Dating Older Men – Tips, Dos & Dont’s

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Dating older men

People think that dating should be within the same age but that’s a myth. Age is just a number. It depends on you whether you wanna go for dating a young man or dating an older man. It’s all about understanding love, and compatibility is important in a relationship, it is also important to show love to your partner.

Things to remember before dating older men

Dating an old man is not simple as dating a young man. There are certain things you must consider before dating older men.

Things to remember before dating older men

1. While dating older men, remember they are stable in life. He has a settled life and willing for a long-term partner. His career, job, and future are sorted and if he is in love with you, he will want you to be part of it.

2. You must be aware of what do older guys like in bed. Your sexual fantasies may be different. Obviously, he has explored the world more than you so his sex drive can be higher. He has the capability to satisfy you completely but you need to learn how to satisfy him.

3. He may be divorced or may have some past relationship. You have to accept him completely along with their past.

4. You might date him because you find it sexier to date old men but he is probably dating you to have a future with you. He is in that stage of life where he wants to be with a permanent partner.

5. He will shower you with lots of pampering because he understands your needs very well. There will be times when you will feel over-loved but it’s a part of adult life.

6. Maybe you are the kind of person who does not like to be cheesy and who does not feel to share minute details about the day but while dating an older man, remember he likes it. He wants to know every part of your day.

7. A mature man will realize his mistakes too soon and he would swim any ocean to make it up for his fault.

8. If you are dating a man of age in his 30s, he might find less tie for you. He will have less time as compared to a young man in his 20s. He cannot hangout out at any moment because he is not a college-going student. He has responsibilities and might be a dependable child.

9. Life trajectories of you both may be different. You should discuss the future if you are planning for a long-term relationship. You should discuss what do you see in the next 5-10 years.

10. He might not take your compliments genuinely. For instance, if you tell him that you find his grey hair chest sexy, he might feel you are saying it just to make him feel good.

He might feel you are young and beautiful and he is not that attractive. You will need extra efforts to make him believe that you adore him the way he is.

Pros of dating an older men

Here are some ultimate benefits of dating an older man.

Older men know what they want… And what they don’t

An old man has more experience of a romantic relationship and dating. He is crystal clear about what does he want and what he doesn’t because of his previous relationship. They know what were the loopholes in past relationships and this time he is working on them with you.

Older Men have Accumulated More Hours of studying Women

You will not feel that secure and comfortable while dating a young man but an old man has accumulated more hours of studying a woman. If he is 7-10 years older than you, certainly he has a better understanding of women.

Older Men don’t play games

A mature man will always be straightforward about everything. He doesn’t know how to play games with you. He will keep the communication crystal clear. If he would like something, he would appreciate it.

Older Men give good advice

dating an older man is perfect because he is mature enough to give you good advice. A man who is older than you has a stable life and is not struggling as compared to a partner of the same age.

He will advise you on the basis of his experience.

Older Men are sexy AF

That intensity when he gives you that look, his perfect beard and his sexy body… What else do women need to get tired of! You will always find them sexy af and you won’t be able to resist yourself.

Older Men Take their time… with everything

He is older than you and is mature enough to understand that sex is not everything in life. He will take time for taking it to the final stage of life. His emotional connection will be as strong as his physical connection with you.

Cons of dating older men

Here are some pitfalls while dating an old man.

Your communication styles might be different

You need to accept that there is a gap of generation while dating an old man. Your style of communication will vary because of this reason. For instance, You used a slag “OOTD” while texting. He might not understand its meaning because it is not from his generation.

There may be a slight cultural gap in the relationship

Age-gap relationships have the factor of cultural differences. You might be a night party lover and he would like to sit under the sky and talk about life. Despite the cultural difference, the combo of an old man and a young woman is amazing.

You can try out each other’s things and explore more if you both feel comfortable.

There might be an ex-wife or children in his life

If you are dating an older man, they might have a previous relationship. He might have kids. Before thinking of a long-term relationship you need to discuss various things with your love.

You should ask yourself will you be ok if you meet his children. You must know the age of their children and it is important that they accept you in their father’s life. They are on his priority list.

Although when a man commits for the second time, he takes care of the second relationship better than the first one because he has experience with what may cause the problems and how they can be resolved.

You might not be as emotionally mature as you think

Dating a mature man means dating someone who has better emotional intelligence than you. Of course, you are gonna like it. He will know how to handle the hardships in life. You are younger than him and you might not be that much emotionally mature than him.

You just need to make sure that your emotional maturity level is on the same pace as his.

Being an old man, he will be direct to you in everything because he might not know how to play games.


That wink, the broad smile or the patience are good as gold for a woman and if these things are making you weak and you are thinking why I am attracted to older men, you must know you are interested in dating him.

There are n number of things you must consider before dating an older man. He is obviously mature and is emotionally strong. You must know he is not dating for any temporary reasons at this age. He is looking for a potential partner who can walk through.


What do men think about dating younger women?

In case old men dating younger women will bring back his youth to him, she is attractive and will always be full of adventures in life.

How much of an age gap is OK?

The average age difference lies between 1 to 7 years. The gap can be more than 7 years depending upon if the couple is Ok with it.

Do older guys fall in love faster?

It depends on the individual. There is no bar for young or old guys to be all in love. It is just about what they are looking for as their potential partner.

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