How Soon is too Soon to Move in Together – 10+ Signs

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Move in Together

The thought of moving in together is natural for couples in a committed relationship. While spending more time together, it’s usual to be confident about each other. You might have to adapt to new alterations that you’re not ready for. So, before rushing into this matter, couples should give a thought on- how soon is too soon to move in?

Practically, moving in is convenient and frugal when you share everything fifty-fifty. So, it’s important to discuss household duties, expenses, and much more. At a certain point, these lovely moments like romance, hitting pickup lines and other such things will not seem to excite you. Think about if it’s the right time or is it too soon to move in together with your partner? Here are 11 signs to resolve your doubts about the ideal time to move in together.

Move in Together

What to know before moving in with a partner?

Even after being in a long-term relationship, moving in is a serious matter of decision. Before moving in together you need to talk about some relationship things like relationship insecurities, and others. So that you won’t face many difficulties. According to relationship therapists, before you decide to move in with your partner, you must discuss these practical aspects also.

  • How are you going to divide household work?
  • What type of house you’re interested in?
  • How you plan to furnish the place.
  • Things you both need at your new place.
  • How are you going to split the bills?
  • About your ‘ME’ time and personal space.
Emotional points are as important as practical. Being together is a fascinating thing, but it’s not pleasing every time. Managing a place with multiple responsibilities is difficult. You may hate each other’s crazy habits. It may include different choices, short temper, lack of financial support, and a lot more.

You’ve talked about finances

Money is something that shouldn’t interfere with your relationship. So, you need to talk about how you’re going to share the financial burdens. Discuss splitting the bills equally. Keep a proper mark on your expenses and expenditure.

You’ve been together long enough to know your partner well.

Months of dating count the time you spend together. You learn more over the time you spend together and know each other better. When you stay close or share your space, you realize the differences and similarities. It’s then your choice to go ahead with it or not. Thus, an ideal timeline for couples to move in is above 6 months.

You feel comfortable sharing space when there’s conflict.

Moving in means you have to share everything. When you’re living together, there are many steps in life where you would end up in an argument. So, you need to be comfortable with your partner, even during such tough days. It’s imperative to be close enough to deal with the conflicts together. It’s needed more for a healthy relationship.

Your reasons for moving in together are based on more than circumstance.

Your reason for moving in together shouldn’t focus on external factors. If you’re moving in together to save money or it’s up for your leashes then, give a second thought. Moving in is a life-changing decision. So, your focus should be on- if both of you’re ready instead of stepping up owing to circumstances.

You’re excited about the idea.

In natural to be hesitant over the decision of moving in together. Yet, just the thought of together exciting you. You should feel happy about the thought of sharing each other’s living spaces. Altogether, this should be a joyous period where you’re thinking of staying together.

Make sure you’re both on the same page

If you’re too excited about moving in with your partner, it’s useless if your partner is still confused. It’s important to have an equal wave of willingness to be together. Before you think of moving in with your partner, sit and think about if you’re willing to move in together. If you’re not sharing the same desire, it will not last long.

Think about the practical things

Moving in sounds exciting when you take a blindfold over practical prospects. Living together is much more than sleeping and eating together. You need to hold over household work and coordination in your current relationship. It’s better to discuss practical points and create an atmosphere where you can work well.

Consider whether you’re ready to become more intimate

In your current relationship, you might think that you’ve become more passionate. But while you think of moving in, being passionate is not only about physical interaction. It’s about seeing your partner beside you every morning. Embracing their weird habits that seem annoying in daily life. Altogether, it’s an opportunity to dive deeper into your intimate relationship.

Think about whether your habits match up

Two people living together with distinct personalities. That’s how a relationship grows. Yet, there are a few things that need to match between couples. While living together, it’s vital to match up with the differences before it turns into a problem.

Be clear on your intentions

In a long-term relationship, if it’s the definitive timeline for you to move in together, make sure you’re actually ready for it. If it’s because of some external pressure or other conditions, think twice about it. Be clear about the reason behind moving in together.

Leave time to ‘review’ the situation

If you are uncertain about moving in together, recognize that it won’t work for long. You can try to move in for a couple of months. It’s a piece of great relationship advice by experts. Although, it doesn’t mean to move out over small conflicts and arguments. The decision of moving in with your partner needs more discussion, questions like relationship questions, and clarification.

Move in Together

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The Answer to How Soon Is Too Soon To Move in Together

Getting through all the notable signs, it might be clear when should one think of moving in together. According to certain surveys, six months of dating or more is prominent to move in together. The reason is, six months is the least term period to bring about if your mutual life is viable together or not. In many relationships, even after a year of dating, people realize that they’re not meant to be. So, it’s important to get a check on if you’re in the right relationship before the idea of moving in together.

The bottom line

To know how soon is too soon to move in together, couples should step out from their ideal world. The real phase relationship status is peculiar. When two different people stay together, share a similar space and time, it’s different. Although it’s an amazing experience and opportunity for couples who wish to go further with marriage. But moving in without discussing the pinpoints can make things worse. If then you realize that you’re not compatible with each other, it would be even more difficult to part ways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is moving in together a big step?

Moving in together means a major step in most couple’s life. It’s much more than just staying close and thinking more about staying for long together.

Does moving in together kill a relationship?

When you decide to move in together without discussing practical or emotional prospects, you may end up with an unhappy relationship. 

How do you know if it’s the right time to move in together?

If you’re already staying together most of the time and things are going pretty well, then you can think of moving in together.

What happens if you move in together too soon?

It’s a common mistake when most couples emotionally rush with the decision to stay together only after a month of dating.

What to Do If It Doesn’t Work Out?

If it’s about a trivial matter, let it slide and cherish the sunny side of your partner. If there are toxic things like relationship issues, seek a good relationship counsellor.

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