How Many Dates Before Relationship Is Official

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How Long Should You Date Before Becoming Official

Love is the purest form of emotion that exists in human life. It is something that has not changed its meaning over the period of time. When you look for a future with someone, you need to consider lots of things before committing your life to them.

You need a better understanding of the person with whom you are spending your life. For how long should we date before making the relationship official? And how many dates we are supposed to go on before making it official? Taking a decision to stay with someone forever requires a deep analysis of everything.

How many Dates before Relationship is Official?

Although there is no exact number of predefined dates one must go before committing to any relationship. But there comes a time when we start feeling connected to the person we are dating and also share feeling by hitting a romantic pick up line or through any other way. After a few meetings and a few weeks of conversation, we start developing a soft corner in our hearts. You should never hurry in such matters.

How many Dates before your Relationship is Official?

Serious things and such big decisions in life should be given proper time. Before committing anything your heart automatically tries to connect with the person you are dating. The feelings start to develop slowly. But before making your casual relationship official it’s important that you get answers to all the questions you have in your mind.

Signs You Are Going from Casually Dating to an Official Relationship

A relationship is not only meant for loving a person in their best rather it is more about how you handle your partner at their worst. As of now, there are no steps or a process to make a casual relationship an official one. But there are signs that direct your heart to make it official.

You feel secure

A sense of security in any relationship is the first step towards forever. The feeling of security comes with the feeling of not being judged. It takes reassurance from your partner. This is not only important to take your relationship to next level but also to build a healthy relationship.

You’ve spent a lot of time together

Spending time together leads to knowing more about your partner. You get to know about likes, dislikes, fears, the way they respond in different situations, and the way they treat others.

When you start feeling the urge to know all such things about your date, then it is a sign that you’re moving towards making it official.

You recognize red flags

When you start moving from a casual relationship to an official one, you start recognizing the red flags. The red flag can be when they are trying to run away in difficult times. when they are lying, the jealousy factor, they try to control you, are not ready to compromise for you, etc.

When you start recognizing such things you must know it’s time to say “NO”.

You both want to go public

When you both feel to hold hands in public and do not feel uncomfortable hugging each other in front of everyone, it is a sign you are moving towards making it an official relationship.

You are ready to have the relationship talk

When you feel free to talk about your relationship to your date, it is a sign you want to make it official. You feel to share what are your dream moments with your partner and how will it be to be in an official relationship.

How to Make Your Relationship Official?

So after dating them for a long time and experiencing the signs of making the casual relationship an official one, you are now sure they are meant for you. Do not hustle to label the casual bond as an official relationship. You can make it official when

  • You start valuing each other and more importantly, you respect each other.
  • You should give it a try. You should not directly jump on to the final destination but you can give it a try of 7-9 weeks.
  • You should not get nervous in tagging it officially. You should work on it slowly and do not change what helped to build your bond.
  • Make sure you guys are not playing the love game. You both should be serious about each other.
  • talk to your inner self and make sure you like them as a whole.
  • Your communication becomes strong and you know too much about each other.
  • you start breaking your own rules for them and you do something out of the box to make them happy.

How to Make Your Relationship Official?

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The bottom line

According to a survey, 1 out of every 10 men and 5% of women thinks that a relationship should be made official after 4-6 months of dating. Another 12% of men and 13% of women think that they should ideally spend 10-12 months together to make it official. But at last, it all depends on how serious you both are and how strong is the communication and understanding.

In a nutshell,  no one can give the exact number of how many dates one should go on before becoming official in a relationship. It all depends on how quickly you get serious.


What are the signs of a relationship?

You feel to share everything to them instantly, you do not fear to hold hands at a public place, unconditionaL love, respect, you encourage each others’ goals and many more.

What If I am feeling nervous or vulnerable?

You should try to share your feelings with your partner. Sharing brings solutions to everything. It will even help to build your bond stronger.

What is the best way to prepare someone for a new relationship?

Try to be best friends first, try to communicate openly, and work on building trust.

What should you do I your partner is not ready to make it official?

You should give them enough time to prepare themselves. Talk to them and know if they are afraid of something and give them a sense of security.

What is the best way to know if a relationship is serious?

You both handle fights and misunderstandings maturely, discuss the future together. You support each other in fulfilling the dreams.

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