile and the guy will fall for you. It is as easy as childsplay. 

You can master the degree of flirting without even reading any book. Some facial expressions, naughty body language, dirty texts, or nasty touches are all it takes.

Guys will start showing their interest in you even if you make a small move. There are little secrets you need to explore to flirt with a guy in person or over the text. Just be confident and boom, you have nailed it.

Flirting Tips

What do you think flirting really is?

Flirting is basically a signal to show you are interested in someone. The level of interest may vary. You can flirt with someone casually or you flirt to create a romantic relationship with them.

Flirting should be healthy. Someone should not feel afraid because of you. Else it would feel like mental torture to them. In short flirt with etiquette.

Flirting can be verbal or non-verbal. In verbal flirting, you give compliments or express interest through words, and in nonverbal flirting, you show interest without words. You try to make eye contact, you play with your hair, you smile notoriously, etc.

Understanding How Guys flirt 

Well, guys leave no chance to flirt with you. They seize the opportunity and you won’t even realize it and because of this tendency of boys, we find a nice guy to be flirty even he is being honest.

Understanding How Guys flirt 

You might feel they are ignoring you but it’s all their trick to grab your attention. Before flirting with a guy focus on how do they flirt with you. Notice the small moves and actions and repeat the correct ones with the boys.

Here are some points you may focus on to find if a guy is trying to flirt with you.

  • He tries to pass jokes or send flirty messages and check if you smile.
  • He tries to maintain eye contact with you to see you blushing.
  • He never leaves any opportunity to touch you.
  • He sets his look the way you like.
  • He checks you out from top to bottom.
  • He molds his nature when he is around you.
  • You make him blush.

How To Flirt With a Guy

Flirting should be done in a healthy way. Even if you are trying on him, remember do not force him. You make your efforts and leave the decision over to him.

Technology has made it very easy for women to flirt with men. Even if you cannot flirt in person you can go for the texting technique.

So now you have learned some key areas of how guys flirt with you. Now you might have got some idea of how to flirt with guys. Read some tips and be the flirty goddess of your group.

How To Flirt With a Guy

Smile, Blush and be a Coy

Give him a dazzling smile and you won his heart. Remember girls, guys love when you be coy in front of them. Smiling and Blushing make them feel you are interested in them.

Compliment him and Thank him

Just like you, men love compliments! It is a sign that you are noticing him. Compliment their attire or some hobby and see the magic. Also, thank him for all the small efforts he has done for you.

Stare into his eyes

Eye contact is the only way of showing intimacy without the physical touch. It can make him feel insane. The continuous and deep eye contact will make him more interested in you.

Bring the focus on your Lips

Bite your lips or lick them in front of him to draw his attention towards you. You can use a sweet lip balm to bring your lips into the spotlight.

Be Expressive

Pour your heart out! Guys love it when you try to be expressive. If you feel shy to the guy in person then express it over the text.

Show Interest in him

Show him you are interested in him. You can let them catch you looking at them, asking for help from them, and try to be around them whenever possible.

Do that thing with your Hair

Guys love it when you play with your hair. Let your hair come on your eyes, you tuck them behind your ears, and catch your guy looking at you with a happy smile.

Tease him and Get him to Tease you

Why should boys have all the fun! Tease them playfully, it will break the awkwardness. And lit a spark between you two, tease him, it will make him familiar with you.

Touch him Now and then

Small touches like side hugs, cheek kisses, or handshakes create physical intimacy. It helps to release oxytocin which ultimately makes him happy and satisfied.

Make him feel special

They are special to you, make them feel it. Present small gifts, be with them at their worst, remember their special days, wish them first on their birthday, and make an extra effort to make their special days even more special.

How to flirt with a guy over text?

Texting over social media has become energy medicine in this era. Some of you may feel shy to the guy in person and might not find yourself bold or confident enough to flirt openly.

Constant texting keeps the connection alive, you can simply slide into the dm. It may include flirty games, cute texts, dirty texts, flirty questions, and so much more. So let us learn some techniques to flirt with the guy over text.

How to flirt with a guy over text?

Be Unique

Be unique by being yourself. Show him the real you. It is a characteristic of charming women. This will shift his interest over to you. your uniqueness will be depicted in your texting style. So be careful!

Remember being you is being sexy. He would be interested in real you.

Use his name

Taking his name will sound sexy. When you refer to him while texting, he will feel powerful and he will give all attention to you. He would feel you want him involved in the conversation.

It will race his heartbeat he would feel special. It’s a great move to impress him, girls!

Make Him Laugh

Send him funny and flirty messages that make him belly laugh. Remember this move will help to create a bond of friendship. And what’s better than being good friends before a relationship.

Send him lame jokes, funny messages, play flirty games over the text.

Compliment him over Text

Give him genuine compliments and you will have his heart. Guys are complimented very rarely. Such gestures will make him feel like you notice them.

Compliment his deep eyes, say you love their smile, compliment his huge muscles, or praise any of his hobbies.

Use Emoticons

There are numerous ways of showing expressions. You can flirt with a guy over text by using emojis. Likewise, Use emojis like wink, heart, the peachy booty, the eyes, or the flirty hug. It will make them him you like them.

Emojis adds emotions to texts. They will know how you are exactly feeling while sending them messages.

Flirty Texts to ask you Out

Just imagine you text him “what would he do if you were there sitting with him in his room?” It will leave him out of blue. Such open-ended and dirty questions will make him eager to meet you, and he will think to ask you out for lunch or a movie.

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Flirting with a guy is so easy. Like you do anything and they are all into you. Just use your warm smile, body language, flirty texting style, charm, in distress situation and you have caught his attention all over you.

Every single woman in this generation is ready to mingle, be it casual or serious. Gone are the days when just boys used to flirt with you. Now it is time for you to be confident and bold. Show them you can bend down on your knees too!

It’s time for you ladies to ask him out for a cup of coffee, a lunch date, or a movie. It won’t do justice to equality if you fail to flirt with the guys. Pull up your socks and let them know you fall for them too.


How do I know if the guy is interested in me?

He always tries to be around you, he looks into your eyes, he refers to your name while talking or texting, he notices every detail about you.

How do you make a guy Laugh?

Share funny texts or videos, use funny GIFs over texts, poke him in person, be kooky, use the dirty way, repeat his actions in front of him, make funny faces, Be yourself.

What is the best way to start a conversation?

Ask for help, take his advice, say thank you if he has done something for you, ask for a notebook if you are his classmate, compliment him.

How do I get Guy’s attention?

React to his every action even if you are in public, play with your hair, make eye contact while talking, ping him even if you met the same day, initiate friend requests on social media.

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