How to Ask A Girl Out – Top Tips & Tricks

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You are head over heels for a special someone. You might feel nervous or confused about the right and also the best way to ask a girl out so that you make this day special for you and for her. Here are some creative ways to ask someone out and also the things you must avoid.

How to ask a girl out

Are you confused about how do you ask out a girl? Then you’re at the right place. There are so many things to take notice of before you ask out a girl. Before making any decision, be sure that you really want to make this commitment with a significant someone. If you aren’t sure of your life goals or yourself, then you might just want to wait for a little. Because asking out a girl goes beyond having the guts and confidence.

How to ask a girl out

Do not wait around for the girl to come and express her emotions. Not that girls do not ask out men, but mostly they don’t and expect you to think of a creative way to take the first step, you can also explore unique date ideas. Although there are always some do’s and don’ts to take notice of before proposing to a girl.

Act Confident

Confidence is the key to success, says the wise men. It is true because the way you act and behave truly matters in the eyes of a woman. If you look completely messy and unorganized, then that will create a negative impression on your girl’s mind.

Make sure to wear clean clothes and walk in confidence before her. Avoid looking at the floor because it is a sign of under-confidence. Keep your back straight and never forget to make eye contact when you’re talking to the girl, but also make sure to not creep her out and stare. Also, be a gentleman and respect her personal space.

If you are someone who is under-confident, then the only way to build that confidence is by practice. Eventually, these habits will come naturally to you.

Keep It Simple

Asking a girl out may seem complicated and difficult but the truth is, you just need to keep it simple and honest. You do not have to make grand gestures to impress the girl you want to take on a date. You can order a pizza and write a note on the box, or buy her a coffee. Try to avoid being vague because that causes confusion and misunderstandings.

The most simple yet confident move is to ask her out in person. Make sure you have some time with her alone at a comfortable location and express how you feel about her and also your interest in making her out on a date. If you are someone who feels nervous around her, then write down your feelings or send her an email.

Do Not Confuse Kindness with Attraction

There are so many ways to ask a girl out, but what’s more important is to know if the girl likes you back. Just because someone smiled back at you or was sweet to you may not mean that they are interested in you.

If she blushes at seeing you, touches your arm, or sits next to you or around you, then it could mean she is interested in you but if she avoids eye contact or feels awkward around you, then that could be difficult to understand whether she is feeling nervous or she is just not into you.

The best way to find out is by being honest with her about the way you feel.

Ask her out in confidence and make sure it is romantic. If she doesn’t feel the same way, then respect her feelings and move on.

Dress your best

The way we dress for an occasion really explains the amount of effort you have put in or how important that event is for you.

You do not need to buy expensive or high-end clothes to ask her out but make sure you are getting dressed to impress. Wear something classy and elegant that fits your personality. Also, make sure you avoid dirty shoes, wrinkled shirts, torn jackets, or anything disastrous.

Pass a romantic note

Old is gold. You might have heard this a lot of time, and it is true. Try the vintage romantic style and write a romantic note for her. Every girl loves this sweet high school gesture of receiving love notes. You can ask her out by writing a message like – “Hey! I really like and would like to take you on a romantic date. Check ‘YES to make me a lucky man” or the simple “Will you be my girlfriend?”.

Flowers do the trick(Almost Always)

If you’re thinking about how to ask someone out in a cute way, then this old-school romantic gesture always melts a girl’s heart – the flowers. This is the most classic and vintage style proposal idea. It is charming and classy at the same time. No matter

Flaunt your singing skills

“How to ask her out?” – you may wonder! Sing her a song. This could sound very cheesy, but singing is a very romantic gesture to express your emotions. If you know how to sing or you have some amazing singing talents up your sleeve, then it cannot be any more whimsical. It would make her feel like the protagonist of a fairy-tale or a romantic movie.

So what if you aren’t a good singer? No worries, it is not a requirement that you must know singing. It shows that you are willing to extreme lengths to bring a smile to her face. If not your singing, your effort will be definitely appreciated.

Engage Eye Contact

The love glances are always cute! It is a sign of confidence and positive interest. The online dating era has made us forget these cute tactics to get a girl’s attention. Make sure you throw some glances at her with just a small, sweet smile. She would immediately get that you are interested and if she smiles back at you, then it means that she feels the same for you.

Don’t stare at her or look at her for an uncomfortable duration. The 5 seconds mark is a safe limit to not look creepy.

Be prepared for rejection

This is a harsh truth and a reality check for you. Always be prepared for the worst. Rejection is part of a probable result a girl might give. You may have changed your ways and done everything to impress her but that doesn’t mean you would be 100% successful in asking her out.

Rejection is not the end, and it happens to everyone. Respect her decision and move on. Avoid requesting her persistently or troubling any girl. There could be so many reasons why she doesn’t want to on a date and it need not be your fault or mistake.

Invite her to do something she loves to do

Want to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Then get to know her. The best way is to invite her to do something she loves. It is believed that people feel happy doing the things they love and may even share their likes and dislikes. This is a great opportunity to get to know her better.

You can also move a step ahead and plan a weekend project she likes, then ask her out so that you can end the day with a romantic dinner date.

Invite her to do something she loves to do


Don’t Complain

Women do not appreciate whiners or people who are constantly complaining. When you keep complaining, it shows that you are playing the victim and are not making any effort to resolve the problem at hand. Instead, when you face any difficulty or some trouble, try to take charge of the situation and settle the matter yourself.

If you constantly portray a negative, grumpy, and easily irritable mood, then a girl wouldn’t want to be with you. Try to stay calm and remain positive to yourself and also the people around you. It exhibits that you are confident have situations under your control, which is a very attractive trait that women appreciate.

Don’t: Make a Big Scene

Every person has their own personal boundaries, and it is important that we respect their boundaries and limitations. This is the most crucial element in a healthy romantic relationship. When she says yes to your proposal, you can hug her out of happiness and gratefulness or even kiss her after the proposal. Do not go overboard or act pushy because it is a sign of arrogance and dominance.

Do not create a scene if she isn’t ready to share intimacy with you. Every person takes some time to open up and get close to someone. Enjoy the evening with her and focus on what she likes because respecting one’s boundaries and mutual communication about that I the most crucial part of a relationship.

Don’t: Use a lot of Jokes

Every girl likes it if a man can make her laugh with his jokes. But sometimes you must know when to not joke around and be serious. Do not hide your emotions behind the jokes, otherwise, there is a high chance that she would never take you seriously.

It would also seem that you are under-confident and hesitant about your feelings. Take charge when you want to express your love and avoid making silly jokes when you are about to ask her out.

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Final Thoughts

Asking out a girl may not be so tricky if the feelings are mutual. You will also have to be prepared to face rejections if it is your first time asking a girl out. If you have followed the tips that were mentioned above, then unlikely that you fail. However, the crucial part is your feelings towards her. If they are genuine, then do not hide behind humor or friendship.

Come forward and express your love to her. Also, it is not about what you say to her while asking out. The way you ask her out plays a huge role because women love being showered with love and surprises. Make this day special for both of you.


What to Do Before Asking a Girl Out on a Date?

Act confidently around her and don’t put on a complaining attitude. Check previous messages or her responses to see if she is interested.

Is it ok to ask a girl out on text?

Yes! With online dating so popular these days, asking out over text messages is common. But make sure to not sound needy and respect her decision as well.

Is it weird to ask a girl out?

Not at all. Women get attracted to men who are confident and upfront about their feelings. Dress up smartly and keep things simple yet romantic when you are asking a girl out.

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