When To Say I love & How To Say It

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When to say I love you

Time is not at all a factor in love. Isn’t it? but When to Say I Love You? Whenever the situation supports you and your feelings, then that’s the time to say ‘I Love You’ to your partner.

There isn’t any rule about the correct time to say ‘I love You’ and propose your lover be your life partner because if there would have been rules and regulations in love, then it wouldn’t have been love anymore. You can start the conversation on a good note and it would have been a game.

How soon is too soon to say I love you?

It has always been said that love can occur anywhere, in any moment of life, and in any way but when should you say I love you if it is love? A few people start experiencing weird chemistry only in the first meeting with someone. Is love at first sight true? Does the feeling develop so faster?

So, When is it too soon to say I Love You? The critical thing is understanding what love is and what it is still an infatuation, not only from your perspective but also from your partner’s perspective. So, you are afraid of saying the three magical words prematurely.

What if you ask the question or think about how soon is too soon to say I love You, and you don’t get an affirmative from the partner’s side? When your understanding is not so strong, and you know nothing about each other, saying ‘I love You’ is super soon.

How soon is too soon to say I love you?

Things to Keep in consideration

Love is a step-by-step process. These steps should be taken gradually so that there wouldn’t be any issue further. The feelings developed in one’s heart and not in the other can create many problems, and the relationship may also become complicated. From complications, confusions arise. Confusions and misunderstandings break the base of the relationship.

Are you sure it’s love?

It is essential to understand that the feelings developing in the heart and the thoughts you are having in your mind are pointing to whether it is love. Sometimes, we mistook infatuation as love; sometimes, we consider friendship as love. These feelings without any solid and close connection with each other are not love.

Love is that feeling that overcomes every emotion and urges you to be that person in whatever situation the other person is in. Then, when do you say I love you? When you feel like life is no more the same place you used to enjoy before, the reasons behind your existence have added another pointer in the list, and you are now seeing yourself as a bit different person in a good way, then believe your heart, it is love.

Choose the right moment.

Saying ‘I Love You’ can be an easy task but truly meaning the words, fulfilling the promises, and putting in efforts is also necessary. For this, the person must be ready to go through that phase and make every possible thing that makes the relationship a better version. The feeling of love should always grow more robust.

When to tell someone, you love them? It has always been said that there isn’t any right moment to say ‘I Love You,’ because it is when your heart tells you to need that person to be forever in your life and that person can make you happiest and your life most beautiful. Then the time is all yours and the moment is here to create the magic of love that will last till eternity.

Be prepared: They may not think the same.

Feelings sometimes become like a two-way road, but sometimes it becomes a one-way road. The feelings developing in your heart may not be the same for the other person but that doesn’t degrade your love. You have to be prepared that there is no meaning behind carrying the process forward if the feelings are not mutual.

One thing that has always been thought of is that the friendship before the relationship doesn’t remain the same after denial of the love proposal. Friendship is a special feeling too that a person gets blessed with. This is just like your school exam.

If one of your papers doesn’t go well, then that doesn’t mean the next will be the same. This also doesn’t mean that you can’t score well anymore. Everything happening in life is for a good reason. If that person wasn’t your destiny, then your future has planned something exciting for you. So, keep the friendship intact and move on for some more exciting things to happen in life.

Consider the future.

The moment you have presently in your hand is significant that doesn’t deny that the future has no importance. Every moment in life is essential, whether it be good or bad. When you plan your present with somebody, you will design and foresee the future with that person because that’s what love is.

Love is not just what you are having at the moment but also the plans you make for a better future for both of you together. When the end has the word together in it, then that is the moment you realize what love is.

Falling in love is a simple and easy thing but keeping it grow stronger forever is the most challenging thing. But if your heart says you are ready to face whatever the situation says to be with that person for the rest of your life, then this is love that can never leave your heart.

