What Is A Complicated Relationship? How To Manage

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Complicated relationships can mean different for different people. For some, it is when their long terms goals aren’t met, for some it could be the sexual preferences, and there are also some who have certain emotional and financial visions and they expect the same from their partners. When your priority goals do not match with your partner’s goals, it may lead to a difficult relationship.

Even if you’re in a complicated relationship if your love is true and you’re committed with your partner then you’re too much into showing love.

What Essentially Is A Complicated Relationship & How To Manage?

You might have heard people saying that their relationship is complicated but have you wondered what does “it’s complicated” mean?

A relationship may start to become complicated when you are unable to relate to your partner the way you used to, it mostly happens in long-distance relationships and due to various reasons like ambitions, emotional expectations, financial clarity, or family planning are part of an individual’s life goals. If two people who have visioned separate life goals will be living two separate lives as a couple.

What Essentially Is A Complicated Relationship?

People come together when they see similarities in behavioural patterns, preferences, or passions. There is a sense of belonging, trust, safety, and most importantly – you feel at home. When your long-term goals are contrary, your relationship gets complicated.

Impact of Complicated Relationships

A relationship plays a huge role in our life. Our emotional, physical and financial preferences develop. It molds us in a great way and we grow as an individual. Every person goes through different kinds of change – both positive and negative.

Poor Decision Making: A complicated relationship meaning is far more varied than we can imagine. Being in a confused state can affect a person deeply. The decision-making skills can get poor in time because when in a complicated relationship, you are divided into two halves and so your opinions are also divided.

Distorted reality: For any person, a clear vision in life is necessary to move ahead or even grow as a person. Being in a complicated relationship, your vision might become clouded because you are yet to understand your current standing in life. You pay the price for having a distorted reality. Not only do you exhaust your time, but you also fail to grow as a person as long as you are stuck in a complicated relationship.

Negative emotions: When you are stuck in life, feelings of disappointment, frustration, discontentment, and resentment are very common. Your inability to move ahead or apart from your complicated relationship can put you in a lot of dilemmas. These can later show symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Poor Communication: If you consider why are relationships so hard, the most common reason is lack of communication. When you aren’t talking or expressing your emotions and feelings with your partner, you develop this habit of not speaking or clarifying matters. This often happens in a complicated relationship because the fewer that the relationship might end.

Poor Problem-solving: Poor communication and decision-making eventually lead to poor problem-solving abilities. Only if you discuss and make a stern decision will you be able to resolve the issues in your relationship. You start to develop this pattern and keep things static and confused, which will eventually complicate the matter.

Impact of Complicated Relationships

How to Handle a Complicated Relationship

When you come to sense the complications in your relationship, you might wonder about the ways you can choose to fix the relationship issues. Here are a few ways you can handle a complicated relationship.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication can seem terrifying because there is always a fear of loss in our minds. We fear that what if our thoughts or emotions can spar a fight. This fear prevents us from speaking our minds and we bottle up these emotions within ourselves.

Complications will only mess up the relationship and your emotional well-being. Partners start to make accusations regarding the other. This unnecessary fight can be avoided if you are honest and straightforward about your emotions and your objectives in life.

Each person in a complicated relationship holds the power to untangle the complications. The solution is to find the courage and communicate your feelings with your partner and set relationship goals.

Identify Your Contribution

A relationship can become successful and also end with the actions and contributions of both partners. It is easy to observe and complain about what other people are doing wrong.

Introspection is very crucial. It is healthy behaviour to be aware of our shortcomings and realize our mistakes. Even if you think that your partner is the source of any problems, think for a moment about what is causing your partner to behave in such a manner.

A very simple way could be if you can make a note of your additions to making your relationship more complicated. Accept these while talking to your partner. If they continue the blame game, then it will give you a better idea of how things will turn out in the long run.

Understand Your Conflict

Understanding what makes you feel a certain way is crucial in resolving a problem. Take time and try to identify them with your partner because there would be more than a single problem that is making your relationship complicated.

A great way to identify them is by making a list of things that you and your partner feel are bothering both of you. Write down the issues in a paper and discuss them. Prioritize the issues that could be resolved as soon as possible.

When all the cards are up on the table, you will start receiving a more clear picture of the complications in our relationship.

Build a Support System

Communicating your problems with trustworthy people or with a person will give you another perspective that you wanted to detangle the complications. You can talk with your friends or family about it and get a fresh view on the matter that you could not realize.

People often keep their problems to themselves, thinking about the embarrassment they may have to face. You do not need to suffer alone. Sustaining negative emotions will only cause you more confusion and complications.

Stop Distorting Your Reality

We ignore the reality by pushing matters under the rub every time you and your partner get into a fight. Fighting is not a solution but not accepting the face reality is worse. As a couple, when you are having trouble with your partner’s behaviour or their ways, it is necessary you talk to them.

Avoiding a conversation because you fear fighting with your partner is not a logical solution. If you d not trust yourself and your partner that you are capable of resolving a fight, then that is a sign of a poor relationship. It is part of the solution to understanding the distortions both of you are creating that build on the distance and complications.

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Understanding what is a complicated relationship is different from understanding what is complicated in your relationship. Only when you are aware of the issues in your relationship will you be able to resolve them. It is crucial that you express your boundaries, goals, dreams, emotional expectations, financial limitations, or sexual needs with your partner.

If you are constantly unhappy, lack commitment, are uninterested in your partner’s life, or you’re feeling completely out of sync – then these are signs you are in a complicated relationship.


How do relationships become complicated?

Relationships become complicated when couples are not on the same page regarding their life goals and ambitions.

What should I do about a complicated relationship?

Communicate with your partner and understand the conflict together. Explain how you feel and also ask their opinion about your future together as a couple.

Why do we often complicate relationships?

When you refrain from sharing your honest emotions due to the fear of losing your partner, you start to complicate and eventually distance yourself from your partner.

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