Tips To Slide Into DMs Without Being A Creep

Sliding into someone’s Dm is no joke and can be unnerving. This feeling got further intensified during the lockdown. After the isolation, even talking to your friends and close ones seems like a big deal, let alone the idea of sliding into Dm’s of people you hardly know. Even after learning about them through sources or interacting with them in the past, we get clueless and hesitant about sending them a DM. But here’s a piece of good news for all of you. Trying to initiate a conversation with them via DM might not make you look as ugly as you think of it.

If you mean no harm and are genuinely willing to speak to them, don’t fear their judgments, though usually, they have none. And while you should not hesitate to slide into someone’s DMs on Instagram or other social media platforms, if you know your purpose to talk to them, things can be less daunting. You can hit a pick up line if you find them adorable and want to be friends.

It can even be the willingness to connect to them over a shared passion for adventures or some other hobbies. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you be creative and send your messages in a way that catches their attention. To help you with being creative and not sound desperate here are a few tips on how to slide into someone’s DM.


Best Ways To Slide Into Someone’s DMs

Don’t Treat DMs like Dating Apps

Dating Apps and Instagram are two different things. In Dating Apps, people are actively searching for their potential partners and getting compatible with a person. So we use interesting fun liners or flirty messages to reach out to your match. When texting someone on the social media platform scenario is completely different. You don’t know about their readiness to find a partner or even whether they want to date a person. Hence it is always advisable to start from messages that are very generic or have something related to their profile.

Don’t Just Say “Hi”

Simply sending a “Hi” or a “Hey” won’t suffice. There’s a high chance that your half-hearted message gets ignored in the pool of Dm’s that they receive every day. Think of it this way. Would you reply to a stranger’s Hi without any prior context? We would obviously ignore it. The same goes for them. Try to start conversations with something that has something in common or a thing in their profile that instantly struck a chord with you.

Begin with Responding to their Stories

Thanks to this amazing feature of Instagram and Facebook stories have become an integral part of everyone’s life. You get to know about their daily events which helps you further learn about them as a person. You can take advantage of this feature to begin a conversation with someone. Just comment or react to their funny tik tok video, relatable memes or ask about a Cafe that they visited recently. Once you catch their attention you can take the conversations ahead in your desired direction. Half of the online relationships began by sending interesting memes. Who knows when you might be the lucky one?

Mention Your Mutual Friends

It can be so good that the person is not a complete stranger to you. Either you might have exchanged glances at a common friend’s party or temporarily worked with them in the past years. Bring up their names and a hilarious incident that happened at that event. You can even go creative and make up some stories just to establish a conversation with them.

Avoid being creepy

It is normal to get excited about the person with whom you want to have a genuine conversation. You need to stand apart from the rest of the crowd for them to want to talk to you or to not cut you off mid-way because you are not giving them the vibes. You need to catch their attention subtly, and what good way to get their attention other than liking all of their recent as well as not so recent posts and pics on social media, right? A strong NO! Do that, and for the person opposite to you, you might very well be secreting an aura of creepiness. If they start feeling the stalker vibes from you, then it will be tough for them to respond to you.

Ask tips from them

We can see that people become happy when they feel that they have done something better, or know more than others. You will get similar results when you appreciate that person for the same reason. So if you see a post from them about something like a delicacy or a beach post, try to hit them up by asking about the location or recipe. Keep sliding in some smooth comments and flirty texts just to break the monotony and keep it spicy.

Take a note of their interest

It is a fact that humans need appreciation and loves when someone talks about them. People feel special when they get noticed. If you come across a person who has hobbies, you can work with that on creating a strategy. Learn the nuances of their hobbies to not sound like a creep who just knows the initials of their hobbies and is trying to start up a conversation. Make yourself seem legit, and take interest in their interests. It can be as small as a baking hobby but an interest in it can get you the chance to strike up a conversation.

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