15 Signs To Know He Loves You Secretly

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Signs he loves you secretly

When you feel that a guy is attracted to you, the first thing you start looking for is signs he loves you secretly. He might be suffering from a lack of confidence in expressing his feelings for you but his little signs and hints will tell you about the soft corner he might have for you.

It is important to know the signs he loves you secretly. Love is the language of the hearts that should be understood by both the persons involved in it. He never skips a chance to talk to you, he keeps on praising you, he may also hit a pick up line to show his feeling.

When you understand and reciprocate love, you will realize this feeling is as magical and gorgeous as a blooming rose. So, let’s make you blush a little and show you the minor signs your guy gave, but you might have taken them lightly.

Signs that A Guy Loves You Secretly

Signs that A Guy Loves You Secretly

He makes an effort to talk to you

By asking simple, stupid questions or commenting about little things to make you laugh, he might sometimes annoy you into talking, but a secret lover is bound to take this step. You can even notice a bit of colour change in his face while just asking you to sit beside him while travelling, and then if he looks nervous while asking you “your type,” he is just the guy!

He remembers everything you say to him

“You were 7 when your first milk tooth fell off”. You are stunned how he remembered that! How could someone possibly recollect even the tiny little things you might have jokingly told them? That’s true love, girl! Just like a diamond maker remembers all the small intricacies of the diamond it shapes, a lover knows all about his love bud because you are the Kohinoor for him.

He defends you in front of others

You are shouting! Not to defend or argue about your point but to stop him from screaming for you. Yes, guys like to be superhero, especially when drowning in love. He will quickly get into a heated argument to take your side, even for trivial matters. Beware of this habit because he can land into serious trouble, all for defending you.

His friends know all about you

Have you ever felt like being in the stoplight whenever you talk to the guy while his friend circle is around. Then you may know what it feels like when his friends steal glances and make suspicious little comments with that smirk! You understand that something is fishy when his friends start narrating your tales and stories. It is natural as girls are not the only over-sharers, especially when love matters.

He shares his thoughts with you

Friendly talks are cute, but when he starts sharing his thoughts about various topics and things that matter to him, he is getting serious. A guy mostly tends to take the philosophical angle with his girl. It means he is comfortable around you and wants to be with you. These deep talks allow you to see the inner person behind the gleaming face.

He tries to keep you happy

Isn’t this point quite obvious? If you love someone, you will constantly seek happiness in the other person’s happiness. Your one smile can be sparkle for the entire day in your guy’s heart. So, he will leave no stone unturned to make you happy. He will constantly try to make you happy by gifting your favourite ice cream or taking you to the most beautiful spot in your locality. Even a few compliments on how cute you look when angry or panicky are just the lover’s attempt to keep his girl in a joyous mood.

He surprises you with gifts

It is part of the signs someone loves you. Whenever you expect the least, your guy gets you a cute present that’s bound to steal your heart. From chocolates to sweet teddy bears, he will get presents on every occasion possible, he is trying to impress you. So, if his presents are making you unnaturally feel special, happy, and you are always appreciating them, then you are also falling for him.

He is constantly texting you

This modern era of social networking has a crucial role in bringing lovers closer. Now, he doesn’t have to write a letter, wait for weeks for that letter to get delivered and wait for months for your reply letter. Now, he can text you on WhatsApp or any other social networking platform whenever he feels right. So, if he is in love with you secretly, he can’t resist the urge to talk and slide into your DMs, he will cater to this inner impatience for you by texting you around the clock.

He asks you many questions

He asks you so many questions about yourself like What’s your favourite colour, What’s your dream and much more, his questions are never-ending. The more he knows about you, the more affection he feels towards you, and you take away pieces of his heart with every passing question.

He gets jealous

Now, no matter how much we say jealousy is a nasty emotion but; when it comes to a lover, it’s one of the most innocent feelings. So, suppose you see the guy constantly giving you jealous looks whenever you are chatting and laughing with another guy; he is totally in love.

He looks at you a lot

You are casually looking around, and you catch the guy sincerely staring at you. That’s the most beautiful instance of love. Unintended eye contacts are sometimes more romantic than any form of intimacy. So, if he looks at you a lot, that’s the cutest sign that he loves you secretly.

He tries to impress you

If he loves you secretly, he will attempt small romantic steps to win your heart. Like taking you to a lovely café, complimenting about your dressing sense, holding your hand while walking, these are sweet moves he might take you to impress you.

He finds out details about you

He is trying to know your inner personality, he wants to know your likes, dislikes, your opinion on general things and much more, as he is interested in you. Please don’t take it casually, girl. It’s your guy.

He finds reasons to touch you

Touching you gently, again and again, is his way of saying “I LOVE YOU” without saying the words. Wanting to be physical is his urge for his love bud, you to be precise.

He says ‘we’ instead of ‘I’

Last but not least, he uses that “we” term while making planning anything. The relationship is all about togetherness, being a partner for anything and everything, being one! So, don’t ask yourself again,” Does he like me?”. You and he are already becoming soulmates.

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Men are cutest when they are mad in love. So, the next time you catch these cute signs in the guy and are also interested in him, you have just found your date, your perfect partner. So, understand these unspoken words of love.


What is the most important sign of love?

Trying to make you happy and appreciate the little things in you is one of the most important signs of love.

How do guys hint to you?

Guys usually hint at you by making you comfortable with him and flirting with you a little.

Who is a shy guy?

A shy guy wants to talk to you, be close to you, act smart around you, but it is weird when you two are just chatting. He might even try to run away from his lover.

Why do we tease our crushes?

We want to show that we are not interested in testing his love for us and then finally when we are sure about him, we offer our interest.

How do men express their love?

Giving you forehead kisses, hugging you now and then, and sometimes bringing you a bouquet are a few ways by which men try to convey their love for their partner.

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