Biggest Turn Offs in a Relationship For Men & Women

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Relationships are not always fun. Sometimes relationships can be tough to deal with because of turn-offs in a relationship, you cannot always cop up relationship problems by showing love. Turn-offs can be anything like accepting your mistakes, playing the blame game, or lying about things. Turn-offs can ruin a relationship and things can go south pretty quickly if not being taken care of.

What does turn-offs mean in a relationship?

What do turn-offs mean in a relationship?

Just like some attractions, there are some things that one can find upsetting. Turn-offs can be any unappealing thing that your partner does. It can make you question whether this relationship is working for you. It can lead to loss of interest and you may not find your partner as the right fit for you. Turn-offs can be because of your partner’s behaviour, words, and how they react to things.

A happy relationship requires you to take care of your partner’s interests and desires. If not being understood well and not taken care of, turn-offs can lead to multiple issues in a relationship, especially in long distance relationship. Therefore, it becomes very important to be aware of what turns off your partner. Some turn-offs might be easy to find out while others might be pretty subtle.

Biggest Turn Offs For Women

Whether you are dating or in a relationship, you would need to have a good understanding of some of the biggest turn-offs for women and through this, you can also fix a struggling relationship. We have provided some most common things that can turn off women that can help you.

Biggest Turn Offs For Women


It can turn off women if their partner is just present physically but is not emotionally. Listen to your partner without making them feel you are just doing the formality of being present. Women like to share quality time with their partners and get the attention of their partners. It can only happen if you would be in that moment with her.


If you would focus only on yourself without caring much for your partner, then it can be pretty upsetting for women. Your partner can see self-centeredness in your behaviour, conversation, and your thinking. Give your partner the chance to say what they want, try to understand them better, and make them feel special.

A Selfish Man is a huge turn off for most women

Selfishness is one of the most common turn-offs for women because this shows that you don’t care about your partner much. Selfishness also brings an imbalance in a relationship, because the relationship is all about looking out for each other. Be there for your partner and don’t make everything about yourself.

Excessive Jealous

Jealousy is pretty normal but there is a limit to everything. Women can find it very unpleasant if guys start getting jealous regularly for even little things. For many women, jealousy is a sign of trust issue. Give your partner their own space without tracking everything they do.

A control Freak

Don’t dominate everything about your partner. Women feel very uncomfortable if they don’t get the freedom of making their own choices in life. Also, being too controlling makes the relationship toxic and can also be a threat to the relationship. So, give your partner the liberty they deserve.

Not sensitive to her feelings

Not being sensitive to your partner’s feelings can be a big turn-off for women. Women are pretty emotional and that’s why emotional understanding is key to a loving relationship. Women would want you to understand their emotions better and be careful about them as per the situation.

A lie a Cheat and hypocrite

This is the biggest turn-off for women and if not bring worked upon, having such behaviour can end your relationship. Women are pretty good at sensing lies and they notice what you say. So, if you backtrack or be too fishy then a woman can sense it. Always stay true to your word and don’t make your partner doubtful.

Bad breath

No one likes smelly breath but women are even more conscious of basic hygiene. This makes it one of the instant turn-offs and it can also kill the intimacy in your relationship. Maintain good hygiene habits and brush twice a day to get rid of bad breath. If this doesn’t work, consult a dentist.

Fears about unwanted pregnancy

Fear of unwanted pregnancy may not be one of the most obvious turn-offs but it’s a serious matter for women. Unwanted pregnancy makes it uncomfortable for a woman to be intimate with their partners. So, don’t take things lightly and always be responsible enough to make sure that everything is safe.

Biggest Turn Offs For Guys

It’s not only the responsibility of guys, girls also need to be aware of some common things that turn off guys. We have listed the biggest turn-offs for guys that you can look out for and work on it for a better relationship.

Biggest Turn Offs For Guys

A Dominant Woman

Most men don’t prefer women who are dominant and like to charge of all the things in a relationship. Men are more into leading the relationship and like to be the ones to take the charge. It’s better not to push a guy if you want the relationship to last long.


Getting compared with others is the worst in a relationship. Doing this can be a huge turn-off for men and can also have a negative effect on the relationship. So, it’s better to be respectful about this and avoid comparison.

Lack Of Support

Men like their partners to be supportive of their decisions. If you would not be supportive of your partner, then this can be one of the major relationship turn-offs. This can also be very harmful to the relationship.

Talking About the Future on your first date

Don’t discuss the future of your relationship on your first date. It’s not because men have commitment issues, it’s just that men like to take it easy. So, don’t freak them out by asking questions about the future.

Questioning them

Men hate it when their partner doubts them. It makes them think their partner doesn’t trust them and trust issues are never good for a relationship. So, understand them better and the reason behind their decision.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is one of the major turns off for both men and women. Though men don’t overdo it, basic hygiene is very important. Because men most of the time find women attractive if they have good looks.

A woman who doesn’t know how to dress

Dressing well is a big part that attracts men. It can also be a big turn-off if they see a woman don’t know how to dress well. So, improve your dressing sense and you always put on something sexy to get things going.

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Knowing some most common turn-offs is very important to maintain a relationship for an extended period. If you can’t figure out what makes your partners upset then you can always communicate without making things complicated. What matters is working on these things and putting a stop to such behaviour.


Why do couples fall apart?

Couples can fall apart because of multiple reasons including turn-offs like the one mentioned above.

What is the space you give your partner?

You don’t have to change things completely, just give them enough space so that they can feel free.

What if your partner doesn’t want to kiss you?

Pay attention to how your partner is reacting and their body language. If this doesn’t help, try to communicate with your partner.

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