How Soon is too Soon to Move in Together – 10 Signs

Couples dream of having a perfect life with their partner in a relationship. Dreaming of having an evening together, having a romantic dinner. Who doesn’t wish for these lovely moments? So, getting further, people choose to move in together. Although, nothing is wrong with that. But, rashing out in a relationship can be risky.

In that excitement, people forget to question, how soon is too soon to move in? At a certain point, these lovely moments like romance, using pick up lines and other such things that make you blind will not seem to excite you any longer. You may even realize that you’re not made for each other. Thus, knowing that you’re ready to move in together is a point of concern.

Living together is not a teen relationship play. It’s a serious matter you should think about practically. You should be concerned about if it’s the right time, right place, and the right person to move in with.

Move in Together

When to Move in Together?

Moving in together can be a success or it can set you apart. So, it’s important to know when to move in. According to statistics, couples move in one year or maybe more than that. If it’s above 6 months, then you can think about it. Apart from this, you need to conclude your partner’s behaviour as well. Think of if moving in with your partner can match the same tune over a long period. Moving in is a big decision. Before you decide to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you must discuss practical aspects.

  • How are you going to divide household work?
  • What type of house you’re interested in.
  • How you plan to furnish the place.
  • Things you both need at your new place.
  • How are you going to split the bills?
  • About your ‘ME’ time and private space.

Apart from a practical discussion, you must discuss emotional points as well. Being together is an interesting thing but it’s harder than you think. Managing a place with multiple responsibilities is not easy. Moreover, if your relationship duration is less than 6 months or if you don’t know that person well then it would be even more difficult. You may hate each other’s crazy habits. It can be cleanliness, different choices, short temper, lack of financial support, and a lot more. If you are truly devoted to your partner and you’re sure that you or your partner can handle all this. Perfect! You can move in together.

10 Signs to Know When You’re Ready to Move in Together

Move in Together

The decision of moving in with your partner needs more discussion and clarification. Moving in means you’re going to share everything. Your bed, food, expenses, assets, much like married couples. Although moving in together can be worse since the law has no such commotion regarding live-in couples issues. You’re responsible for your actions. So, it’s better to take deep thought and clear discussion on if you should move in together or not. Here are 10 signs that can help you know if you’re ready for it or not.

You’ve Been Together for Long Enough

Being in a relationship does count the time you spend together. Over the time you spend, you learn about each other. You know each other better. If you’re thinking about moving in together, you should consider the duration of your relationship above six months. That’s an ideal duration followed by couples moving in. Being together doesn’t mean that you’re in a relationship, it’s about how much time you spend together. When you stay close or share your space, you realize the differences and similarities. It’s then your choice to go ahead with it or not.

You’re Comfortable Staying Together

Moving in means you have to share everything. So, you need to be comfortable with your partner. It’s important that you’re close to each other or you share the same bed. Being comfortable in a relationship before moving in is important. Moving in while you’re not comfortable with each other is only going to create an invisible barrier between you and your partner. So, if you’re at a stage in your relationship where you and your partner are comfortable with each other, then you can step ahead.

You Both Should Have Similar Desire to Move in

If you’re too excited about moving in with your partner, it’s useless if your partner is still confused. It’s important to have an equal wave of willingness to be together. Before you think of moving in with your partner, sit and think about if you’re willing to move in together. That’s okay if you’re a bit mind-blocked with how you’re going to manage things. If there is a major drawback with the idea, you must discuss it with your partner. If you’re not sharing the same desire, it’s not going to last long.

You Both Have a Similar Sleeping Schedule

If you work late at night but your partner goes to work early in the morning, this can be a terrifying phase after a while. Even if you sleep last and your partner sleeps early and wakes up early, that will feel uncomfortable and irritating after a while. It’s important to know if your sleep cycles match if you both are compatible to stay together. Moving in together at your initial stage of a relationship, you would suffer a lot if you haven’t discussed it. If you know about your sleeping schedule and you’re ready to adjust, then you can go ahead with your idea.

You have more ‘We’ than ‘You’ and ‘I’ in Your Relationship

While you’ve been together for a long, you know your partner’s whereabouts. You know your partners, socializing friends, important places and you’ve met each other’s parents. While you’re aware of everything about each other, it seems even. At this stage, you wish to be together and admire each other. You consider both as a team. If it’s ‘We’ more in your sentences than ‘You’ and ‘I’, it’s the right stage. You need not question if you should move in together. You can if you’re determined and wish to stay together.

You Both Have Been Through Rough Time Together

A relationship doesn’t only mean sharing happiness and a good time. It’s more about facing and fighting bad times and hardships together. If you’ve experienced this stage with your partner, then you can move in together. Rough times let you stick to your partner. If you haven’t been this long with your partner then staying together will be hard. Thus, fewer live-in relationships at the initial stage manage to survive. They just had baby love and fun together but, they don’t know the real relationship struggles which you differently face while living together.

You’re Both Are Aware of Cohabitation

Keep aside your bubbling excitement and think of you being with your partner day and night. Don’t just get blinded with drama plots, real-life relationships are simple yet complex. Things will become hard for you, you might feel uncomfortable being different from each other. Think about sleeping with your partner daily in one bed and if it is what you’re ready for. Moving in also means there will be a deeper intimacy level between you two. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your partner better if you’re aware of the cohabitation factor.

You Both Have Discussed Practical Points

Money is something that shouldn’t interfere with your relationship. So, to speak about how you’re going to share the financial responsibilities is important. Discuss splitting the bills equally, keep a proper mark on your expenses and expenditure. Although it may not seem to be a big point now, once you move in together, you’ll feel the real burden of responsibilities similar to a married couple. Get a deep discussion on how you’re going to manage things before the idea of living in.

You Both Are Familiar with Your Habits

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you probably know about your partner’s weird habits. If not then you must. Once you move in together, this might seem cute and lovely, but after some time, you would find it irritating. This is the reason why couples in their initial stage of relationship should not think of moving in together. Without knowing each other’s real avatars before, it’s difficult to accept the reality afterwards. Apart from knowing their habits, it’s also important to think if you’re ready to accept and cherish them.

You Both Are Ready To Deal and Adapt with Changes

Moving in is not just about living together, it’s more like adapting to the changes. Relationships are not always about happy times and joyful moments. The real phase of a relationship will let you see the ugly side of each other. This might end things even more badly. So, if you’re ready to accept flaws and cherish each other, it’s the right time to move in together. Thus, talk about this with your partner and take your time to think about if you want to go with it or not.


To know how soon is too soon to move in together, couples should step out from their ideal world. The real phase of living in a relationship is different. When two different people stay together, share a similar space and time, it’s different. Although it’s an amazing experience and opportunity for couples who wish to go further with marriage. But, moving in without discussing the pinpoints can make things worse. If then, you realize that you’re not compatible with each other, it would be even more difficult to part ways. So, it’s vital to know when to move in together.

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