What Is Gaslighting? Tips & Tricks

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What is gaslighting

When your relationship becomes bitter with every passing day, and your partner’s behaviours start worrying you, then maybe you are prey to gaslighting in your relationship, as you lack love, and much more. This article will help you know what is gaslighting and how to predict the early symptoms of this critical situation before it is too late!

What Is Gaslighting?

So, let us talk about gaslighting and its meaning. The gaslighting definition goes like this. You are made to be confused about your point of view by someone or a group of people in general to abuse you mentally.

Here they might even forget deliberately some meaningful discussions you had with them and then fight with you about it. Your mental health is shattered by continuous gaslighting in a relationship.

What is gaslighting

Signs of Gaslighting in a Relationship

You can understand by the gaslighting, meaning, how severe a problem this is. So, you must identify the signs of gaslighting to ensure your mental peace and harmony in a relationship. So don’t ever ignore the signs of gaslighting in a relationship.


Lying is the masked face answer of what gaslighting is? If your partner starts lying to you for simple things or even other significant things, then it’s suspicious and must be addressed. This is because it is one of the preliminary signs of gaslighting. After that, your partner might start manipulating and gaslighting you in the relationship.

Discrediting You

As we have talked about, Gas Lighting is a form of abuse. So, discrediting you on every occasion, underestimating your worth, and neglecting your talents is also one of the signs of gaslighting. They will even credit others for their work to make you feel inferior and lose trust in yourself.

So, when you are searching for gaslighting, bear this point in mind too, and don’t take it lightly and have faith in yourself and love yourself.

Distracting You

Gaslighting someone also includes distracting the person from the path dedicated to traversing. Comments like “Leave that hectic job” or “Let’s hang out and enjoy, let go of this stupid work” when you are highly involved in your work schedule are just some examples of distracting you. Thus, Gas Lighting you!

Now, you know what gaslighting means, so notice these minor signs of gaslighting and clear them out with your partner.

Minimizing Your Thoughts and Feelings

In any relationship, always remember to uphold your self-esteem. Your thoughts and feelings matter as much as the other person’s. So, if the person is minimizing your thoughts and emotion, the person is, without doubt, gaslighting you. If a person cannot respect your ideologies in a relationship, that relationship is meant to be broken. It would be best to ascertain your stands to be in a healthy relationship.

Shifting Blame

The blame game is one of the nasty couple games which can turn a relationship into a toxic relationship. If, for example, your partner yells at you or misbehaves with you and then shifts the blame on your shoulder, that’s gaslighting in a relationship.

This blame-shifting is worse than the usual couple fights people have and it makes the relationship complicated. They might even say they don’t remember having this kind of conversation! It can destroy your mental health drastically.

Denying Wrongdoing

Denying wrongdoing is another example of gaslighting someone. Humans are meant to be imperfect and make mistakes. But, denying those mistakes is a gruesome crime in a relationship. The impact of this is long-lasting in the other person’s mind. This form of gaslighting often leads to dramatic breakups.

So, the next time your partner does this, you need to prove that this is a sign of gaslighting.

Spreading rumours and gossip about you

The worst part of a relationship is back bitching about your partner or spreading false things. This toxic relationship is detrimental to your mental health and thus is a form of

Gas Lighting.

“She/he cheats on me with the other guy,” “Doesn’t trust me,” when you find these kinds of false statements floating behind your back, you know for yourself what is gaslighting in a relationship. These kinds of gaslighting can sabotage any relationship and make them salty.

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Separating you from friends and family

Friends and family are everything that matters to a person. So, if your person is separating you from these people, they are not the right person for you. This is also a sign of gaslighting you.

“Who are you? They never mentioned about you!” the next time their best friend questions your existence in their life like this, do ask your partner about this. If your partner tries to conceal you from their family and friends even after that, don’t tolerate this gaslighting. You need to close this chapter of your life and move on!

So, the next time you notice the signs of gaslighting, you make a mental note or can even keep a diary record of the events for proof. You know the truth better than the person who is denying it. So, be unshakeable when your partner tries these nasty tricks of gaslighting. And even after seeing these red lights, the person continues their evil schemes. You need to end the relationship with the person.


Now, you know for yourself what gaslighting is in a relationship. So, try to make the person understand that you are well the hideous game they are trying to play. After all, self-love is the most pristine form of love which should not be tampered with!


Where Did ‘Gaslighting’ Get Its Name?

The name “Gaslighting” came from a film in 1944, where the abusive husband was making his wife believe in the delusion that she is mentally unfit.

What turns us into gas lighters?

The significant wish to dominate others and make them do what we feel fit turns us into gas lighters.

Is There Gaslighting in the Workplace?

Yes, on some occasions, there is gaslighting in the workplace. For example, your co-worker or superior worker intentionally underestimates your work.

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