What Is Love Bombing? Sign That You’re Love Bombarded

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Signs that you are being love bombed

It might sound like you are so beautiful and loving that someone is showering tones of affection on you. In the initial stage of love bombing, you will feel as if you are the luckiest person in this world as they keep showing love to you by hitting a pick up line and other such ways. You will feel as if you have got everything that you have dreamed of.

All such actions, affection, and behaviour will boost up your confidence in them and you will have higher self-esteem, but that’s not the end of the story. They are doing this to make you feel obliged towards them.

What is love bombing?

Love-Bombing is a tsunami of affection that a love bomber wants you to accept. It is all about displays of affection in a very short period of time. If someone is doing this, it means that they are using affection and care as tools of manipulation.

What is love bombing?

Love Bomber wants to control you through his actions, and they first need to win your trust. They want you to be dependent upon them. They are just the control freaks.

Love bombing is a characteristic of a narcissist, they find pleasure in doing all this. They love it when are successfully manipulating and controlling them.

Signs of Love-Bombing

It is not possible for anyone to notice the early signs of love bombing because all the affection, gifts and compliments will be so soothing to your heart. These signs will be recognized when you will feel manipulated and controlled by a narcissist.

Signs of Love-Bombing

They bombarded you with gifts

Love bombing involves show-off. They will send you useless and lavish gifts. Their intention is just to get your undivided attention. They want to do this because they want to control you.

They may send you a bouquet of expensive flowers for a week, or an expensive watch without any special occasion,  Initially you will not realize It is harmful to you but they want to prove to you that you owe them something.

The Relationship Feels Intense

You will feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your relationship. They will keep doing something that doesn’t let their spark go down. They will pretend as if they are too serious about you.

They will make faster moves in relationships. they might ask you for marriage very soon or can ask you to move in with them without actually knowing you. These are the red flag that proves that you are love-bombed.

They expect a lot of attention

All they want is your undivided attention. They expect themselves to be rewarded and noticed every time. They want you to worship them for the compliments, expensive gifts, and validation that they give to you.

They use terms like “soulmate” a lot

They will call you their “soulmate” too early. This is a dangerous sign of love bombing. When we meet someone and even if we like them, we do not call them soulmates too quickly. They will say “we are Soulmates” again and again.

It takes time to understand the person and comprehend, what are their relationship goals. You will not meet call someone your soulmate whom you have just met 2 weeks ago!

Lots of PDA, everywhere

A love bomber will shower you with physical and digital affection. They will give you warm touches in public, or they will update romantic posts on Instagram. They will do this to show everyone that they are all occupied by you.

Too many compliments

When you are being love-bombed, they will shower you with tones of compliments. We generally love seeking someone’s attention and compliments, but if someone is giving too much compliment in a short span of time understand that they are not genuine.

They will call you perfect every time, which is practically not possible. When someone loves you truly, they praise you genuinely.

They don’t Like Boundaries

A love bomber will get upset if you place any boundaries on them like long distance relationship. They just wish to control you. They do not want to understand your wishes and needs. They will not care about your emotions at all.

They might even get aggressive if you try to bound them with anything.

Why is Love Bombing so dangerous?

Love bombing is frankly an emotional abuse. It can be hazardous for your mental health. Remember, a love bomber may even abuse you if you do something that is reciprocal of what they want you to do. It can also feel like the guy is making love to you and so it converts into love bombarding. Their intention of showering you with so much affection or care has another intention and this is a sign of toxic behaviour.

Why is Love Bombing so dangerous?

Love Bombing is a slow burner. Once they are successful in winning your trust in them, you will start feeling like verbal seduction, but the dopamine rush will flow so strongly in the mind that it will not let you realize their erratic behaviour.

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How to Tackle Love-Bombing?

Love brings euphoria to the inner self. But love coming is mental health destructor. Your mind is crept up with excessive attention, and extravagant displays. But if you notice the above-mentioned signs, it’s a red flag to your romantic relationship.

  •  A love bomber will always try to rush the things like moving in within a few weeks of a relationship. Ask them to take it slow.
  • Politely deny the lavish gifts if they are given too frequently.
  • Love bombing leads to disconnecting you from your close people. Make sure that you stay connected to your friends and family apart from your partner.
  • You should be aware of the manipulation techniques, someone is using to win your trust.
  • Learn the definition of a healthy relationship. You will realise that a romantic and loving relationship has respect and they will never try to control you.

The bottom line

Love-Bombing is not a sign of a healthy relationship. In the initial stage, everything will feel like a fairytale relationship. All unreasonable demands will be fulfilled, but as soon as you will feel you have got a perfect partner, you will gradually notice a change in their behaviour pattern.

You will realize that you are stuck with a toxic individual. It is very important for you to ask for proper space in a relationship. And if your partner sends you on a guilt trip for setting any boundaries, consider it as a red flag.


How stands Love-Bombing different from a sincere romantic gesture?

It makes you feel suffocated with the person and controlled by them.

What are the danger signs of Love-Bombing?

Lots of PDAs everywhere, extravagant gifts, Tones of compliments, overuse of the word “soulmate”, and they will feel upset with the boundaries.

Is love-bombing always bad?

Indeed it is. It costs you your mental health and you are in a toxic relationship. It is considered emotional abuse.

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