10+ Sign To Know You Love Your Boyfriend

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Do I love my boyfriend?

Loving someone is not confined to the romantic feeling. Moreover, it is accepting the person along with their flaws. Do not mistake your physical attraction with the feeling of love. Indeed it is the crucial part of a happy relationship but it is not everything.

Love comes with promises, commitment, sacrifices, loyalty, compromises, efforts, and giving time. You cannot love every person whom you like. Just an I Love You cannot do justice to the feelings.

Your boyfriend can be an amazing man but do you love your boyfriend? If you are confused about your feelings for him, or you’re in a dilemma whether you love him, you like him or you are just attracted to him, notice the signs of love within yourself.

Signs that you Love your Boyfriend

You do not love everyone who treats you like a queen. If you love them, they must rule your heart and mind constantly. You must be missing their presence like the way he talks to you, hit a pick up line on you and much more. You miss them when they are not around, or you must be watching his photos at your work table and scrolling your chats.

Signs that you Love your Boyfriend

Love is an emotional roller coaster ride that fills your life with happiness and satisfaction. Answer yourself a few questions and then decide do you love your boyfriend? Here are some common signs that will let you know, you love your bf.

You cannot stop talking about him

He is ruling your heart and mind, from morning to night and night to the other morning you keep talking about him, it mostly happens in long distance relationships. Every conversation ends up talking about him, he becomes your favourite person.

You want to know his entire story

You are interested in every little detail of their story, his fears, his favourite place, his favourite food, and just everything about him and his life. You are even interested to hear something out of your interest.

You talk to him about everything

You just pour your heart in front of them from every silly thing to the most serious concern of your life, you share everything. You do not feel any fear in sharing anything with them. You share unadulterated stuff with him.

The thought of losing him terrifies you

The biggest fear of true love is losing the person you love, you would feel empty if they leave you. You would feel out of life if something happens to them or if they leave you. This fear is the sign of true love.

You feel totally Secure

When you love him truly, small things do not bother you. You won’t overreact if he is not able to pick up your call or could not respond to your text. You trust them when you love them and these little things do not make you feel insecure. You will never think he will leave you for someone else.

You enjoy sex more

Sex is more pleasurable in real love. You share your wild fantasies and you try new things with him. You tell him everything you want and you do not fear that he will judge you for this. You crave sex with him every day and night.


You Genuinely want him to be Happy

You will always love to see the person happy and smiling when you love him truly. You care about their happiness more than yours. You would do anything that is good for them, even if that puts you in trouble. This is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Time flies when you are together

4 hours feels like 4 mins when you are in love. No matter how many hours you spent together, it will never be enough. You will ultimately feel sad when he leaves. You will always want more time with him. You never feel tired of talking and enjoying yourself with them.

You even find their quirks attractive

In love, everything feels right, even the quirks. You are attracted to their soul not just to the body. The way he sets his hair, his whistles, his laughing sound, his nose, his open mouth while eating, or it can be anything that might sound strange to others but you find it very attractive.

Their traits become your traits

In love, their traits become your traits, you follow what they do. Likewise, if your partner is a fitness lover, you will end up going to the gym every day, even if you didn’t like it earlier, you will love it now. You will do it with your whole heart.

You see a future with them in it

If you love your boyfriend, you will see a future with him in it. You will dream of a house of you both, a happy family, kids, and a static future. You will wish to fulfil your every dream with them and you want their presence forever in your life. You are now thinking of doing everything just with him.

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Love is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel butterflies in your stomach and you fail to concentrate anywhere else than your love. You constantly think about him every time and he becomes your only priority.

Such feelings indicate that you love your boyfriend. You might share your feelings with your close friends, they might have said you love him right. If you are experiencing these signs of love, rush to him and confess your feelings. Tell them you love them. Do not get influenced by others’ suggestions about your feelings.

Remember there are no set rules for falling in love, it just happens. If you are dating him already, make sure you love him. Else it will end up hurting. These are just common signs found in people in love. You may experience some, more, or all of them.


What traits are Ideal for a Love Story?

Some common traits may be respect, vulnerability, trust, commitment, kindness, empathy, tones of affection, good sex, and validation.

What happens when you fall in love?

Your heart begins to race when someone refers their name, your palms sweat in initial meetings, you become nervous, you have constant thoughts about them.

What is the best way to know if you love someone?

You want to share everything with them first, be it good or sad news, you love spending time with them, you think of them all the time, and you feel positive and energized.

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