What Is Exclusive Relationship? Signs You’re Ready For It

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Exclusive relationship

What does an exclusive relationship mean? Are you ready to be in an exclusive relationship? In simple words, an exclusive relationship is an agreement between partners that they would focus on each other and would not date any other person. If you also want to get into an exclusive, then it’s important for you to understand what exactly does it mean and are you ready for it. You can also hit a romantic pick up line to your partner to show love.

What Does It Mean to Be in an Exclusive Relationship?

Being exclusive in a relationship is the next step that you take after dating exclusively with a person. Both partners consciously decide that they want to be in a committed relationship just with that one person. People get into an exclusive relationship when it is likely that they have met each other’s friends and family. In this phase of your relationship, you are officially taking next to being a couple.

What Does It Mean to Be in an Exclusive Relationship?

How Exclusivity Changes Your Relationship

Having exclusivity in relationships can change the dynamics of the relationship. You make a conscious decision of being with just one person or even getting married and having kids with that person. It can be a trial period for your partner to see how you both progress in a monogamous relationship.

This relationship stage allows you to make long-term commitments with your partner. With this level of commitment, you might also set a certain level of emotional expectations with your partner.

A high sense of commitment might also make you more comfortable in the relationship and you might feel very secure about your partner depth in the relationship increases and you also feel a sense of relief in this relationship stage.

How Exclusivity Changes Your Relationship

Signs You’re Ready for Exclusivity

It’s difficult to figure out whether you are ready for being in a relationship. Since the decision is very detrimental to your relationship, there are a few signs you need to look at.

You spend a lot of time together

The very first thing that you need to see is the time that you spend with each other. If your partner is already a big part of your daily life, then it can be a sign that you both are ready for a long-term relationship. To figure out how significant is their place in your life, you can see whether you talk to them daily or do you meet very often.

You’ve had an argument and resolved it

Having arguments in a relationship is pretty normal, what you need to see is how both of you resolve it. You need to see how you have managed misunderstandings and other small issues in the past. If any such incidents have happened in the past and you both worked through it, then it’s positive for you to be in a committed relationship.

You see this person in your future

Whenever you think about moving forward in life, is that person a constant part of it? If yes, then it could be a sign that you are ready to take the next step forward for an exclusive relationship. If you want the person to be with you in the future, then you might often visualize them meeting with your parents. You may also imagine getting married and having kids with that person.

You’re ready for emotional intimacy

If you are ready for this relationship, then you would be comfortable in sharing your emotions with your partner. You might emotionally more vulnerable with that person than usual. You would want to know about your partner’s emotions too. You would feel the depth in emotion between you two has increased since the time you have dated.

You’re sharing important parts of your life with them

You might share important memories and incidents of your life with your partner. You might also be interested in knowing their stories and incidents. By sharing such memories of your life, you try to give a sneak into your life to your partner and you wish to have an insight into their life too. This shows that you want to be in an exclusive relationship with that person.

You prioritize and make time for each other

If you always try to take out time for your partner and always prioritize him/her over others, it can be a sign that ready to be an exclusive relationship with them. Despite having a busy day, you try to take out time to be with your partner. Giving priority to your partner can also be very helpful in building a healthy relationship. This shows that your partner is one of the most important people in your life.

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Deciding to get into an exclusive relationship is not that tough if you know the right signs that you need to look for. Once you have a good understanding of these signs, you can look for them in your relationship. As you get into an exclusive relationship you might feel certain changes that might have a positive effect on your mental health. You won’t feel insecure about your partner would not have any doubts about leading life with your partner either.


How to have a conversation about an exclusive relationship?

Talk to your partner about how you feel about it. Frame the question in such a way that it doesn’t make any of you uncomfortable.

What does being ‘exclusive’ really mean?

It’s a commitment between two partners where they agree not to pursue any other romantic partners.

Can a casual relationship be exclusive?

Yes, a casual relationship can become exclusive if both partners agree to it.

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