Signs it's the right time to say "I love you":

Signs it’s the right time to say “I love you”:

  • When love has occupied all your heart, and the person has settled every bit of your life. Then you are on the right track. The signs that you will get to confirm you are falling in love will let you know that you can never confess your feelings if not today.
  • When you feel, that’s it, now the feelings cannot be hidden from the person anymore, and that person has all right to know about it now.
  • Even though life has made you all busy, you still want to take time from it and think about the person who has created the magic in your heart. You feel that all moments of your life need that person by your side.
  • Knowing the name and having feelings are not enough to start a journey forever. You should be able to understand those details of your partner which they don’t realize at times or don’t know about themselves.
  • Let’s say, what the thing that can make them the happiest is? The place that has their heart? The food that can satisfy their anger? The moment of their life that can trigger them at any moment emotionally? Their strengths and weaknesses, and every little thing because knowing little something about each other can make your life happier together.
  • It is a human tendency to commit minor mistakes, but if you are ready to forgive those mistakes and love them even more, thinking that this is something adorable about your partner, it is the correct time to say ‘I Love You.’
  • When you love the moment spent with your partner. The experiences you have together make it memorable and you want it for the rest of your life. The time you spend with others gives you the reason to smile and be happy. Then, you are in love.
  • When you show your feelings and express them as I like you, I like the moments we have together, etc. From this, when your partner says something related to this or smiles, the sign shows that they too have some feelings for you.
  • When you discuss your future together, the plans you make together, discuss the dream trip together, and many more plans and wish lists are fulfilling shows that you both are serious in the relationship.

Your gut feeling

The inner voice and the heart give you the correct sign and signal about your feelings and love. The heart may sometimes lead you to the wrong path, but mostly it is accurate. So, try to follow what your heart speaks.

When you feel you are in love when your heart says you have feelings for that person, that’s the right time for you to show the love and feelings to your partner and say ‘I Love You.’ Because anyone can betray you, but your gut feeling will never betray you.

You almost said it

Not saying everything directly, but giving some indications about love can also happen. Because you will feel like the other person should also know your feelings at some moment. Also, at the exact moment, you will be afraid to lose that person forever if you say something wrong.

You have gelled together nicely.

When your choices match, your thought process matches, your vision matches, and your personality matches. You feel that the other person understands your opinions and point of view. You believe that this friendship can be the base for your love, and your team will be converted into a couple forever.

You both compliment each other frequently.

People love compliments from anyone. Complimenting each other varies from many points of view. A friend also compliments another friend. So, it won’t be easy to understand whether it is love or not. If it is love, then when to say I Love You. When you have feelings for a person, you should complement each other to understand its motive.

Saying I Love You after a particular moment of life can create your magical love story. If your compliments and compliments are not similar, i.e., if you are expressing love through compliments, but the person is showing friendship, you can understand the feeling properly.

You’ve had your unique moments.

The moments you both have with each other are not ordinary. They are unique and lovely, which generally indicates love, then the feeling of love is mutual. When you both want to have more unique and beautiful moments with each other and spend time with each other most of the time.

Then saying I love you is the perfect time for you because when you are ready to share the most precious thing, i.e., time, you are prepared to share life.

You feel “I like you” is not enough.

If you both are best friends, saying I like you may sound customary. When this feeling develops, and you start enjoying the other person more than a friend, ‘I want you won’t satisfy you. It wouldn’t be enough for you.

Your expectation will increase, and you would be dying to hear I love you from the other person. The journey then proceeds towards a love story. While having this feeling, you should make sure whether the other person has the same.

Your partner says statements like “I like you” often.

One of the most challenging parts of an association with a person is putting your heart in words. Because you might be afraid that your confession can ruin your friendship with the other person. If your compliments impress them and the person enjoys it, then your love is not one-sided anymore. When your partner says I like you to you when you say or not, this shows that the feeling is mutual.

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The bottom line

When to say I love you? When is the right time to say I love you? How long to say I love you? These questions will burst your mind, but having the feeling of love and then confessing has to be a slow process.

If that person is in your destiny, then nothing can stop you from meeting that person to having them forever in your life. Love is like a flower. A flower needs light and water to grow and blossom. Similarly, love needs effort and time to grow into a beautiful story.


Should you say it first?

Love doesn’t know any discrimination, so, it does not matter who initiates the proposal, you can confess your feelings first.

What if they don’t say it back?

When the reply to your I love you are not I love you too, that is not the end because the process of acceptance of love and feelings is not quicker sometimes.

Is there ever a wrong time to say I love you?

Yes. Anything happening in a hurry can distract the motive behind the thing. So, you should not say I love you when you’re disturbed.

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