Tips To Slide Into DMs Without Being A Creep

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How To Slide Into Dms

Sliding into someone’s Dm is no joke and can be unnerving. It requires a lot of boldness and confidence to direct a message to someone. But don’t fear their judgments if you are genuinely willing to know them. Just keep in mind to strike the right balance of confidence while approaching them. You can hit a funny pick up line if you find them adorable and want to be friends.

DM’s or direct messages are always unsolicited messages. No matter how much interested you are in them, they have not asked you to message them and hence don’t give you a reply. To help you be creative and not sound desperate, here are a few tips on how to slide into someone’s DM.


Stuck on how to slide into someone’s DMs? Here’s everything you need to know.

Use Icebreakers

Several dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge, and others ask you to answer fun questions. Use these questions to talk to them.

Ask Questions

Things can be tricky when interacting with a person outside of a dating app. In such cases, always start a private conversation that asks questions regarding their interests.

Don’t Just Say Hey

A simple “Hi” or a “Hey” is very cliché and won’t suffice for you to get noticed. Try to start conversations with something common between you two or a thing in their profile that instantly struck a chord with you.

Ways To Slide Into Someone's DMs

Top 10 Ways To Slide Into Someone’s DMs

Take note of their interests.

If you come across a person with hobbies, you can work your way around it. It may be possible that you get your first date through this, although you need to make sure to not be a creep. It can get you the chance to strike up a conversation with your potential connection.

Talk about music

No one in this world is not fond of music. Everyone has their distinctive taste, and there’s no better way to begin a conversation by talking about someone’s taste in music.

Bring up their pets.

Everyone loves talking about their pets. If your crush has bought a new puppy or a kitten, slide into their Dm’s and ask them about how they are doing.

Respond to one of their stories

You can use the story feature to your advantage by frequently responding to their stories. Just react to their funny tik tok videos or relatable memes.

Compliment them

It is a fact that humans need appreciation and love when someone talks about them. People feel special when they get noticed. Learn to compliment them for their smallest achievements.

Bring up how you know them.

It can be so good that the person is not a stranger to you. Either you might have exchanged glances at a common friend’s party or temporarily worked with them in the past years. Bring up their names and a hilarious incident that happened at that event.

Use your inside jokes

Find some interesting meme or a funny video in context to the hilarious inside joke between you and the person you like and share it with them.

Create Stronger Bonds

Creating strong bonds to have a meaningful conversation is important. At first, it may seem difficult. Once you become good friends then you can talk about general things like insecurities in relationships and much more. By showing your sensible, caring, and loving side, you can create strong bonds physically or in online dating.

Just ask them out

In the end, no matter how comfortable you guys are in direct messaging or sharing memes, you need to know about them in person for any relationship to establish. You should ask them to meet and hang out in person whenever you are ready.

DM Do’s: How to Slide into DMs

  • DO Show Non-DM Interest First

To make things seem less creepy, you can first begin with liking and commenting on their stories. After that, you can direct message them.

  • DO Compliment Them on Something Non-Physical

The urge to start talking to a person due to their attractive physical attributes is natural. You won’t build long-lasting bonds. It’s better to begin complimenting a person on their qualities that makes them stand out.

  • DO Use Mutual to Your Advantage

If you both share common friends or met at a party, begin with sharing some funny incident or talk about that person.

  • DO Respectfully Make Your Intentions Clear

After a few meet-ups or exchanges, when you think that your rapport with your prospective partners has developed, let them know what you think of them. Tell them how you feel for them, and don’t pressure them to reciprocate it.

  • DO Take It Out of the DMs Eventually

The end goal of sliding into someone’s DM is to establish a good friendly bond that helps you to take that plunge comfortably. Eventually, to know whether you are compatible, take things out of the DM once the time feels right.

DM Don’ts: How to Not Slide into DMs

  • DON’T Like All Their Stuff

To catch their attention, you must show interest in them through liking their post, commenting, and responding to their stories. But don’t overdo it.

  • DON’T Get Sexual Too Soon

We get that intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship, but getting sexual in the beginning is a major turn-off. Even if you’re intentions are good, getting sexual very early will only garner you hate. Don’t rush into getting sexual too soon.

  • DON’T Go After Someone Who’s in a Relationship

This is something that need not be said aloud in the first place. If they are already in a loving relationship, there’s no point chasing them. You can talk to them be friends with them but never text them with the motive that your friendship will turn into love.

  • DON’T Expect a Response From a Celebrity

You can surely send a good funny DM to a celebrity, but for people who have a huge subscriber number, you are not the first one who will send a message to them. Hence don’t be a fool and pester them to reply to you.

  • DON’T Keep Up a Boring Conversation

It is improbable that you connect with everyone you meet. Don’t drag and keep talking to a person if you see that spark failing or cannot feel anything with the person.

  • DON’T Have Any Expectations

When you feel something for a person, it is genuine to fantasize about the dreamy outcomes of marriages. Not every DM will guarantee you, love, so don’t expect and raise your bar high until you get any hint.

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How to be confident at sliding into DMs?

Sliding into DM’s can make you nervous, and the question pops How do I be confident in direct messaging someone? Well, the thing that makes our confidence fall down is expectations. Be clear about everything, and you will be good to go.

Sliding into DMs Examples

If your crush is a book lover, you can ask them something like-

“I love all the books you’ve been posting in your story. Which book are you reading right now?”

If they have frequently been posting about a new hobby or a crush, ask them about the activity.

“I’ve wanted to hike to this place for so long! It looks so fun!”


People consider sliding into DMs creepy because of the innumerable failed attempts made by our peers. Some had very bland wordplay ability, while some were outright creepy. This tarnished the image of the art that is sliding into DMs. You have got nothing to lose from it. Getting ignored in this process is a small price compared to romantic ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does DM Mean?

DM means direct messaging. On any popular social media app, you get an option to message your contacts or even strangers. DM is a short form for that.

What Does Sliding into DMs Mean?

The phrase Sliding Into DMs means to casually start a conversation with the person you like and wish to pursue as your partner. You do this by skillfully combining smooth and bold messages.

Why Do People Slide into DMs?

People slide into someone’s DM to casually start a conversation with someone they are attracted to. After social media, it has become easier to direct message your crush.

How To Find A Formal Date During A Pandemic?

It’s not as difficult as it seems. You can take the help of online dating apps to connect with someone on a social media platform.

How to Slide Into DMs Without Being Weird?

Follow them and make sure they follow you back, make a great first impression, decide on topics beforehand. These are a few of the many tips for sliding into someone’s DMs without being weird.

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