What Happens When You Ignoring A Narcissist

Gwen Adams

Ignoring a narcissist

Ignoring a narcissist is the best revenge. Narcissists have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and admiration. They can be very difficult to deal with because of their lack of empathy compared to a normal person. This self-centred and charismatic personality makes them intriguing, yet dangerous, they become more superior when someone praises them or hit a pick up line.

How will a narcissist react to being ignored

Narcissists have an innate characteristic to be the centre of attraction. They attract people with their personalities and impress any person with their confident approach. They are smooth with their words and make any women fall head over heels for them. They can turn very aggressive, cold-hearted, and toxic.

Most persons who are in a relationship with a narcissist change and often end up feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted. This is because of their abusive and competitive behaviour. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist and it is hurting you, then the most logical solution is to separate yourself from that person.

Ignoring a narcissist

What annoys them the most is when you ignore narcissists. They feel superior to others and so they despise losing to anyone. Narcissists can feel agonized and humiliated when they are ignored. They also throw insults at people and they do not care if the other person is hurt or mentally exhausted.

The first reaction is always negative. They may also start ignoring you to establish their superiority and power. When that doesn’t work, they will try to sweet talk and manipulate you to go back to following what they want. A narcissist will make false promises and even try to win your trust back.

If that fails, they may escalate their ways a step further and try to insult, abuse, or attack you with their words and behaviours. They will hurt your self-esteem and turn very chaotic. Narcissists have a tendency to take control by hook or by crook.

It is very unpredictable to know how does a narcissist react to being blocked. One thing is for sure, a narcissist is always power-hungry and addicted to admiration. They will not accept your decision and will be a massive blow to their egos.

Steps To Ignoring A Narcissist

Knowing what do narcissists do when you ignore them is not enough if you want to separate your ways from them. It is necessary to know how to ignore a narcissist.

No Contact

Ignoring really ignites the negative side of a narcissist. No contact means to cut off a narcissist from your life. It means that you will have to stay away from them, deny calls or refrain from picking up their calls and ignore their text messages on social media.

A narcissist will continue to manipulate you and reach out to you, making fake promises that they would change their ways. This behaviour only makes it prominent that they need attention and admiration from you.

Recognize your attachment to the relationship.

A relationship is about mutual trust, love, and respect. It is important that these are balanced and identical for both partners. A relationship must be between two individuals in equal positions contributing and compromising equitably. If you are someone making all the sacrifices, then it means you are giving more than taking back.

Narcissists have a great influence on people and on their partners. They do not let go of them easily and are also leaving them emotionally stranded. It is never easy to satisfy the needs of a narcissistic person because they are endless, demanding, and unfair.

So it is better to realise and understand your level of attachment to the relationship. And start maintaining a distance if you realised that your partner is toxic and narcissistic.

Don’t blame yourself.

A narcissist can be very cold-hearted and detached. Do not blame yourself if your partner is ignoring you or behaving indifferently. Narcissists can change from love bombing to acting very unexpressive and dispassionate.

Even when they throw insults and exhibit disrespectful behaviour towards you, do not fret over it or display signs of dejection. Do not give a narcissist the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing you hurtful and distressed. Instead, ignore what they say and shift your focus to other, better things.

They make such hurtful comments to hit your deepest insecure emotions and take control of the way you are feeling. You deserve to be respected and treated with love and all the happiness in your life.

Admit that you need help.

Our insecurities and naïve judgements may lead us to the worst possible situations in life. And there is nothing wrong with it because only then do we realise what we did wrong and how we can correct them. The tempting personality of a narcissist may cloud all your right judgements.

Narcissists are difficult to understand and they do not let their partner go away from them easily because they like having control over their partner’s emotions and feelings. As soon as you break up with a narcissistic person, they will try very hard to bring you back. They will promise to change and be a better person, however, they fall back on their ways.

Hence, there is a high chance that you will need some help to get you out of the narcissistic abuse and toxic relationship. There is nothing wrong with needing help to come out of the vicious cycle of breaking up and getting back to your toxic narcissist partner.

Identify your limitations

Boundaries are an important part of any relationship. It helps both partners to have clarity about each other’s limitations and beliefs. It also helps couples to build trust, respect, and empathy towards each other. Boundaries can be physical, emotional, sexual, and financial.

A narcissist has no regard for the other person’s boundaries, which is very disrespectful. If you are in contact with a narcissistic person, reestablish your boundaries. Only if you have a clear picture of your limitations and priorities, will you be confident to say no to others.

Narcissists can be very persistent and stubborn and you can’t control a narcissist. Hence, bring own your direct contact with a narcissist. Or cut off people who are diminishing your value.


Narcissistic persons are difficult to deal with and avoid. That doesn’t mean it is impossible. Narcissists are very self-centred, arrogant, and stubborn. The most practical way to deal with them is by ignoring and reducing the direct contact with them. This is because they have a very charismatic personality and manipulative behaviour which can confuse or cloud your judgement.

Establish your personal boundaries and make sure you learn to say no to anyone who forces you to compromise your priorities. If you have been in an abusive relationship for a long time, then do not feel ashamed to seek medical help.


What will a narcissist do to get your attention?

A narcissist has a charismatic personality and they sweet talk and mesmerizes people. They will make you feel important and cherished.

Is ignoring a narcissist easy to do?

No, it isn’t easy to ignore a narcissist. They do not let go of people that easily because they crave attention and admiration.

Can a narcissist change and how do you know?

Everyone is capable of changing their ways. Narcissists are self-centred, also manipulate people into thinking they are changing.

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