Hopeless Romantic – Signs You Might Be Hopeless Romantic

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We’ve all grown up seeing hopeless romantics being portrayed in romantic movies. While the cinema shows that hopeless romantics live in their fantasy world, and others such showing love a actions play a vital role. A hopeless romantic person holds idealistic views on love, especially in spite of experience, and evidence.

What is a hopeless romantic?

A hopeless romantic person is the most optimistic person on the planet. Despite whatever struggles or hardships they might have been through in the past, hopeless romantics refuse to stop believing in love. They focus on every positive possibility in a relationship and have faith that love conquers all.

What is a hopeless romantic?

Signs You May Be a Hopeless Romantic

You daydream about love

Hopeless romantics are often seen daydreaming about love and living in a fantasy world of their own. They keep making scenarios about their relationship in their heads and spend their entire time thinking about these fake scenarios.

To avoid daydreaming so much, hopeless romantics must try to engage themselves in their friends and hobbies respectively so that they don’t let the imagination of romantic gestures such as fear of intimacy and unrealistic expectations consume the entire space in their heads.

You have an overly optimistic view of love

Hopeless romantics usually tend to become victims to this thinking of always seeing the positive in people. Hopeless romantic girls are initially able to attract romantic partners in a relationship because they only see the positive in their partner.

However, happy relationships are not just about having good habits. It is necessary for hopeless romantics to know and understand that neglecting the negatives in a relationship can do them more harm than good.

You’re obsessed with all things romance

Hopeless romantics often tend to lean into anything and everything related to romance. They dream of fictional characters in their fantasy world and live with their fairytale expectations. They fail to understand that fairytale romance is just limited to movies and books.

Ability to love beyond boundaries, hopeless romantics support love excessively and overlook the negative habits/qualities of their partner. They make every aspect of their life romantic by thinking of their partner as a perfect partner.

You tend to idealize your partner

If you are a hopeless romantic, you’ll be more inclined towards idealizing your partner in every way possible. You will have a biased view of the relationship because of your romantic beliefs. You won’t want to know who your partner actually is. Rather, you would just live with the idea of them in your head.

Hopeless romantics listen to their partner’s favourite love songs and also watch their favourite emotional movies to give themselves the affirmation of life. Their entire world is based upon the fictional character they think their partner is.

You spend all your time with a new partner

When a hopeless romantic finds a new partner, they try to spend most of their time with this new partner. They even tend to neglect their friends and hobbies due to this. This happens as a result of their obsession with the relationship.

Hopeless romantics solely take interest in all that their partner wants to do. They start ignoring their interests to make sure that their partner’s interest is always given priority. They try to keep their partner happy, even if it is at the cost of their happiness.

You believe in happily ever after

There are high chances of hopeless romantic guys being carried away by the happily ever after note on which romantic movies end. They start thinking that they too will have a happily ever after with their partner. This approach to relationships is completely based upon what their partners think.

Happily ever after impossible but it certainly is very less likely to find a perfect partner in real life. Before a hopeless romantic invests in their partner emotionally, they must think rationally about whether it will be worth it or not.

You glorify their partners

Hopeless romantics must realize that the real world can be and probably is way different from their fantasy and imagination. Being optimistic about their partners and the relationship is a good thing only until this habit does not start harming them.

They will always glorify their partners for even the bare minimum they do and ignore their mistakes as if they have all the right to keep repeating their mistakes. The overly optimistic thought process and romantic beliefs put hopeless romantics in a position where they see the world with rose-coloured glasses.

You ignore warning signs

Since they overlook their partner’s mistakes every single time, hopeless romantics end up ignoring all the red flags in a relationship. They either can’t see or intentionally choose to ignore all the toxic relationship things such as the toxic habits of their partner.

Hopeless romantics try to live everyday relationship moments picturing that fictional character. Their entire life gradually starts revolving just around their partner. A hopeless romantic and their partner tend to become their favourite couple; often leading to a one-sided relationship.

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There’s no flaw in being a hopeless romantic. After all, they are the most optimistic people on the planet. Such people must ensure that they don’t let others walk over them just because they are vulnerable. You should never let anyone use you for their benefit because you were too involved in them. Love, love as much you want to but make sure nobody can take advantage of your love.


Is it healthy to be a hopeless romantic?

You can be a hopeless romantic but do not forget to prioritize yourself. Always remember that you’re as important and equally worthy as the person you love.

Where does hopeless romantic come from?

A hopeless romantic seldom knows that he is one. It is this lack of self-awareness that makes such people prioritize their partners over themselves, every single time.

So how does one strike a healthy balance between romance and realism?

To strike a healthy balance, you must not neglect your romantic feelings while ensuring that you don’t miss out upon seeing the reality of your partner and the relationship.

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